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Update on my Clexa Fanfic: Next week will be online in AO3 Chapter I

Name: “FROZEN”

Main Roles:

Clarke Griffin - American, 24 years old, midle class, Medical resident in a Hospital in Chicago & bar night waitress in a 5 stars hotel in the same city.

Alexandria Nathalie Woods / Lexa Woods - Australian, 25 years old, Multibillionare CEO of WoodsTech Inc., one of the biggest most successful Companies worldwide

Place: Chicago, USA

Storyline: Lexa is a very succesful business young woman, with a brilliant mind and a frozen heart, incapable of feeling love beacuse she have learned that is weakness, until one night crossed her way a very incompetente, but for some reason a very interesting waitress called Clarke, in the bar of the luxury hotel where she stays.