jane is always awesome


Pride and Prejudice Meme: Favorite secondary character
↳  Charlotte Lucas

Personal headcanon: Fenway Park (now Diamond City) still has a working Flexcam.

I commissioned the ever wonderful and talented @janearts to draw Cait for me and for all the lovely, talented and awesome strong friends and fabulous people of my aquaintance.

Including but not limited to:

@cyborgsurprise, @nukamelon, @solas-you-nerd, @synthgorillas, @black-rose4, @trashofthewasteland, @venatohru, @chupacabramustdie @vaultfox @fusrodie @wardenkader @teklacat @missriver

(and to anyone else of my aquaintance who loves Fallout and Cait!)

Thankyou Jane, for being awesome as always! I mean look at Cait’s face *heart eyes*