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30 day OTP Challenge Day Eight: Shopping

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Note: FLUFF, Loki hates shopping, Momma Steve will ground you despite you being an adult!

Words: 1290

Loki let out a sigh as you gave him the infamous puppy-dog eyes that you could muster before he turns away from you. “No. No. I refuse. I am the God of Mischief and Chaos. I will not fall for some impish trick to get me to do something I don’t like.” He huffed before turning back as you push yourself closer to him. “Please.” You clasp your hands together and poke out your bottom lip as his face flustered making you force down a grin, because you knew you had him in the bag. “I wanna spend time with my God.” You said running a finger up his chest gently.

He caught your finger as he glared at you making you think that you pushed him too far. “Go get ready before I change my mind.” He said in a stern tone as you tripped over yourself running towards the bedroom. You were still in pajamas despite it being almost one in the afternoon as you peak out seeing him standing in the kitchen rubbing his temple. You grabbed one of his shirts because yours was in the wash when you came out as he turned to you. “You really want me to change my mind don’t you?” He asked as you tilt your head to the side. “What do you mean?” You asked innocently, but he rolled his eyes taking your hand.

You smiled leaning against him seeing a smile spread across his face when he leans over kissing your forehead gently. You close your eyes before looking back to him when the door slid open to reveal Natasha, Thor, Clint, and Wanda standing there. “Oh, we were just about to come get you. So is Mr. Whiney coming?” Natasha asked earning an eyeroll from your boyfriend. “Don’t comment, or he’ll go back to the room. I convinced him to come with me don’t blow it.” You snipe back crinkling your lips as she held her hands up in surrender. “Come on.” Clint said opening the door for everyone as Loki followed behind you getting into the car.

Loki raised an eyebrow at Thor. “What are you doing here?” He asked as Thor shrugged. “I had nothing better to do with my time. I decided to travel with my mortal friends to the mall.” Thor said. “You mean Jane’s gonna be there.” You said looking at him as he looked down smiling. “Yes.” He mumbles quietly as Loki chuckles looking at you. “You are something of another world my darling.” He whispered into your ear making you bit your lip. “Hey no P.D.A. in the car!” Clint warned glaring at you and Loki from the rearview mirror. Natasha smirks as Wanda blushes looking away when Loki rolls his eyes. “Awe Clint, you’re no fun.” Natasha nudges him.

“Oh yes, because I’m going to shove my tongue down Loki’s throat in front of all of you.” You said as Loki coughed when his eyes widened at you. “Hm.. Kinky.” Natasha comments turning back to the front as Clint shook his head. “Ugh, Good thing Steve ain’t here.” He mumbles as he pulled out going towards the mall. Natasha and Clint sat in the front, behind them was Thor and Wanda, and in the back was you and Loki. “Well, I didn’t realize I am dating a minx.” Loki smirked before you grin back at him. “All’s fair in love and war.” You said making him laugh softly. “I see.” He said before looking out the window with a smile on his face.

“It would have been faster teleporting you know.” Loki comments after a few minutes of silent. “Sorry bud, but not everyone has that ability, and I don’t trust you safely getting me to and from the mall.” Clint counters as Loki had a darker smile dance across his lips. “You know me too well dear archer.” Loki said as you roll your eyes before Clint pulled them into the mall. “Alright kiddies. Momma Steve wants us back at the tower by seven o’clock. If we’re late we’ll get lectured.” Natasha said as everyone groaned, but you were smiling at the thought of Steve being the mother like figure on the team.

Loki was going to walk with you despite not wanting to be here when Thor and Clint dragged him off. “Have fun ladies.” Clint called as Loki scowled seeing your weary smile. “I love you!” You called as Loki huffs crossing his arms. “I love you too.” He mumbles walking off with his brother and Clint as Natasha chuckles. “Come on, I need new shoes.” She said taking both you and Wanda’s hands as she pulled you towards the shoes department store. You looked to Wanda who was smiling. “Having fun?” You asked as Wanda chuckles. “Tons.” She answers. “Good, I wonder how Loki will do?” You asked as they shrugs before going towards the boots.

Loki was following Thor while Clint went off towards the sports store to look at the bows and arrows. Loki stopped when he stood in front of a specific store as Thor looked back noticing he wasn’t behind him anymore. “Loki, what are you doing? Jane is in the food court.” He said walking over to him as his gazed followed Loki before his eyes widened. “Brother, are you thinking of…?” He asked trailing off as a small smile spread across his face. “I am.” Loki said softly when Thor placed a hand onto his place. “Then let us proceed.” He said pushing Loki into the store as Loki’s face lit up when he looked back to Thor in shock.

You were sitting on one of the benches with Wanda as Natasha tried on other shoes. You held dark green flats under your arm in a box as Wanda got new boots sitting on the floor beside her. “How are these ones?” Natasha asked as Wanda looked ready to fall asleep. You had been here for almost two hours as you looked tiredly to the black boots she had on. “They look good.” You comment as she rolls her eyes. “They look awful.” She huffs as you groaned before standing up cupping her face making her eyes widened. “Dammit Nat, you look sexy as heck in those boots. You kill whatever you wear and these boots bring out your eyes.” You said.

She was silent before a moment. “Okay, I’ll get these. Thanks.” She smiled at you before she picked up the box as she slipped back on her regular boots. Wanda looked up to you smiling in relief that they were finally leaving the cursed store that smelled oddly weird. No one could really describe the smell, none the less you girls paid for the new set of shoes you got. You walked out of the store seeing Loki, Thor, Jane, and Clint standing together in the food court. You smiled before running over to Loki as the other two girls trailed behind you. Suddenly you held up your green flats explaining how it would go with that one dress he loved so much.

Loki smiled watching as your eyes light up fangirling over your new shoes because of how sexy you’d look in them. Loki agreed with great enthusiasm making your face darken in a blood red hue as he chuckled. He stroked a thumb down your face as he leans over to you kissing your nose gently before you grinned. He loved the happiness in your actions, but unaware to you his heart was fluttering at an accelerated rate. In his coat pocket, fiddling in his fingers was a black velvet box that contained a question that he was more than excited to ask you.

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Author’s Note: If you don’t know what’s in Loki’s hand at the end, it’s an engagement ring. He went into a jewelry store with Thor! Just in case you were confused! Have a great day loves, or night wherever you are! Stay safe :D