jane marple

~ Pirate Captain Coordinate for Saturday Katsu-Con 2014 ~

Come see me at my Lolita Make-Up: A Comprehensive Guide Panel on Friday, Feb 14th, 2:45pm - 4:30pm, Room 203, Katsu-Con 2014!

I’ll be going over everything you’d ever need to know about lolita make-up, boystyle make-up, doing a full face demo and giving away a Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette to one lucky winner :D! 


Something a little Jane Marple-inspired without the big price tag.

OP: Innocent World - $40 from a lucky pack.

Head bow: Ebay - $2

Necklace: Jane Marple - $35, but simple pendants can easily be bought on the cheap from ebay and op shops.

Waist tie: Taken from one of my Jane Marple dresses. It’s really just a length of velvet ribbon with some end caps so it’s easy enough to D.I.Y.

Socks: Jane Marple - $30, but similar pairs can be found from plenty of other brand and off-brand sources.

Shoes: Rule London -$65 on sale (these are actually leather, so I hope they’ll last me longer than cheap pleather ones)

Bag: Second hand from the opshop - $5