Faces of Mesh.

Yes, I might as well come clean. I’ve been using Mesh for a few months now. Since last summer, when I found a slinky mesh tank on sale; maybe it was seeing everyone else doing it, maybe I was feeling skinny after a particularly impressive binge of replacing meals with alcohol–who’s really to say why I picked it up that day–but shakily (delirium tremens) I sure as hell brought it up to the register. I got a “do you know what you’re doing” glance from the cashier. All I know is I haven’t looked back.

This pic is from last week at Cha Cha’s 108th birthday party. We went to Frankie’s party at the Jane Hotel which was cute. I mean, it’s the Jane. Confused and unfortunate straight couples dotted the periphery, clearly choosing the wrong night to be here, hiding inside their Bud Light Lime. Equally confused party monster babies stood next to the plush couches scouting out whom they could be caught dead talking to (hint: Not I). All Cha and I could talk about was our first time at the Jane. We’d barely lived in New York 3 months and, as only newbies can attest to, somehow found our way to every single hotel party imaginable. We danced on tables with unfortunate straight couples (in all fairness, this was their night), rationed an overpriced drink, then walked to the train after 4am since we couldn’t afford a cab. So young and blissfully mesh free…

Well, the skinny days of summer are long gone and I’m still using Mesh. Fortunately a leather jacket solves EVERYTHING, even adding an enticing(?) shadow to the apparent cleavage I didn’t know I had until this picture surfaced! As per usual throwing on a “few” necklaces distracts from my blossoming B-cup, and tucking one in is a cute use of the sheer effect. Cha begrudgingly wears the gift I got him, black ribbed witch-like cape, along with 5+ tequila shots.

Since this is a professional photo for once, my desperate filtering was pretty much already done for me. Used a more faded filter to dim the reflection of the flash on my damn forehead. That’s all it took! She’s still got it folks!

So while the winter tundra hinders my mesh habit, I do plan on unapologetically rocking it well into the new year, sagging breasts be damned!

Leather jacket: Topman
Slutty mesh moment: Topman
Cha’s black cape: Topman