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  • Darcy: Charles wants advice. Dating advice.
  • Caroline: Dating advice? From whom?
  • Darcy: Yours truly.
  • [pause]
  • Darcy: Hello? Hey, Caroline. Caroline, you there?
  • Caroline: I heard you. Darcy, when was the last time you went on a date?
  • Darcy: I will talk to you later.

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Jane/Bingley, Star Wars

At first, the Bei Lings thought Jaina might be some distant cousin of Fel’s, but she freely admitted that she was merely a Skywalker namesake, not one herself. Caravina’s initial enthusiasm faded, but she still liked the senator for herself. Caravir, far closer to Fel, and through him much more familiar with the demands on Jedi in general and Skywalkers in particular, just managed not to sigh in relief.

The Signs as Pride and Prejudice Characters

Aries: Lydia Bennet

Taurus: Charlotte Lucas

Gemini: Mr. Wickham

Cancer: Jane Bennet

Leo: Caroline Bingley

Virgo: Mr. Collins

Libra: Georgiana Darcy

Scorpio: Mr. Darcy

Sagittarius: Lady Catherine

Capricorn: Mary Bennet

Aquarius: Elizabeth Bennet

Pisces: Mr. Bingley

The Wedding Night Fic No One Asked For But Got Anyway...
New story from ToryTigress92,

To Put A Warrior At Her Ease Is A Potentially Painful Endeavour

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Words: 9,233
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rated: M

Wedding Night Fic. Elizabeth is feeling justifiedly diffident about her wedding night, and Darcy is willing to do anything to put his new bride at her ease, with interesting, and slightly painful, results for all involved. Elizabeth x Darcy. Ignores mid-credit scene so technically AU. Implied Jane x Bingley.