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For @wahwahwaffles

Who wrote the lovely piece of Valentine’s fluff that is Stupid Cupid.

Summary: Cupid rarely gets it wrong. There are millions and millions of matches made every year, and Cupid usually gets it right. So when Cupid hits Steve Rogers and Darcy Lewis with the wrong arrows in 2014, it becomes rather irksome.

But now is the time to make things right again. Whether Darcy and Steve are ready for it or not.

Thank you for this gift. It brought a smile to my face. Happy Valentine’s day to you too, Emma.

This gives me a really strong Marvels vibe. Which can of course be expected by Alex Ross art, but still.


Requested by anon. (sorry the ending is kind of crappy)

“Steve, I don’t know if this is such a good idea.” you mutter, rubbing your arms as you walk through the halls of Avengers Tower with him.

“(y/n), if you’re moving in with me, you’re gonna have to meet them eventually, so better now then never.” your fiancé, Steve, replies.

You sigh, “But what if they don’t like me?”

The super soldier stops walking and turns toward you before reaching out and easing your arms down to your sides. “They’re going to love you, (y/n). And even if they don’t, I love you, and that’s all that matters.”

You smile as he leans down to kiss you softly on the lips. After a couple seconds, you pull away and Steve leads you into a large room with a bar, a seating area, staircases, and a huge glass window overlooking New York City.

In the seating area is Tony Stark, who is holding hands with a woman with strawberry-blonde hair, Natasha Romanoff, whom you had met before, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Thor, and two more brunette women you don’t recognize. Earlier Steve had explained that more then just the Avengers lived at the tower, but you didn’t expect so many.

Immediately, you get nervous again. How are you supposed to impress the people who helped save the world against an alien race? You discreetly slide slightly behind Steve, half of your small frame easily becoming engulfed by his huge one. He notices your uncertainty and gives your hand a small squeeze before turning to the group of people.

“Avengers,” Steve starts, making everyone look at him, “I would like you to meet my fiancé, (y/n) (l/n).”

Immediately, eight smiles appear on their faces, and the next couple minutes are spent with introductions. Thor kisses your hand in greeting, and you learn that the other three women are Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, and Jane Foster. Tony and Clint ask you how you ended up with Cap, who you see rolls his eyes at the comment.

Bruce introduces himself politely, before going quiet and standing off to the side, watching. You hug Natasha, because the last time you saw her was the fall of SHIELD.

“It’s good to see you.” she says, pulling away from the embrace. “I can’t believe you and Steve are engaged.”

You laugh. “Me either.”

“I must know,” Tony interrupts, stealing your attention away from Natasha, “How did Capsicle get you to say yes to him?”

Blushing, you look down at the ring on your finger. Steve notices your sudden uncomfortableness. “I don’t even know the answer to that question, Stark.” he says, making you smile and look up at him.

“I said yes because I love him.” you say after gathering the courage Steve gave you.

The girls “Aw”, and Tony rolls his eyes saying, “Pep, get ready. They’re as bad as Goldilocks and Jane.”

This makes you laugh, and Steve places an arm around your waist as he kisses your cheek tenderly. It may take a little getting used to, but you can tell you’re going to love this home.

good enough

@dixiedolittle asked: So, I feel like a prompt pig, but here’s another, please. Darcy. Insecurity. Thank you!

I… well, I tried to play out Darcy’s insecurity about her own self-worth across her interactions with the other Avengers. It got way out of hand, but I wanted something special in honor of the holidays, so… anyways, it’s a bit late for Christmas, but I hope you like it regardless!

Darcy’s crush on Steve is completely unreasonable, given how he basically ignores her existence. Natasha takes it upon herself to intervene, taking advantage of Christmas being right around the corner.  

Or, it takes twelve people to ship it, and one more to make it happen.

1. Natasha

When Natasha first brought it up, Darcy laughed to hide the stab of insecurity that ran through her gut. 

“I barely know the guy, Nat,” she said, ducking her head to hide her blush – there was no doubt the assassin knew about her not-so-secret crush on Steve Rogers. “He’s nice, from what I know, but I don’t think we really mesh.”

She thought back to how he’d never meet her eyes, how he made a point to leave a room if she entered it, how he stood as far away from her as he could. She ignored how much it hurt to remember those things.

“Oh?” Natasha fixed her with a blank stare and a single, arched eyebrow. “You’re going to be the only ones here for Christmas. You never know.”

“I’m serious.” Darcy smiled, but it felt like Natasha could see right though her. “Happy single lady, right here.” 

Natasha hummed, dropping the subject, but Darcy had the sinking feeling that this was going to become a regular occurrence.

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The Stars

PAIRING- reader x Loki 


WARNINGS- FEELS, but with a happy end, slight fluff and some tiny bit of bad language, 

 Request from Anon- Hey cutie can I request Loki x Reader based on Ed Sheeran “All of the stars”

I LOVE THIS SONG UGHHHHHH, i really do love this song, hopefully you guys like it ! 


Originally posted by asgardian-angel

It’s just another night,
And I’m staring at the moon,
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you,

You sat on the roof of the Avengers Facility, the day had turned into night over New York and the complex showed no sign of slowing down, you sighed leaning back against the hard concrete, the night was slightly warm, enough for you to be outside with out a jacket as you stared at the moon. Your heart ached to see him again, it had been the longest the two of you had been apart from each other, but that’s what you get from falling in love with a god. You smiled slightly as a shooting star flew across the sky, it was only for a split second but you saw it. 

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I like to believe that no one in the avengers is 100% straight


Lewis and Foster:A Rizzoli and Isles/Marvel AU

Detective Darcy Lewis: Brooklyn born and bred turned down her acceptance to Columbia University in favor of the Police Academy. Step Daughter of a Long Island Soldier turned Plumber and a Nurse she’s the youngest of her adopted families children.

Dr. Jane Foster: Daughter of a wealthy Manhattan business woman and her Astrophysicist husband she was an analytical child who spent most of her life buried in science. Now she’s the Chief Medical Examiner for New York City.

These two professionals formed an unlikely friendship over years of working side by side on some of the most high profile cases in New York.

Detective Sam Wilson: The new guy in Homicide, he’s squemish in the autopsy room, but he’s one of the best partners Detective Lewis could ever ask for. A former airman, he’s hardworking, loyal and an ear to bend when you really need someone to listen.

Detective Sgt Phil Coulson: The most senior officer in Homicide, Phil Coulson has seen it all and done it all. He’s an anchor for a team of young sometimes head strong cops.

Detective Clint Barton: Phil Coulson’s partner and second most senior agent in Homicide. A troubled child, he later turned his life around in the army. When his service was up, he applied for the police academy.

Thor Odinson: Husband of Dr. Jane Foster, Thor is the CEO of Odinson Industires. A highly intellegent man, despite what people may percieve, he’s a strong leader and a devoted husband.

Loki Odinson: A professor of Psycology, he regularly consults on cases with the NYPD.

Sgt. James “Bucky” Barnes: Darcy’s childhood crush, Bucky joined the army right after high school. Now he’s back in Brooklyn getting ready for his retirement for the service and trying to get through Physical Therapy in the hopes of moving on. A part of him is hoping moving on involves his best friend’s step sister.

Captain Steve Rogers: Darcy’s older step brother, he joined his best friend in the army after high school. He’s extremely protective of his little sister, his only sibling even if not by blood and is a pretty storng cheering section when it comes to Darcy and Bucky.

The Age Of Darcy

Darcy Lewis  has miraculously remained a youthful 27 years of age for nearly eight decades, never allowing herself to get close to anyone lest they discover her secret. However, a chance encounter with a charismatic superhero named Steve Rogers reawakens Darcy’s long-suppressed passion for life and romance. When a weekend with Steve’s best friends threatens to expose the truth, Darcy makes a decision that changes her life forever.

or The Age Of Adaline AU where Darcy had a passionate relationship with Bucky before WWII, thought he was dead , falls in love with Steve who ignores she’s the real friend he knew in the 40s, had a son and it’s Erik Selvig, lies about her numerous identities but is tired of the charade, the CIA tried to study her but Peggy and Howard saved her life and helped her through the decades (something that Tony continues to do), is a languages buff and because she tried to learn as much as possible about her affliction had a medical phD.


Part Nine of the Neighborly Affection Series

Words: 1,014

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU)

Warnings: language

Author’s Note: approximately 2-3 more parts for this series; let me know what you think!

Your name: submit What is this?

You had successfully gone an entire week without speaking to James except for some small talk when you would run into him in the hallway, always leaving with an excuse before he could attempt to talk any more with you. Every time you walked away from him, you could feel his gaze scorching into your skin, an unspoken question on the tip of his tongue.

Wanda must have said something to him because eventually he stopped trying to talk to you altogether. You were relieved and disappointed at the same time as you began to feel the void that his absence left in your life. A little under a year ago, James had started as the cute stranger in the laundromat that picked up your underwear, and now – or at least a few weeks ago – you considered him one of your best friends. The guy fed you soup while you were naked in the bath, for Christ’s sake! If he would have just let you continue being friends and never tried to turn you into another one of his one night stands, then maybe you would still be friends.

But you weren’t, and it killed you inside, though you would never admit it.

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Secretly Royal [Part 1] (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: I don’t know where this idea came from, but alas, I thought it up. Anyway, I felt like it was too long to fit into just one chapter, so… I hope you like it! :)

NOTE: This will also turn a little bit Christmas-y. 🌲

Enjoy! 😘

Have you ever kept a secret from someone, and that secret tore you apart? Not because of the secret itself, but because of the people who didn’t actually know about it.

That’s how Y/N felt. She had been with the Avengers for about 5 years. They had become like her family. She had been with them during the Battle of New York. She had been with Steve through the whole Winter Soldier incident. She had been there when Loki repented of his wrong doings. She’d been with everyone during the battle with Ultron. She had even been there when Pietro woke up in the hospital after nearly dying in the battle. She had also been a sort of mediator between Tony and Steve during that whole Civil War thing with the Accords.

I mean, she was pretty good at hand-to-hand combat, and she did have the power of emotion manipulation, which did come in handy. Despite all that, she didn’t really feel that great about the secret she had been keeping from everyone. She did have her reasons for keeping it though…

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The Dating Game                     Steve x Reader

This was a request from @imagine-assembling-the-avengers . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ( go follow her. She’s fantastic!) And thank you for this prompt because it was great to write something light-hearted after All I Ask  . Again, feedback is much appreciated  and requests are open.

Request: Thor is trying to set up Steve (like how Nat always does), and Steve                  and the Reader go on a double date with Jane and Thor.

Warning: There will be fluff and awkward fumbling

Steve’s POV

    “Steve!” Thor bellowed while walking into the kitchen to talk to Steve, who seemed particularly busy.

“Yes, Thor?”

“I’ve noticed you seem lonely.” He said quite bluntly, causing Steve to sigh.

“Did Romanoff put you up to this? Because now this is just getting ridiculous.”

“I do not know what you mean by that. I just noticed that you appear to be lonely, so I’ve decided to aid you in finding a companion!”

Thor had been making fruitless attempts at setting Steve up for about a week.

“What about Karen, from the front desk? Or Susan, from I.T? Or Marie, from engineering?” Said Thor, who continued to rattle off names despite Steve’s protests.

“Look. I appreciate the effort, but I’m pretty busy. We’ve got a new recruit coming in today and I’m helping to train them. So thanks, but no thanks.” Steve huffed.

Thor looked him square in the face and continued. “How about Y/N?”

Steve turned away, then paused. “Who’s Y/N? You know what, it doesn’t matter. Goodbye.” He said before walking away from Thor to get to his training session.

Steve walked into the training room to see the new recruit talking to Barton and Romanoff. He tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

“Hi I’m Captain Rogers.” Steve said, extending a hand.

“I know who you are. It would appear that your reputation proceeds you.” You said returning the handshake.

“But yours doesn’t proceed you.” He replied.

“Then that means I’ve been doing my job right.” You quipped back.

“Do I at least get a name.” He asked.

You smiled up at him. “You’ll get one if you do good. Let’s get started.”You said; walking over to the mat to start stretching.

Steve turned around to see very smug-looking Natasha and Clint. Did they have something to do with this? Probably, but that wasn’t important.

“Not a word.” He said, pointing to the two of them, before moving to where you were stretching.

“So. I understand this is a recruit training to cover basics?” He questioned you.

You laughed. “Yeah, you could call it that.”

“You know laughing isn’t gonna make me go easy on you.”

“And I don’t expect it to.But it’s not me I’m worried about.” you said standing up “Show me what you got.”

Someone’s cocky. He thought.

The two of you circled each other waiting for someone to strike. But you weren’t gonna budge until he moved first, and he did; which let you get him off-balance and send him stumbling to the edge of the mat.

“Strike one! The first mistake is moving first. It lets your adversary get a read on how you fight. Try again.”

The two of you eyed each other and you decided to help him out by moving first and going for his left side. He went to block you, but at the last second you moved right, ducked under his arm, elbowed him in the chest, and moved back to your original position.

Steve was starting to look slightly annoyed.                                                       “What happened to not moving first? “ he questioned.

“Thought I’d throw you a bone.” You shrugged while giving a smirk.

He took a moment to admire the look on your face, but his thoughts were cut short by you throwing a punch at his face. A punch that would’ve hit him directly in the jaw if he hadn’t ducked a second before your fist could make contact.

You were locked in a pretty even fight with Steve for about a minute before you figured out where his weakness was. Deciding to use it to your advantage, you kicked him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him.

“Strike two! Your hands were too high and it left you open.”

Steve was hunched over taking deep breaths wondering where on earth they found a recruit like you and he barely registered you saying “again” until you walked over and crouched in front of him.

“Getting tired there, Captain?” You questioned with a bit of laughter in your voice.

“Are you kidding?” Steve said, sucking in a breath “I can do this all day.”

“Good.” you clapped your hands together “Let’s go again then.”

“Try not to lose again, okay Cap?” Clint piped up from the side.

“Shut up, Barton.” Steve said, turning his head and pointing at the “dynamic duo” that was enjoying seeing him get tossed around like a rag doll by someone half his size.

Normally he’d be able to hold his own quite well, but something about you was throwing him off and Romanoff looked like she was enjoying this a little too much.

You grabbed his arm, flipped him onto his back, and deposited him onto the floor with your knees holding down his shoulders.

“Strike three. Never take your eyes off your opponent. I believe you’re out. Captain.”

By this time, Nat and Clint were leaned against each other laughing themselves to tears.

“I thought you were a new recruit.” Steve sounded exasperated.

“Well I AM a recruit. Just not to S.H.I.E.L.D. And I’m no where near being new.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!? And can you let m up now?” He grunted.

“Oh! Right.” You hastily got off of Steve and gave him a hand up. “I take it we’re done then?” you asked brightly while turning to face Natasha and Clint.

They gave you a nod. “We still on for tonight?”

“Absolutely.” Clint agreed.”

“Great.” You said, moving to hug them and then making your way towards the door.

Your abrupt switch from drill sergeant to normal person was so shocking that Steve almost forgot to ask his question.

“I didn’t get a name.” He piped up.

“Right, I almost forgot. It’s Y/N.” You said and then left.

Your POV

It’d been a few days since your first encounter with Steve, and you had another session with him in an hour. You weren’t sure it was gonna go well after the events of the first one. But you were determined to try and fix things.

You were thinking about ways to do just that when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” You called, and in strolled Natasha.

“Oh good. I needed to talk to you. Am I done harassing Cap?”you questioned.

“Yes. Your debt has been repaid. Although…you might end up owing me and Barton again in the near future.”She replied.

“Oh no no no. I have no intention of being indebted you two again, especially when you’re so cryptic about your reasons for the way I pay those debts off.” You said while gathering up your things.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready to go meet up with Steve.”

“Okay.” Nat said and left to go tend to her own agenda.

Steve’s POV

It had been three days, but Steve still couldn’t get you off his mind. He’d asked around to see if he could get some notion as to who you were, but no one was of any help.

So, after mustering up the courage and a LOT of pestering from Thor, he decided to ask you on a date. In fact, he was on the way to ask you right then. And he was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that he was being followed by two assassins and a demigod.

Still absorbed in thought and not paying attention, Steve rounded a corner and managed to run into you. Knocking you both to the ground.

“Oh my god are you okay?” Steve asked with concern in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Not noticing that Steve was still on top of you from the fall, you tried to sit up and ended up bumping heads.

“On second, thought. No I’m not” You said while lifting a hand to rub the sore spot on your face.

He changed positions so that he was no longer on top of you, but crouched next to you instead. “You sure you’re alright?” he asked again.

“I’m fine.But what were you doing over here anyways? I thought you’d be in the training room already.”

Here goes nothing, Steve thought. “Well… it wasn’t actually a training session. I just needed to talk to you about something.”

Crap. He probably hates me. Thanks Nat. ( all things you did not say out loud) “Is everything okay, Captain?” you looked at him expectantly.

“Ugh, how do I do this.” he grumbled. “I was wondering if you possibly…maybe…wanted to go out with me some time? I mean… since we don’t know each other very well…and I’d like to know more…”

“Oh.” you said, shocked. Suddenly aware of how close you were to him, you went to stand. Steve offered you a hand up but he pulled to hard and you crashed into his chest. You would’ve fallen back down if he hadn’t wrapped his arms around your waist to help you maintain balance.

You stared at him with wide eyes before he continued talking. “You know, unless you don’t want to…”

“No,no that be great. I’d love to.” you managed to get out.

“Excellent!!!” Boomed Thor,who was shamelessly eavesdropping, and startled the both of you apart. “You two can what do you call it… double date! with Jane and I this afternoon.”

You and Steve’s voices began overlapping with various combinations of oh, that’s not necessary, we really shouldn’t, it’s such short notice, and we wouldn’t want to impose. But Thor was having none of it. 

“I insist.It will be fun. I’ll see you in the lobby at 5.” He said and walked off with a pleased look on his face whereas you and Steve looked like you’d been handed a death sentence.

“I guess I’ll see you at 5 then.” you said with fake enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he said apologetically.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence that would’ve dragged out for eternity if you hadn’t broken it.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” After walking off you mumbled under your breath. 

“I’ve got an assassin to kill.” 

Your POV

You did this!” You shouted at Natasha who was speaking with Tony in the kitchen.

She didn’t even have the decency to try and look innocent.

“What do you mean?” Nat smirked back “I’m sure I had no hand in that to which you are referring.”

“You set me up with Cap!!!” you accused. “And now we’re stuck on a double date with Jane and Thor!  I mean… I’m sure they’re nice but still!”

“She set you up on a what?” Tony said while walking over to the fridge.

“You heard her, Stark. Pay up.”

You looked on in a state of shock as he opened his wallet and gave Nat a wad of cash.

“This isn’t all of it.” She said, examining the stack.

“I know. That is just for setting up the Capsicle. You’ll get the rest when Y/N over there goes on a second date with him. That was the deal.”

Nat conceded and your shock turned to anger.

“Are you serious? I specifically ask you NOT to meddle in my love life and you make a bet to do just that!”

“Well when you put it like that…” she started.

“Just forget it. I have to go get ready.” 

You were sitting in the lobby earlier than was necessary, hoping that if you got there earlier, this ordeal would end quicker.

“I see I’m not the only one who got here early.” Steve’s voice startled you.

“Sorry.” he said. 

“It’s fine, I was just thinking.” You turned around were face to face with Steve. Or face to chest, rather.

“You look beautiful.” he said.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” you said smiling up at him.

You both stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other until Thor walked in and drew your attention away from Steve. But that still didn’t stop the blush from creeping up your face.

“Y/N, this is Jane.” Thor said gesturing.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Jane.” you shook her hand.

“Shall we leave?” Thor said.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad.” you thought.

But it wasn’t until you got out to the sidewalk that you realized an important piece of information had been left out. You turned to Steve and whispered.

“Do you have any idea where we’re going?”

“Not a clue.” he answered back.

As luck would have it, that would be the least of your worries. Because it was all downhill from there.

At the back of a cafe, you were sat next to Thor and across from Steve, who was next to Jane. The four of you were engaged in small talk, which you were good at, despite hating it. 

 You and Steve made fleeting eye contact when he wasn’t looking at Thor, who was making not so subtle signals towards you in an effort to make Steve talk.

It looked like he was finally gonna say something when a waiter tripped and spilled water on your top. Causing it to cling in an “unsavory” manner. You waved off his apologies and went to dry yourself off and hopefully get rid of any trace of embarrassment.

You returned to your table, which now had food, and saw Thor animatedly telling a story that seemed to end as you sat back down. He looked at you expectantly. As if waiting for you to speak. He must’ve given up trying to get Steve to make a move. You thought and decided to mess with him some more.

You leveled your gaze at Steve and then looked at Thor, who nodded encouragingly. While maintaining eye contact with Thor, you spoke.

“So Jane, how’d you and Thor meet?” This drew a deep sigh from Thor as he placed his head on the table.

“ I hit him with my car.” 

A mix between a snort and a laugh came from your mouth as you tried to contain your laughter and failed.

“Well I’d love to hear how that happened.” you said and prompted Jane into telling her story.

You listened intently, but Steve couldn’t. He’d been taken back by how your smile lit up your whole face and made you look even more beautiful. He didn’t tune back into the conversation until Jane asked.

“So how long have you and Steve been dating?”

At which point both of your voices suddenly overlapped in an effort to explain that you weren’t dating or anywhere near it. Sadly, once your voices died, Thor piped up.

“Hopefully there will be more dates yes?” The discomfort became palpable once more as he looked at the both of you.

“Well…” you both said in sync. 

“I think we should be leaving.” Steve said.

“Yeah…” you agreed. “Thank you for inviting us out.” you said before being guided out the door by Steve’s hand on the small of you back.

“You looked like you wanted to die in there.” Steve said after you got outside.

“It was nothing personal, I promise. I just really don’t like things like that.” You said.

“You mean, dating?” he questioned.

“Yes. I mean, no. God, I hate this.” you said, gesturing wildly. “I hate that weird phase when you meet new people and you have no idea what to say. You don’t know boundaries or the extent to which you can make jokes. And all you can do is small talk. And I hate it, talking small, especially when I like the person and would want to just have a meaningful conversation.” 

You cut yourself off after realizing what you said. “Sorry, I tend to ramble.”

“Nothing to apologize for.” said Steve, who found it adorable.

Deciding to move on, you spoke.

“So Captain. I mean…Steve” You amended after he gave you a look. “Tell me about yourself.”

“I’m not sure there’s much to tell seeing as my ‘reputation precedes me’ “ he said, quoting you from your first meeting. “

“Ouch.” you interjected with mock hurt.

“So how ‘bout you tell me about yourself instead since somehow I still haven’t managed to find out any substantial information.” he said slightly mystified.

“I’m not surprised by that actually.There’s not much to find on me in the database unless you have some serious clearance. I’m a specialist. A ‘hail mary’ kind of thing. They call me in if things get bad. That’s actually how I met Natasha and Clint.”

“That explains the drill sergeant that came into training and tossed me around like a rag doll.”

“Which reminds me! Sorry about the other day.” you apologized “I’m normally not that snarky, but I owed Nat a favor.”

“Well that’s an unusual favor. Any idea why she called it in?”

“Apparently, Tony made a bet that Nat wouldn’t be able to set me up. And if she did, it wouldn’t last past one date. And as fate would have it, he also bet against the possibility of her successfully setting you up as well.”

“I see.” Steve replied.

“She’s been trying to get me to date someone for a while now and the bet just fueled her efforts. I’m sorry you got roped into it.”

“Well I’m not.” Steve said pulling you to a stop in front of the tower.

“That’s not possible. That date was the definition of awkward!”

“Because it was the equivalent of a couple of teenagers being chaperoned by a very pushy parent!”

“You can’t be seri-” you tried to say but got cut off by Steve.

“Look, Natasha’s been trying to set me up too, but I would’ve been interested in you anyways. You’re amazing! And as an added bonus, we get to see Stark lose a few bucks. What do you say? Go on another date with me? A real one?”

You finally conceded and smiled up at him. “I’d like that very much.”

Steve kissed you on the cheek. “Goodnight, Y/N.” He said before walking off in the direction of his apartment.

He got a few steps away before you called after him.

“Goodnight! …Steve.” you finished quietly and headed into the tower. Just in time to see Tony grudgingly handing money over to Natasha.