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We finally did the Girlfriend Tag thanks to numerous requests for it! Making these videos has been so much fun so far, and we find that we are enjoying them the more we make them.  Give this one a thumbs up and tell us what you think!


All three favorite female artist series!

Florence, Rihanna, taylorswift,  Beyoncé/ Janelle Monáe, Marina planetfroot, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey / Lady Gaga, Estelle, lordemusic, and Lianne La Havas


Congratulations to our amazing cast!
Choice TV Drama: Pretty Little Liars
Choice TV Actress-Drama: Ashley Benson
Choice TV Actor-Drama : Ian Harding
Choice TV Chemistry: Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn
Choice Scene Stealer: Sasha Pieterse
Choice Villain: Janel Parrish

Some Black Girl Artists for Blackout

Lauryn Hill 

K. Michelle

Lil Kim


Azealia Banks 

Neon Jungle

Ella Eyre


Janelle Monae

Laura Mvula


Angel Haze  (Agender, still want to recommend them though! ) a>


Bridget Kelly

Elelie Sande

I was born first, she was born jealous.

I am betting my ass, your ass - everyone’s ass here: Mary and Jessica are the twins from the story.
Mary said, and I quote: “I was born first, she was born jealous”. That would mean that she is technically older than Jessica, even by seconds.

What if she, as the older twin was babysitting Jessica, and then the story Alison told takes place? Would explain why she got institutionalized at such a young age.

While she was locked up, the parents dedicated all their attention to Jessica. Her sister was released multiple times, yet Jessica always managed to manipulate a way to lock her up again, because she wanted everything to be about her, she even took Mary’s child away from her.

This is just an on-the-spot theory, it has flaws and some plot holes - but then again we are talking about the show that invented plot holes.