jane mcguinness


MCM Scotland: Comic Village haul!
I totally wish I had more money… There was so much I didn’t get that I really wanted too!
I got ‘New York New York’, a pocket mirror and some stickers from the fantastic Sarah Graley.
Checked out some work from Neil Slorance (unfortunately by the time I got to his table all I could afford were his badges :( but he had some cool looking comics too).
‘The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry’ adapted by Jane McGuinness is just beautiful! Not just the illustrations but the book is hand bound and just feels great (love the feel of good paper!).
‘Paper Science’ issue 5 Music Special. Purchased from creator of ‘Filmish’ Edward Ross. Again wish I had had more money to buy one of his comics (Gah!) but I will just have to pick one up online when I get paid :) It’s printed as a newspaper and all the pages are full colour and BIG! It’s a fun format. Plus it’s full of a mix of awesome artists! Kristyna Baczynski, Philippa Rice, Josceline Fenton and loads more!

People that read this, you should totally go check these creators out! Do it!