jane labowitch


Etch A Sketch Paintings

Etch A Sketch artist Jane Labowitch takes Etch A Sketch to a new level. Twisting and turning the two plastic knobs, she’s recreating classical paintings from artists such has George Seurat, Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh. It’s amazing the detail she’s able to achieve with such a simple device. 


This summer I had a really cool opportunity to make a logo for my best friend Jesse’s freerunning team. I’ve been really wanting to get into logo design. I love using illustrator and I want to start doing more logo work with it. This was a great start to what I hope is going to be a separate portfolio dedicated solely to logo design.

It was really cool seeing this project through to completion. The design is now on shirts (as seen in the images), and some of the team members liked my logo so much they made fan art of it! I never thought my art would be made on minecraft! :)