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anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite type of ship/couple? Like any tropes you find yourself really enjoying?

I’ve been thinking about this last night and I don’t really think I do but I’ll just list the kinds of ships I like and maybe you or people who read this will find a pattern that I can’t see? Lol.

So I like my fair share of “ordinary” ships,  just happy, day-to-day, low-key ships but in which the two people are just so genuinely happy and in love:

I also like really angsty, soulful, transcendental, you have completely altered my life in the best possible way, once in a lifetime, passionate, life is beautiful ships:

I also really enjoy precious *SQUEE* my heart flutters, you two are ADORBZ ships:

I also enjoy just purely passionate, intense, emotional, breathless ships:

I also enjoy you shouldn’t work but you do and it’s glorious ships:

I also love it tears me up inside to love you relationships:

And of course a lot of these overlap, so like I dunno, lol, is there a pattern?


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