jane snyder

Better storylines than that incredibly fake episode of Jane the Virgin

- Michael passes his exams and becomes a lawyer, defends Rafael and finds his birth parents
- Michael and Petra become superheroes and start chasing down sin rostro
- Michael comes to terms with Jane also dating Petra as well as being married to him but he’s totally ok with it
- Michael and Rafael argue about who gets to drive mateo to baseball practice (when he’s older) but instead they work it out and create their own league
- Michael passes his exams and starts working at airports trying to counteract the ban
- Michael has to help Luisa find a more suitable relationship (again)
- Jane and Michael have a second baby
- They have to plan a big catholic christening it’s very stressful
- Michael helps Jane publish her novel (it’s dedicated to him, mateo, xo, alba and rogelio)
- Jane and Michael live happily ever after and both die of natural causes

Tom Hiddleston and his US Open 2011 hat, which he is still wearing in 2016. 

Backstory: Tom attended the US Open in 2011 with Susannah Fielding and his nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. (Djokovic won if anyone was interested) 

Ok but Jennie Urman can come fight me cause if anyone has earned their happy ending it’s Petra.

She is one of the most tragic characters on the show with a background that includes but is not limited to:
-a father who died before she ever met him
-an abusive and controlling mother
-an ex who tried to attack her and later forced her to marry him
-an ex who kidnapped her
-a late term miscarriage as well other implied fertility issues
-a long lost twin sister who at first petrified her and took her place and has now held her up at gunpoint (at the least)

And yeah she did a lot of shady shit but the show makes sure we understand why she did it all and clearly the show and everyone involved has long forgiven her so it’s time to move on.

And she still has grown so much!!!
-she and Rafael have grown into peaceful co-parents/hotel owners
-she’s a kickass mom with two adorable daughters
-her and Jane have made amends and have become friends
-she is now the protector instead of the destroyer
-she stared as trophy wife and is now in charge of her own business like #goals

Anyway she did not deserve anything that happened tonight and deserves so much better and honestly I feel Jennie is gonna continue to give Petra the shaft which sucks!

I know that what happened to michael is proof the white cishet man can die too. But, although he wasn’t perfect, michael was everything the white love interest should be? He cared deeply about Jane’s background (those spanish vows were the most romantic thing ever said in a tv wedding). He used his privilege to help her family (he stopped abuela being deported like 3 times). When he was called out he changed his behaviour (remember in chapter two/three when michael said he was “glad to be the male presence in house meetings” and jane said “that’s not going to go well in our meetings” and Michael was just like “I’m glad to be invited???”). And how even though he behaved appallingly when he first found out jane was pregnant by the end he considered mateo his own son (he and jane always talked about having “another kid” cos they already had mateo???). Overall michael was just a great guy and I wish more cishet white male love interests were as good as him.


This is almost surreal to watch… Lorne Michaels & the original cast of SNL on Tom Snyder in 1975 a couple of weeks before the show debuted.