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LBD Fanfic Recs #2

(Not as many as last time, but still some good ones!)

Texts from Last Episode by Scree
When Darcy gives Lydia his card, he doesn’t realize that his texts are going to end up in Lizzie Bennet costume theater. Sequel to Cracks in the Sidewalk

A Very Strange Dayby Krakens
Some days are a mixed bag. Maybe you find a twenty on the sidewalk but you also get a parking ticket. Or maybe your best friend’s boss’s boss calls you up out of the blue to call you a tramp but then you make out with her hot nephew.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice by TheGreatSporkWielder
Jane teaches Bing how to make snickerdoodles.

Owing and Seeing Part 1, Part 2 by Kyrie-Anne
Everything Lizzie needs to fall in love with William Darcy is right there in her videos. A post-Pemberley story.

Hypotheticals by Esme_Green
A LBD-remix of a Margaret Atwood short story. Some happy endings, some not so much. Warnings for character death. 

All That Changes is Only Everything by FairyTiger
Say what you will about their communication styles, but they are fluent in body language. Pemberley arc, or five times Lizzie Bennet tried to woo William Darcy.

This City is for Strangers, Like the Sky is for the Stars by Sparklylulz
Or, four times Lizzie notices Darcy’s hands.

Get Loved, Make More by AllThingsHoly
Lydia’s tried to get better at putting words to the things she’s feeling, at dropping all the adorbs and actually saying stuff sometimes, but it’s so big, what Gigi’s telling her, and Lydia doesn’t want to screw it up with, “Sorry that your mom’s dead.” It would be different, maybe, if Gigi was just Darcy’s sister or just a friend of Lizzie’s, but she’s not, not exactly. She’s Lydia’s friend too now, like really, and so Lydia rearranges the carrots into nothing and tries to think of something to say.