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PaleyFest LA: Glee Farewell (Full Panel)

If you are attracted to middle aged actresses, middle aged female characters or middled aged women in general and  think it’s ok, like or reblog this. 

I want to prove a point to myself. 

The first gay bar I ever went to was the Cubbyhole when it was on Hudson Street in the West Village. It would have been around 1984, which made me 23-ish and I was fresh out of graduate school. I looked very straight and very Midwestern cornfed. I walked around the block before I got the nerve to go in because the lady bouncers looked so fearsome and eyed me suspiciously.

When I finally tried to walk in, the door lady stopped me and asked: “Do you know where you are? This is a lesbian bar.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said nonchalantly, as if I’d been walking into dyke bars since the beginning of time.