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Whats admin fav yoonmin ff? Im new to this ship hehe

*grabs mic*
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome and good evening.It is I, Admin Janelle, your resident yoonmin enthusiast, to fill your hearts with Yoonmin!

Severe Weather by pornographicpenguin (Incubus!AU, NC17 af)
Work by noraebangbang (DJ!AU kinda, also NC17 af)
If I Was Your Vampire by noraebangbang (fluffy and adorable vampire!AU but not quite cos I don’t wanna give any spoilers but its so good)
Choke and Pull by heukhaneul (Rich!AU, Yoongi in an Armani suit i’m dyiin. Also hella NC17)
Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You) by sugamins (Racer!AU/Sugarbaby!AU Forever my favourite Yoonmin fic ever, fight me. ALSO hella NC17, I see a trend here??)
just this by duchesscass (RIP me this was sooo incredible. ALso smuttyyy)
- A Congregation of Butterflies by Fiathe (Classic Yoonmin fic that I will rec until my fingers fall off. Warning: self-harm)
- A Sunday Morning Type of Love by purpleho (Nauseatingly Fluffy AND smutty?!?! Yespls.)
Wrong Stop by vangtan (Klassic yoonmin fic. Yes, with a K. For extra Klass)
Untitled.mp3 by Elemir (don’t even touch me this had me so fucked up in the best way yes. College!AU)
when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless (this fic a damn year old and I’m STILL mad at jflawless for how good this is lord have mercy. Fake Dating!AU)
Side Dishes by Elemir (Another CLASSIC. Actor!AU. Pretty NC17)
Love at First Sigh by Elemir (I don’t even wanna talk about it. This fic still makes me crazy. Amazing)
Because you’re mine (I walk the line) by inkingbrushes (ANOTHER classic cos honestly there’s always room for more. Warning: eating disorder. I’m still emo about it. *sniffs*. Also basically anything by inkingbrushes is golden).
Throw Sum ‘Mo by  sungmin (jeonggukkie) (That Club!AU that got me so fucked up. A two-part series that should be 50 parts but the author is only human and I respect that. NC17 as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh).
Baby by jiminthemandarin (I once dubbed this “obnoxiously fluffy” and I stand by my word. Parents!AU, Mpreg, Preggers Jimin I meeeeeeeeeeeeeean. Yes. ABO!AU. Always yes).

SO THAT WAS A LOT. And it’s merely a selection of the Yoonmin that I love and an even smaller amount of the Yoonmin that we have here, so don’t forget out Yoonmin Tag.

- Admin Janelle xo 

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So someone posted in the pll tags that janels interview was like - Q: do the girls find out who A.D. Is themselves or do they reveal themselves? And janel said it happens AT THE SAME TIME. To me that screams a twin has infiltrated the group mhm looking at you spencerietta. They'll get a phone call from the real Spencer while they're right next to her maybe?!

Mmmmmm I dunno, to me that just means “AD reveals themselves, which is how the girls find out”. So technically another Charlotte reveal :(
I hope it plays out the way you’re saying though! But I’m not too convinced, since she’s saying that the girls find out the same time AD reveals themselves. That’s the way I interpret it


We finally did the Girlfriend Tag thanks to numerous requests for it! Making these videos has been so much fun so far, and we find that we are enjoying them the more we make them.  Give this one a thumbs up and tell us what you think!

young justice/prison au where artemis was arrested for stealing food for her paraplegic mom, m'gann like played head games w ppl and put three guys in a psych ward, wally blew up a chemistry lab, dick hacked some encrypted government files and is always spewing government secrets, kaldur like stole a galapagos turtle from an aquarium and set it free in the ocean and conner shouldn’t even be there, he got mixed up with someone that looked exactly like him and no one believes that his clone did it


Congratulations to our amazing cast!
Choice TV Drama: Pretty Little Liars
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