Clément Janequin - Le Chant Des Oyseaulx


Janequin- La Guerra

Lots of text painting in this one.

On a scale of one to “I just turned two pages and once in La Guerre by Janequin” how scared were you?


Joking and funny live-performance moments aside, it was an awesome concert! I’ll have recordings to share… hopefully before I leave for Europe.

Oh by the way, my piano teacher and I are going to Europe. 

This time next week I’ll be on a train to Paris.

So there’s that.


Clément Janequin: Missa


Clément Janequin - Le Chant Des Oyseaulx (by MargueritteW)


and then here i am a guy that has studied music for like almost 10 years and i understand the emotional complexities and aesthetic and understand its immortality and that goes over everyones heads because you’re all too lazy to actually study or get accustomed to different way of expression. everyone always says that classical music is boring and relaxing for that reason and like if only you all could actually understand. SMH

Clement Janequin: Missa “La Bataille" 


Janequin - La guerre (La bataille de Marignan), chanson à 4 voix
King’s Singers
BBC Proms, 2008

Hark, all French gentlemen, to
the victory of the great French king.
And pray you listen hard
to the shots on all sides;
Pipes blow, drums strike,
Be off, step out, encircle them.
Adventurers, good comrades,
together cross your staves.
Amass, galant gentlemen,
blunderbusses, fire…

Wikipedia: Battle of Marignano