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so jane the virgin has always handled sexuality really really well. which is not what you’d expect from a show called “jane the virgin.”

jane is only a virgin because her abuela scares her into a promise when she’s a kid… but that doesn’t define her. she finds love, she finds motherhood, she has goals and passions and talents and her sexuality only comes up every so often. even when her abuela admits to not following her own advice, and telling jane it’s ok to not wait, she remains a virgin because that’s just what’s right for her.

and then finally. jane gets married. it’s huge. there’s a heavenly choir and the virgin mary are all singing to her to go get some. everything is awesome! and then stuff happens that puts it off another season.

and here’s where the writers really have come through.

they could have milked it. they could have pushed it off for as long as they could, make a huge event of it to save for the season finale. i mean, this is what the show is named for. but they don’t. it happens in episode 7. not even the finale of the episode. before the second commercial break. there’s a goofy animation and then boom. it’s done. jane is no longer a virgin.

and the rest of the episode is her coping with that. it’s her learning about what’s important about sex and what’s not, about being disappointed and scared that she’s lost a part of herself. after all, this has been a defining decision of her life. she’s been dreaming about that crumpled flower since childhood.

and at first it’s shameful. she hasn’t orgasmed. she’s trying to protect michael, she doesn’t tell anyone, she’s just living with this overwhelming guilt and trying to be ok with it. she tells michael that it’s just about the love, that she doesn’t need to orgasm, she gives up at having a successful sex life. and then she finally talks to her mom, who condemns the flower scare tactics. she hasn’t lost anything, only gained something new. tells her that it is totally normal to not get it right away, gives her a smile and wink and basically tells her to get back on the horse (maybe.. too good of a metaphor).

and then, finally, it happens. michael and jane are finally on the same page of learning more about each other and what they want and the deed is done and more goofy rocket animations and jane finally throws that damn flower away.

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oh my gosh... i saw your triple wedding edit, would you be able to do one of jane roxy and callie getting married w jade as one of the other two in the pic? don't trouble yourself if it's a lot of work, i completely understand!


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I’m seeing so many people thinking Michael is going to die because of the  “And for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did” line from season 1 but like?

Are we forgetting the “What will serve Michael Cordero Jr.well in the illustrious detective career he will go on to have is his ability to focus on facts” line from the pilot?

Even if he were to catch Mutter at the end of this season, it isn’t enough to talk about “an illustrious career.” Sure, it is a big catch, especially since Sin Rostro is dead now, but one catch does not a career make, even if it’s a big fish.

I think, hope, and as of this week’s episode am convinced that this line that lowkey scares half the ship is about how Jane and Michael will get married and stay together their whole lives, about how they’ll grow old together, with Mateo and their own kids and even Petra’s, because they’ll be around all the time, about how their love for one another will never falter now. Life threw them this big hurdle and it was tough at first but it was something that was thrown their way to test their love and make sure they were it for each other. And they are. I think Michael and Jane are getting married soon, and Michael will love her until he drew his very breath, aged 89 and happy to have lived and died in her arms.


Jisbon gifset per episode: 1x01 Pilot

“A frog? Well, this makes everything better, doesn’t it?“

“She is fierce and first to defend me in my moment of trouble or need. Her wit and laughter sustain me and never come at my expense. And when we part, there is no sadness because our bond is always there. She is not just my friend, she is a gift both precious and rare. "

-Maura writing her marriage vows for a “creative writing course” aka her and Jane’s wedding

So here’s some writers and their fics that I have read recently and recommend in honor of fic rec day! ^_^


Okay guys, I don’t know about you, but this author is singlehandedly destroying my brain and making me scream every time she posts because she’s that amazing. Pls go check her out (Fuckener on ao3). She deserves so much more attention.

  • The Living is Easy, also referred by me as “The Zombie Fic” because this is the only zombie fic that matters. Thorki + angst + smut + zombies. Do yourself a favor and go read this now. (Or don’t and avoid having your heart chopped into tiny pieces.) 
  • Slow Dance: It’s not often oneshots make me cry but this one did it. Thor & Jane getting married, and Loki’s unrequited (or is it?) love for Thor. I sobbed at the end, like, full out sobbed. At a oneshot. Can you believe. Read it.


I enjoy so many of this author’s fics but I need to recommend the two I think about without end. Definitely one of my favorite authors.

  • Road to Nowhere is one of the first fics I ever read and I still reread it to this day! It’s so good. Post TDW about Thor & Loki going on a journey to bring Frigga back to the realm of the living.
  • Remember This Cold is the series of fic that made me enjoy Stoki (or at least this author’s Stoki XD), and I’m crazy over it now. Basically just goes through events and shows how Stoki would work in the MCU. Loki redemption fic too. (Look at the word count, and know that I read most of this within a week–against my will. XD)



  • Most notably In the Grip of Grace, which deals with an AU of Loki struggling with depression after he found out about his heritage–rather than his canon reaction of blowing everything up. Thor is there to help him. <3 THE FIC OF MY FANTASIES
  • Also Easily. This is the fic that laid the point of no return of being addicted to Thorki fanfic. Def read. It’s post TDW and domestic and a perfect blend of angst and cute.


An author I can blame for repeatedly making me v upset. XD <3

  • Dog Inside the Heart au where Thor and Loki are movie stars tryin to be together despite being brothers + celebrities. Slooooow burn, but worth it! <3 Highlyy recommend, I squeal every time I read this.
  • Unfaithful, in which married Thor hooks up with past crush Loki. And they try to figure shit out (AND THAT “SHIT” IS NOT GOING WELL RIGHT NOW, PULL IT TOGETHER YOU TWO SILLYHEADS T___T). But yeah, excellent. :D


I’ve only read a couple of this person’s fics so far but wpiaehwoiht so good already! Loving it!

  • I particularly liked the two Thorki + Fandral fics written for me “Hello” Support Group and Pretending Not to Watch. Both are oneshots and very cute. The second, especially, is a unique little soulmate-tattoo verse where Thor has joined a support group for people with every day words tattooed on their arms (Thorki). SO CUTE OMG
  • Also, this author writes for several other Loki centric pairings that I definitely recommend you check out. (Including Sifki, Lokula, and FrostIron!) Eternal-Love-Song’s Ao3

and finally @teresa-dances-in-sequins

  • for Chrysalis because that’s where I go for porn XD Dark!Thor and dubcon (you could say noncon tbh), but omg this is the fic that perfectly suits all of my needs. DO NOT READ THIS AT WORK, I did that once, and it was the worst idea I’ve ever had. I regret it to this day. XD