jane x bing


the lizzie bennet diaries meme:

two ships; bing lee and jane bennet
“When you meet somebody that you really care about, it’s different than just casually dating. It’s more than just fun. They touch something inside of you. You want to be with them because they make you realize that you’re not missing your other half; that you’re just enough the way you are. Together you’re just right. When you find that, it’s really hard to let it go.“

I find it very interesting, and actually sort of lovely, that Bing, instead of saying “I love you” to Jane, says he loves making her smile. He’s so close to saying I love you that it’s really noticeable that he doesn’t say it. But I think the reason he doesn’t say it is that he’s respecting Jane’s need for them to be at the beginning of a new thing together, respecting Jane’s hesitation and tentativeness about their whole relationship. In the last few episodes since he’s been back, he’s been about connecting with Jane, letting Jane take the lead, being honest with her, and I think that’s behind the very conscious decision not to write him say “I love you.” He was a shit, he treated her like shit, and I like that the story respects Jane in a way that allows her to get what she wants on her own terms. 


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