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I just realised I am my own ideal girlfriend just ugly 😂😑

Like I want someone who likes all the same stuff as me so just me in another body

The Bold Type S2 Renewal Discussion

Okay guys, I’m not saying that I know anything about how likely it TRULY is that The Bold Type will be renewed for a second season. Everyone is saying that it is currently the lowest-rated show on Freeform. Which is true. HOWEVER– Famous in Love (another freeform show) just got renewed for a second season. In episode order, here are the number of viewers (in millions) for that show:

.65 - .39 - .30 - .28  - .21  - .26 - .29 - .33 - .36 - .23

The overall ratings are being positively skewed by a big audience for the first episode. After that, viewers drop off like crazy.

Now, here are the ratings for the first six episodes of The Bold Type:

Preview .24 - Premiere .36 - .30 - .28 - .36 - .35 - .34

Truth be told, the real premiere of Episode 1 likely would have had a fair amount more viewers if there hadn’t been a preview of it prior to the official air date. After that, not including the “preview”, the amount of viewers only dips below .30 ONCE, while Famous in Love falls below the .30 mark several times, even sinking as low as .21! Granted, we can only go off the first half of the season in regards to The Bold Type, but if the numbers stay where they’re at, I think there is a fair chance that it could be renewed.

Additionally, it was just announced a week ago that Famous in Love was renewed, even though episode 10 (the finale) of their first season aired on June 13th. That is nearly two months after the finale aired. Therefore, we may not know until September or October whether or not our beautiful, diverse show will be renewed.

That being said, we CANNOT stop having a huge social media presence (let’s make Kat proud) and watching legally (if possible) each and every week. Record it on your DVR if you have one even though you’re going to watch it live. If you have the means, just play an episode and mute it while you do other things just so that it gets another view on Hulu or freeform. Rate it on IMDb. Every little bit helps! Let’s do this, fellow bold types!

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Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin at Cannes Film Festival, France, May 15, 1974.

I actually pity those who can’t appreciate amazing girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix lol. Or those who like only one or the other and try to pit them against one another. Sad. I thought women were suppose to support and love one another 🙂