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r0b0ts-d0nt-have-feel1ngs  asked:

How about some Christian Mythos. What would you call the Tree that bore fruit that possessed the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the one God said "don't eat this stuff, I forbid it." Conversely, you can also do the Tree of Life, who's fruit gave immortality if regularly consumed.

Trees… Nice.

Since the first tree relates to knowledge, I would give it the Light aspect. At first I was against it, as Light seems to come in hand with facts and an urge to be good, while the tree has knowledge about good and bad. However, Light players in Homestuck are totally ok with doing bad things sometimes, even if they think they’re right at the time, so the Light aspect makes sense. 

Though a Rogue of Void would make more sense, as it steals a lack of knowledge from other people to benefit them. But considering God, (who is probably a person that should be listened to?) doesn’t want people to eat it, it would be a Thief of Void, as no one probably benefits.

For the Tree of Life, I’m assuming it would have the Life aspect as it’s in its name, and also helps extend people’s lives, as two Life players in Homestuck had the potential to have the longest lifespans. Since it tries to assist others through eternal life, I would give it the classpect  Maid of Life.

“how do i look~”

I decided to draw Roxy’s trollsona, based on the adorable drawing Jane doodled of her! I’m slightly surprised that there isn’t tons of art on it already, but I decided to jump on the quite nonexistent bandwagon and draw this!


[Isn’t it ironic that the characters in Thor: The Dark World go out of their way so many times to show that Loki is despicable or say that he cannot be trusted, but he is then trusted with an integral part in the plan on Svartalfheim?

Odin chains him like a war dog, full with collar, ankle cuffs, and leashes. Thor makes a point of telling Frigga in a deleted scene that Thor’s actions and Loki’s are “hardly equal.” (i.e. Loki’s actions were much worse than Thor’s were). The Warriors 4 roll their eyes, sigh, and say that Loki will betray Thor when Thor suggests using Loki for the escape from Asgard. Thor himself three times professes that he does not trust Loki (”I don’t. Mother did.”, “I wish I could trust you.”, “Would you?”). The Warriors 4 take the time during their tense and illegal escape from Asgard to threaten Loki’s life (though only two of them actually threaten his life, I shall give them that).  And Thor says, in response to Fandral’s comment that “He [Loki] will betray you.”: “He will try.” 

Though after all of these attempts to make Loki appear untrustworthy, Thor then trusts Loki with pretending to cut off his hand with an illusions, kicking Thor around, pulling/pushing/carrying Jane around to present her to Malekith, taking off the illusion at the appropriate time, and bodily protecting Jane throughout the battle. Loki then saves Jane form the Void bomb and almost dies himself and then saves Thor from Kurses (or at least, saves him a continual beating).

And this is the guy that all of Asgard’s heroes now think is despicable, untrustworthy, and only worthy of being imprisoned.