Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: コーアン
Romaji: Kooan

Role: Villain
Type: Humanoid (formerly), human (currently)
Alignment/Organization: Black Moon Clan (formerly)
First appearance: Episode 60
Last appearance: Episode 86
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Wakana Yamazaki


  • Koan’s name is derived from the Japanese word for kermesite - “kouankou” (紅安鉱).
  • She was the youngest of the Ayakashi Sisters.
  • Much like her rival Sailor Mars, Koan’s element was fire.
  • In the manga, Sailor Moon killed Koan. Yet in the first anime adaptation, Koan survived and she was eventually purged of evil.
  • Koan’s signature attack was Dark Fire. In episode 63, Koan started to use Koan Dark Power Flip with her droid Dumble, but she was interrupted by Sailor Moon.
  • Other Sailor Moon characters that Wakana Yamazaki voiced are: Janelyn (episode 39), Reci (episode 51), Sister Maria (episode 133), Kyouko (episode 151), young Queen Nehelenia (episode 172), and the Glycina from the R movie.

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