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Would I rather not have been adopted? I don’t know. The question demands that I calculate unquantifiables. How can I weigh the loss of my language and my culture against the freedom that America has to offer, the opportunity to have the same rights as a man? How can a person exiled as a child, without a choice, possibly fathom how he would have ‘turned out’ had he stayed in Korea? How many educational opportunities must I mark on my tally sheet before I can say it was worth losing my mother? How can and adoptee weigh her terrible loss against the burden of gratitude she feels for her adoptive country and parents?
—  Jane Jeong Trenka, The Language of Blood

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In a nutshell, what I am doing with the NUMBERS (that don’t lie) and the abandonments: There is no statistically significant difference in the number of abandonments in the babybox that happened before the Special Adoption Law was implemented and directly afterwards. However, there is a statistically significant difference starting in January 2013 and then onwards, when Bae Jae-hyun introduced the “Cosette Law” and the media reported on the babybox constantly. In addition, there is no statistically significant difference at all in the before, after, and January onward stages in abandonments throughout the rest of the country. We only see this statistically significant increase at the babybox, meaning just like in the rest of the world, the babybox attracts and encourages abandonments. I have calculated this with a 95% confidence interval. In addition, we can see a correlation with a 95% confidence interval between the rate of abandonments in the box and the number of news stories that go out in the media. I did a regression analysis. Finally, just as in the rest of the world, we see that in Korea, the babybox does not do anything to prevent infanticide. There will be a limited number of crazy people who kill their children every year, unfortunately. Truth bomb! 진실의 폭탄! 

My work has been supervised by my awesome professor at Seoul National University who is a quantitative analysis guy. I will share this publicly when it is published. 

Personally I think Lee Jong-rak, who is probably good-hearted and trying to do the right thing with his babybox, is being used by the adoption people as a smokescreen as they struggle to stay employed in the adoption business. They certainly did not give a crap about him or child abandonment in 2009, when he made the box and when the agencies were still sending children out for adoption without birth registration.

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