jane's screenshots


Sense and Sensibility (1995) directed by Ang Lee


Pride and prejudice.
Screenshot study 4/10.
This is probably one of my favorite movie of all time !!! I just love it ! Elisabeth Bennet is so inspiring ❤️
It was sooooo great to draw it!
Screenshot study 5/10.
Just love that show too. This scene especially 👌🏻. Collin forth is absolutely stunning !
I have to say I had some difficulty with this drawing :/ tooooooo many people in it , yep too many 😑 but it was great too 😬
American horror story S5 Hotel.
Screenshot study 6/10.
Toooooooooo many details, tooooo many 😤 the background almost kill me 💀.

So here are three other screenshot, only left five ! I keep going 💪🏻
Hope you like !

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