jane the cubone

((Oh Jeez! RP Time!))

Jane pulls her head back and smirks “Wanna find out that badly huh?” She brings her head forward and hits a large rock next to Sables. As her head connects with the rock it crumbles into pebbles. She rose her head to reveal no crack or scar.

The gray Sableye stood there, dumbfounded by the shattered rock behind Jane. He attempted to speak, but all that came out were random grunts of surprise. When finally regaining his composure, he stated, “Okay, wheh, I’ll admit it; that was pretty amazing, kheh!”

He gazed back to the scattered pebbles, still extremely shocked by the power of her skull. An idea started shaping into his head, and his smile grew wider.

“So, that strong, huh? I wonder if it would be alright if you went on a treasure hunt with me, kheh? I’m sure you’d be useful for breaking the stone around the rocks to find some precious stones, kheheh…”