AU “Selfie with baby. PS: She’s never serious when it comes to those.”

Maura loves her goofy detective. She knows Jane won’t be very happy when she finds out her picture is on a social network. But there’s nothing a Red Sox jersey with a little lace can’t do.

Follow Forever!

I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for a while now, but I’ve been procrastinating. It’s time these amazing blogs I follow got some recognition. I just hit 700 followers and I figured there’s no better time than now. So here are some blogs that make my dashboard the wonderful thing that it is. These blogs are the reason I’m addicted to Tumblr. Bold blogs are blogs people I’d consider close friends of mine.


acheleismyobsession, angieharmon, angiesasharizzles, angiesvoice, anursingdegreeinfeelings, artwaffle142, aurasmiles, awomanontheverge, barbie-shoes, berenicerojas, bnaz, bullockandrizzles, calculaic, chemkate, chrmdpoet, colormetheworld, cophines, crackalley, dragonborn-and-raised, drogon-dracarys


elisabethcollins, elviswithoutthetassels, feltknickers, forbidden-savior, frivolouswhim, gayzzoli-and-is-les, guardianrock, here4rizzles, homeofthethreeps, hope163


i-heart-mean-girls, iheartparrilla, ilovett, iwatchforsasha, janeandmaur, jennifermorgasm, jiminyrizzles, jobethdalloway, julytwentynine, kadinana, kathyisweird, lisqueen, macehelbig, malicious22, mauraislescupcakes, missmaclay, mycurrentobsessionsinclude


nightingaleinasilvercage, obsessionisthenewblack, october-lady, ohmyrizzles, parrillamadness, pear-pressures, petitedaisychild @princesscharming1983, queen-lana-julia-cordova-decker, radi0-voice, rayqueen, regalp4nda, regalremma, reginamlls, reginassaviour, rilzona, risolyandiwys, rizzlesarmy, rizzlesissecretlycanon, rizzlesshipper, rizzoli-on-isles, rizzolicious, robnclr


sapphonest, sarcasm-for-the-win, sasha-sexual, sashaismyllbff, sassyrainbowkisses, science-girlfriends, shadseofcool, shallow-seas-we-sail, sharkgina, sheriffswanmills, shycube, sincerely-liv, skinnylittlelesbian, starsthatburn, streep-parrilla, sugartits-and-smartypants, swanknight-queenregina, swanqueen-morrilla, swanqueenidiot, thathobbsgirl, theevilregal, themaidofdishonor, thepriceismeg, therizzlescorner, thingsdrawnonorphanblack, tittytittygangbang, tkol-rmx


we-are-rizzlers, who-turned-off-the-lights, whorishgreen, wickedolive, willdcat, xstahc, youre-my-nutballs

Thank you all for the wonderful blogs you run! Now let’s all have a follow party and follow these people!