jane roberts

“Now, happiness comes from feeling within yourself the wonder and the joy that is within yourself, and there is no other way in any world of experiencing happiness.

You cannot expect a lover to give it to you, you cannot expect a child to give it to you, you cannot expect events to give it to you.

It is yours by right if you claim it, and if you do not claim it, or if you turn your back upon it, then it seems to you that you must look for it in others or that others are always happier than you are.

Now, and all of you know what I am going to say, the tiniest cell within your tiniest toe is happy. Feel its happiness. Feel the vitality that is your self as it always pervades your being. It is within you now, keeping you alive and sitting there so pert and pretty, so acknowledge it and listen and feel within yourself for that life energy that is always within you.

Look at a leaf or at a teaspoon or at one of your children or simply at a shadow and feel the miraculous uniqueness of what you see, and the miracle of the eyes that allow you to see it and the power of the brain that is able to make these connections, and then the happiness rides up through your being and you wonder how it was that you did not see it before.

But money will not make you happy, and alone, love from another will not make you happy.

But love of yourself will, and it will lead to happiness for yourself and for others.”

—  Seth
When you feel the rise of unpleasant emotions, take a moment and make an effort to identify their source. The answers are far more available than you may have previously believed. Accept such feelings as your own in the moment. Do not shove them underneath, ignore them or try to substitute what you think of as good thoughts.
—  Jane Roberts

Parallel with the belief that vision will fail, you may have the before-mentioned belief that hearing will dim, ad these two ideas may be reinforced by a belief that age automatically makes you less a person, turning you into an individual who can no longer relate in the daily pattern of environment. The belief, you see, would work to insure the materialization of that state.

On the other hand, you may believe that wisdom grows with age, that self understanding brings a peace of mind not earlier known, that the keen mind is actually far better able to assess the environment and that the physical senses are much more appreciative of all stimuli.

And so those conditions will be physically met in your experience. THe physical apparatus itself, following your beliefs, will continue in health.

You must understand, again, that your ideas and thoughts do not exist as phantoms or shadow images without substance. They are electromagnetic realities. They affect your physical being and they are automatically translated by your nervous system into the stuff of your flesh and of your experience.



“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” (Aristotle)

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