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Petstuck Jane with Gamzee would be adorable

the only petstuck i have seen is the one with kanaya getting a book from rose so im not sure how they are all supposed to look like. but i can REALLY get into it omg.

i drew this twice more on plain white paper but they were shit, this was the best one UvU

he wanted to dance with her in her pretty dress before she went to a fancy movie premiere with her friends!!

Fic I Might Prompt or I Might Write

Batterwitch throws her adopted daughter Jane a birthday party with a moon bounce and pony rides and a clown and Jane’s like “gosh darn it I’m sixteen, can I have a teenage party and can I invite my own friends instead of your colleagues?” but Batterwitch doesn’t give a shit about her trophy daughter so Jane goes off to “become a woman” with Gamzee the clown.