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TG: hello im back with more bloodbent kidswitched edition

TG: okay so remember this post
TG: im back with more and its the alpha kids this time WHOS READY TO RUMBLE
TG: again theres more under the cut so if you want to read my ramblings then go ahead and click that link right there

TG: AHEM welcome to daves exessive bloodswap addiction (DEBA) part two alpha version
TG: i hope you enjoy just as much as the last one
TG: hopefully you enjoyed the last one

TG: shes my homegirl okay shes all over the place
TG: ladies and gentlemen this is jane english and she has no chill whatsoever
TG: uh shes a lot like jake obviously she loves to adventure and she loves being outside and the like
TG: shes a juge sports nut actually like even though she was raised by herself she like bumped a volleyball around and shot hoops and slammed the occasional resident lusus at a game of soccer
TG: or football idk what you people call it
TG: the one where you kick the sphere into the net with your feet she played that a lot
TG: um shes also a bit of a survivalist junkie like shes one of those people that fantasizes about the zombie apocalypse and she does that solely because she knows shed kick everyones ass
TG: jane english could kick everyones ass in a heartbeat
TG: she watches a lot of tv shows and shit her good pal ro stri sent her a bunch of cable stuff and she figured it out and now she can watch parks and recreation in peace
TG: also she holds her pistols like death the kid because ro stri also may have sent her a shit ton of anime to watch uhh
TG: shes the maid of hope and her chumhandle is guaranteedGlobetrotter cause her main goal in life is to travel the world 
TG: she talks like regular with capital letters and correct grammar
TG: the only differences are she uses like double the old timey slang and she doesnt know what the fuck a comma is
TG: her guardian is her grandpa and her land is the land of crypts and xenon and her moon is prospit and she lives in the middle of the pacific ocean just like john
TG: she gets jeered by calliope mostly

TG: this hip chick is ROXY STRIDER and im not gonna lie id kill for that hair
TG: so shes dirk with a lot less self hating shes the shit and she knows shes the shit
TG: what makes her cool though is that she doesnt rub it in everyones faces that shes the shit
TG: shes that kinda cool kid yknow confident but humble about it
TG: shes the kind of person who uses her cool vibes to get kids in fifth grade not to do drugs
TG: shes kinda like the human version of those hilariously outdated rad skater people on those anti drugs posters that are everywhere in high schools and shit yknow except she makes it work really really fuckin well
TG: the only problem is shes also the kind of person who would like cover it up a bit because she wants the whole mysterious kinda vibe going on yknow
TG: wait speaking of skaters she definitely knows how to skate thats like one of her favorite pastimes
TG: of course its really hard to do considering she lives in the middle of a barren desert but yknow thats okay
TG: she got really crafty at like a really young age she knows how to make all kinds of shit like she can do pottery and she can carve things and she can sculpt and she can build machines shes got it all down
TG: her favorite is machines though she loves robots
TG: sometimes she combines robots with some bullshit chemistry science shit she pretends to know and makes her robots be alive
TG: theyre usually cat robots
TG: also she really loves anime thats a given for any kind of strider
TG: shes the rogue of heart her chumhandle is telltaleGogetter and the only form of grammar she ever uses is she capitalizes the beginning of her sentences thats literally it
TG: her guardian is her sis and her land is the land of pyramids and krypton and her moon is derse and she lives in the middle of the desert which used to be las vegas nevada
TG: and just like jane she usually gets jeered by calliope 

TG: so dirk crocker is actually a bit of a downer but thats okay hes still good and cool in our hearts
TG: hes obviously good at baking being the heir of the betty crocker company
TG: he was kind of forced into that role though hes like really really meh on inheriting the whole place
TG: honestly if it was his idea hed rather be programming and starting some kind of computer software company
TG: he likes technology way more than baking but he focuses on that instead because he doesnt want to be like a disappointment or anything yknow
TG: so tech stuffs kinda gotta be a side hobby to him
TG: hes a bigger pessimist than most of his friends like hes harsh on himself all the time and he gets frustrated easily
TG: a lot of the time he gets like really worked up in social situations so he has to like go back to his room to cool off
TG: he spends a lot of time in his room
TG: oh another thing he likes to do uh he likes one sport and one sport only and that is fencing
TG: hes really good with those swords the sabers thats like literally what he uses to kill stuff in sburb
TG: hes got that french sword and hell fuck you up
TG: his chumhandle is titaniumTimebomb and he talks like regular dirk with the correct grammar and all
TG: what he doesnt do is use apostraphes no one needs those
TG: its definitely cause his apostraphe key is always sticky as fuck so its either no apostraphes or like sixteen apostraphes for him theres no in between
TG: everything else is the same
TG: uhhhhh hes the prince of life his guardian is his dad and his land is the land of tombs and helium and his moon is prospit and he lives in grand forks north dakota
TG: and he gets cheered by caliborn sometimes theyre bros

TG: uh i hate to pick favorites but hes my favorite one
TG: anyway jake lalonde is the zestiest motherfucker youll every meet in your entire life like he is the definition of the word lit
TG: hes also super snarky like i know rose and roxy are some hip as hell people who are probably really good at rapping but if were all gonna be honest here jake would beat them both in a heartbeat
TG: his brain up there is going super fast all the time
TG: the problem is he has no idea what to do with it
TG: he doesnt really know what kind of person he wants to be
TG: does he want to be cheery and friendly? does he want to be snarky and sassy? what exactly is he interested in? what does he want to do with his life? who does he want to be??? he has like no clue how to answer literally any of those questions
TG: the best things hes described himself as is a jack of all trades and he fits it too
TG: he can knit he can write he can rap he can do science he can take care of animals really well
TG: oh god he loves animals he doesnt care what they are he loves them
TG: one thing hes certain of though is that he really likes coding and sometimes he hacks into other peoples shit and dicks around with them
TG: his specialty is miniviruses that he calls glitchcodes
TG: thats what his chumhandle is based off actually his handle is glitchcodedTrickery and he talks like half tumblrite half old timey grandpa like one of his quotes is literally “gad-fuckin-zooks m8″
TG: hes the page of void and his land is the land of mounds and neon 
TG: his guardian is his mom and his moon is derse
TG: he lives in the flooded remains of dover vermont and hes cheered by caliborn all the time theyre best friends
TG: uh yeah that was part two to my bloodbent thing 
TG: next up are the alpha trolls
TG: im so excited
TG: i might split them up into threes because if i type out twelve things in one fuckin post then thats super extra
TG: im gonna go lowbloods midbloods highbloods so BE READY

what your fav homestuck character in 2017 says about you: The Kids
  • John: you just love this soft windy boy!! you super dig his aesthetics of blue and wind and flying and oh look you just drew a picture of him kissin some boys. "a pure, splendid boy indeed", you note as you draw john slam dunking dirk into a trash can as a prank
  • Rose: you are gay. you understand the true nature of rose as NOT a prim and proper lady but a pretentious messy goth lesbian who just likes to stay up at 4 am eating coffee beans and critiquing the homoerotic nature of literary works behind an Arby's or something. you love her and you love her twelve million girlfriends like kanaya, jade, vriska, terezi... the list goes on and on. you love her.
  • Dave: you really sympathize with his triumph over abuse and you constantly reblog davekat like your life depended on it. you understand that dave is the most developed character in the comic and you own a pair of mirror shades just to subconsciously remind yourself. have I mentioned how much davekat you reblog and draw and write? davekat is canon guys and your soft asshole boy got the boyfriend of his dreams. here's another comic of him in his underwear watching movies with karkat.
  • Jade: you SUPER DIG her aesthetic. JEEZE she is GOALS. you own at least 500 different pictures of jade holding the five planets on your phone and you love how she is both smart and capable of standing on her own. furries are a-ok and you like making dog jokes with jade. what a precious daughter. being part-dog was the greatest thing that could happen to her. also, you really think she got shafted in the ending and regularly post jade in many cute outfits to fill the void.
  • Jane: you draw her with bright red lipstick and a diner aesthetic. you are kin with jane and primarily ship janeroxycallie (or as I like to call it CottonCallie). you're kinda quiet about your love for her and don't post a whole lot. if someone else made a post for her, you'd be there giving your support and throwing in your own opinions.
  • Roxy: GOOD WIFE GOOD WIFE WIFE MATERIAL HOLY WOW NO WAY WOWZA GOOD WIFE. you are absolutely in love with her and everything she does. you get mad when people draw her with a drink because Hey, my beautiful wife worked her BUTT off to get past that and??? she did it??? wow. she's strong, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's sassy, she's funny. Wow. you draw her gaming, you draw her making jokes, you draw her in different aesthetics, you draw her doing void things, honestly who cares as long as you're drawing her. you might not be into johnroxy but ROXYCALLIE HOLY SHIT MAN. I cannot stress enough how much you love her.
  • Dirk: you can't help but love this trainwreck of a man. he's so problematic but that's why you love him! you regularly upload dirkjohn comics involving his wacky manime antics. everything you draw with dirk is gay or is him doing something ridiculously over the top but that's just the way you like it. sometimes you'll do character analysis posts that really delve into his subconscious and then accidentally attract 30 haters to your blog. you like how he cronches into an orange with the skin on and are CONSTANTLY shitposting.
  • Jake: you and twelve other guys are in the same small cult for this goofy boy's butt. you know just about everyone on this site that loves him. you would die for this man. everything he does makes you smile. you make analysis posts all the time about how he is WAY smarter than he lets on and is an ingenious manipulator but not in the Bad Way. you appreciate him way more than just guns, skulls, and movies. you draw him with very fluffy hair and have four askblogs for him. people will say you have bad taste and you will agree but continue to love him. every one out three comics is about dirk.

I’ve started drawing people for practise and it would be nice if someone could make a suggestion who I should draw next (only real people so I can take a photo for reference)

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate

[Isn’t it ironic that the characters in Thor: The Dark World go out of their way so many times to show that Loki is despicable or say that he cannot be trusted, but he is then trusted with an integral part in the plan on Svartalfheim?

Odin chains him like a war dog, full with collar, ankle cuffs, and leashes. Thor makes a point of telling Frigga in a deleted scene that Thor’s actions and Loki’s are “hardly equal.” (i.e. Loki’s actions were much worse than Thor’s were). The Warriors 4 roll their eyes, sigh, and say that Loki will betray Thor when Thor suggests using Loki for the escape from Asgard. Thor himself three times professes that he does not trust Loki (”I don’t. Mother did.”, “I wish I could trust you.”, “Would you?”). The Warriors 4 take the time during their tense and illegal escape from Asgard to threaten Loki’s life (though only two of them actually threaten his life, I shall give them that).  And Thor says, in response to Fandral’s comment that “He [Loki] will betray you.”: “He will try.” 

Though after all of these attempts to make Loki appear untrustworthy, Thor then trusts Loki with pretending to cut off his hand with an illusions, kicking Thor around, pulling/pushing/carrying Jane around to present her to Malekith, taking off the illusion at the appropriate time, and bodily protecting Jane throughout the battle. Loki then saves Jane form the Void bomb and almost dies himself and then saves Thor from Kurses (or at least, saves him a continual beating).

And this is the guy that all of Asgard’s heroes now think is despicable, untrustworthy, and only worthy of being imprisoned.