jane po

that day was so sunny and warm, and i was so nervous as i tapped the “accept call” button, and soon enough your smiling face popped up. As always, i was awkward as we called, you ended up speaking Dutch, me not understanding a word but loving the sound of your voice nonetheless. As we talked I remembered our conversation from earlier and how we were talking about my favourite Panic! At The Disco album, Pretty. Odd. and what our least favourite songs were from it.

I picked up my iPod and turned on Pretty. Odd, and we continued chatting for a while, and then it happened. It came on. The song you had told me was your least favourite, surprisingly my favourite, Folkin’ Around. I remember how your face looked once you recognised the song, your eyes narrowing at me as I sang along. You complained in depth afterwards, claiming it to be “The Worst Song On That Album”, I still listen to it and smile though. 

I don’t really know why I’m writing this. But I do know that’s one of my favourite memories.