jane's letter to lisbon

Guys...there is so much to look forward to.

Jane putting his hand under Lisbon’s chin and kissing her on the forehead

Lisbon trying to wake Jane up for work and ending up just lying across him giggling

Jane finding out that Lisbon kept all her letters in a shoebox, and reading them to her so he can finally see her reaction

Jane maybe letting Lisbon in on his theories

Lisbon sitting on the couch going through the case file with Jane asleep and his head against her leg

Jane and Lisbon talking about their childhoods in bed

Someone coming in and insulting one of them and the other just owning dat ho

Jane taking off his ring

Dennis watching them be together, because we all know that’s gonna be cute

Lisbon being at her desk angry with Jane and him getting up off the couch and kissing her on the side of the head as he goes by

Jane and Lisbon just hugging, without any reservations

Lisbon getting kidnapped and Jane being all ‘not again’ and being terrified and at the hospital him letting her see that he was terrified and then lots of comfort snuggling in the hospital bed

Jane getting kidnapped and almost dying and Lisbon making sure he’s okay then kicking him on the ground because she’s angry at how scared she was and then kneeling down and just needing to hold him

Lisbon’s cute little visits to the Airstream

The sight of Jane’s toothbrush at Lisbon’s house

Lisbon getting so excited about Jane cracking a case that she just grabs him and kisses him

Jane suddenly remembering that she chose him over Pike and that she loves him and getting so happy and just needing to touch her

Yes, it is eight months away, but the very real possibility of any/all of these things happening makes these thirteen episodes the most precious thing our fandom could ever ask for, and they will be worth the wait. We have YouTube and Tumblr and Fanfiction on our sides. It will be worth the wait. 

Jane's letter to Lisbon...

“Just yesterday l watched a pod of dolphins play so close to shore I could almost touch them. They’re the kind of things I think you’d enjoy.”

This part of the letter is actually the part I liked the most (except I miss you) because first of all, I loved the way that Jane thinks to know what kind of small things she would enjoy, that shows he would know exactly how Lisbon is under her cop attitude, who she is for true beside her tough act. It shows their special bond, that he would know too the special things she would enjoy when it will come the time to woo her, to surprise her, to simply love her. Then, I enjoyed the fact to think that when he saw that pod of dolphines he kinda imagined sharing this moment with Lisbon, being with her in paradisiac island enjoying these simple moments which make the life more beautiful.