jane royal

Imagine that you are best friends with Jane foster. So when Thor comes crashing down to earth and all that random romance happens, you get invited to their wedding in Asgard. It is there that you meet the Royal Family, including Loki (because let’s say in this universe Loki didn’t do any of the stuff he did to fall off the bridge, because why not?).

You join the Family at the high table and while having a perfectly reasonable interrogation of the Royal Family(Jane only deserves the best). Loki, deciding to live up to his title of the God of Mischief, turns your drink into a snake (constrictor). What Loki doesn’t realise is that you love snakes and therefore you start cooing at it like a normal person would a baby or puppy. Loki and everyone else is rather confused (apart from Jane who’s debating if it’s too late to throw you off a cliff because you do this kind of thing far too often).


“Diana would spot the funniness in any situation and if appropriate she would rock with laughter. If the situation called for more control she was even more prone to explode with laughter. She could not allow the absurdity of rigid self-discipline to undermine her enjoyment of the joke. She never had time for the pompous and always appreciated the ridiculous.”

-Diana’s Sisters 


inspired by (x)

Last night my friend and I were watching Descendants and she goes “What we’re the baby showers like if all the princesses got knocked up within a few months of each other? Was it a mass baby shower with lots of glitter and golden baby bottles?”


Spider-Man Family #2

You wouldn’t think Sean McKeever of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane fame could do a gritty and (to swipe another spider-fan’s analogy) balls to the wall Casino Royale style Venom/Spider-Man fight that actually kicks a lot of ass…but you’d be wrong