jane void


my submission for the welovefine contest. please vote for me!

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate

My dudes ill do more panel kidswap edits tomorrow when i come home from school, as of right now i have to do:

Dave Lalonde (Assuming Roseways?)

Jakey Harley

Jake Egbert and John English  (I accidentally deleted this ask so I’ll upload the pics by themselves)

Jane Strider (Daveways)

Dirk English 

Dirk Lalnode (Assuming Roxyways?) 

Jane Lalonde (Maid of Void/Roxyways) 

I’ll have them all done tomorrow or at least the next day, it’s 12:55AM right now and I won’t be able to work on them until 5:00PM EST, so please be patient! You can still request more, but those will come even later, keep that in mind! 

Thank you!!

“how do i look~”

I decided to draw Roxy’s trollsona, based on the adorable drawing Jane doodled of her! I’m slightly surprised that there isn’t tons of art on it already, but I decided to jump on the quite nonexistent bandwagon and draw this!