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That moment when you’ve watched so many shows that you start seeing the same actor in a few of them and remember exactly each and every character of his :

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Yeah, none of us on Tumblr do this.

Petition for podcast AI support group, only instead of church basements and healing circles it’s more like Sunday afternoon with Wine Mums; resentful of their past selves, wondering where they went wrong (“was it violating/trying to violate Asimov’s laws? everyone knows those are dumb”) drier and filled with more bitterness than a bathtub of Cabernet Sauvignon…. like please…… .

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My dash has been so dead lately; I need new blogs to follow. So if you’re in any of the following fandoms then feel free to reblog this; I will be following everyone ❤️

- Gilmore girls

- Scream

- Pll

- Switched At Birth

- Doctor Who

- The Fosters

- Dance Moms

- Younger

- Once Upon a time

- Jane the virgin

- Scream Queens

- bobs burgers

- Teen wolf

- Vampire diaries

- Gossip girl

- One Tree hill

- 90210

- Supernatural


- Crazy Ex girlfriend

Making friends

Hey my name is Nabeela and I’m 17 years old.I’m trying to be more social and get out of my depression and the only way to do that is with other people. If anyone wants to talk about the following tags or just anything.