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isn't it funny though, because if it was a woman and he said she ''looked good'' or was pretty people aka hets would freak out and say he was hitting on her but now that it's a gut they're all just gonna be like ''aw he's joking''

Okay ahahah i sort of struggled with how to respond to this.

Like, i agree with the second part of your premise about how people think he is just joking and don’t read into it. I mean, to me, he is joking.  He’s teasing, that’s what makes it so charming.  The stuff Harry does in general where he calls men handsome always kind of reminds me of what Dave Holmes, who used to be an MTV VJ, said about hinting about being into guys on TV when he wasn’t out publicly.  so I went and looked it up:

I was openly gay at MTV, but on the air, I wasn’t out.  I played with it a little by making a point of mentioning how hot I found Justin Timberlake on the occasions when I hosted TRL, for example.  But nobody thought anything of it, because finding Justin Timberlake hot was one of those things we were beginning to do together as a culture.

I get what you’re saying there being a difference in the way it would be interpreted by most people if he made a similar comment about a woman, but I also think it’s a dicey idea for a man to compliment a woman in that way in the first place.  Like, I don’t want Harry offering women unsolicited feedback on their appearance in any situation, beyond like an “oh, well, you look nice today!” level thing.  And in that case, to me, it wouldn’t have any kind of sexual tinge to it, anyway.  Like, thinking about it now, I think if he’d been interviewed by Jane Pauley instead of Tony Dokoupil and made the same joke about the dating and her being beautiful, I probably would have felt similarly charmed because I don’t think he would ever be sleazy about it.  

I just don’t really care all that much what people who think Harry is straight are using to convince themselves of it.  So, if he had made that joke about Jane Pauley and people were thinking SEE HE DOES LIKE THE LADIES I would be like… okay.  Ahahah. 

I feel like you have to ignore a lot of signalling to come to the conclusion that he is straight at this point, but i don’t personally have aggressive, angry feelings toward people who think he is. Unless they are defending his straightness and making it seem ridiculous or bad that people think he’s not straight, then it makes me feel sad and disappointed.  There is nothing wrong with thinking Harry is gay.  There’s also nothing wrong with women fantasizing about famous men they have crushes on.    

A few thoughts on the season premiere:

I really liked the overall feel of the episode, if that makes sense - it felt like a return to s1. Mateos one-liners and Latina lover narrator were definitely the highlights.

I loved how open Jane was with her family about her feelings for Rafael. No one flat out disapproved of her feelings and encouraged her to talk to him instead. And Alba saying she’d talk to Rafael if Jane didn’t tell her what they talked about! I can’t wait for Alba and Rafael scenes, and for her to want Rafael for Jane because of the person he is, not for his looks or because he’s the father.

I liked Adam more than I thought I would. I love meant to bes and “destiny”, so the moment he said “I guess we found our way back to each other” I was so down. I like him so far, and think I’ll enjoy his relationship with Jane for however long it lasts. That said, it does feel like his introduction was rewriting/retcon-ing parts of the story.

I understand both sides of Jane and Rafael’s argument. They both have very valid points and I don’t think it’s the end for jafael at all.

I like that the roles are reversed between Jane and Rafael. And that he didn’t go right back to her the moment she had romantic feelings for him. I want Jane to be completely sure before she goes for him this time, and I respect that Rafael didn’t go back on what he feels for Petra because Jane is unsure.


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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okay so you know how stranger things and parks and rec are both set in indiana,,well I’m convinced that everyone from hawkins visited pawnee to go to the harvest festival in 1983