Jane saw an opportunity that was not to be missed.

(also now i have a headcanon that Kankri really hates weird textures, like squishy things and lumpy things and pie filling just freaks him out a lot so Jane makes sure to get lumpy, squishy, messy stuff all over him as often as possible)


im opening asks on my janekri blog! :D

it will now be both a reblog blog and an ask blog! im also hopening to give it a makeover, later!

but i want your opinion!!!! even if you dont ship it, what’s your preference:

  1. Super tall, gangly kankri, or short, nubby kankri?<3
  2. Pale or dark jane? (obviously this would influence features, but these are just sketches)
  3. dark grey or pale grey kankri? :>
  4. trolls with donkey tails, or no tails?

i cant decide!!! your input is precious! thank you!


OKAY, just a couple of notes about this thing!

-I am a piss poor writer, and this is totally just for fun

-For those familiar with The Sims 3, this story ties in slightly with the New vs Old money theme and the Landgraab and Alto families. At least a little bit. For those of you who don’t know the game well, these two families that are mentioned are already existing entities in the Sims, I didn’t come up with them!

-These will sort of be written in a diary type style.

- They’ll be posted in very tiny chunks that I hope to upload frequently.


Day 4: On a Date

I thought maybe a family double date between my two ships would be fun

and then i realized

Kankri just wouldn’t be fun on a date in general! :’)

Bonus! because ALDEN, THE PERFECT ONE drew this while i was livestreamin’ away:

Gamzee. Is the waitor.

External image

i am still screaming and laughing because this exists god bless your perfect soul.

AHHHH a shitty nanna/signless sketch i did a few days ago that supey liked! ;u;

so i’ll just post it i guess!

i had a lame excuse for this, but i forgot what it was. so 8luh.

it was some sort of Medievalstuck thing, where jane is the heiress to the batterwitch’s thrown, but she switches sides because fuck the batterwitch.

her duties now consist of helping bring down the empire and making trouble for the Signless. ;>

Day 7 - Cosplaying

Fireflystuck, Krabcakes style!<3

Jane and Jade are both pretty good Kaylees, but Kankri is such a Simon. Who better to be a medic than a Seer of Blood?

Wowza, Jane Croc-kaylee is the cutest creature in existance please excuse  me while I draw a thousand Jane Croc-kaylees.

Yes that is lil’ Seb instead of a teddy bear stitched onto her overalls.

shit maybe i should have drawn jane convincing kankri to dress as members of the Blue Man Group i have missed a golden opportunity i just don’t know anymore

(by mod Abnest)