The Jane Foster network is going to be a grouping of people who love Jane and want to share their love of her and meet other people who also love Jane :) so to start out

  • must be following me
  • reblog this to enter!
  • you can like to save this as reference or something
  • you must fill out this survey 
  • I don’t care what kind of blog you are as long as you do blog some marvel/jane!
  • your ask box needs to be open
If you get accepted 
  • I’ll message you letting you know!
  • but since the messaging system here sucks you can track the tag “janenetwork” and I’ll release the urls of everyone who gets accepted there.
Other Info
  • you can share edits, fanfic, or anything you want
  • you can ask for promos or help in polls ect
  • you can ask me questions here
  • I might need some help along the way, so I will accept other people who want to be admins