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This is Barack Obama in his basket team


Arnold Schwarzenegger discovering New York for the first time

Filming the roaring lion for Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin 

Les Beatles and Muhammad Ali

 Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

 Marilyn Monroe meeting Elisabeth II

Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane

Steven Spielberg in his mecanic shark for the movie “Jaws”

Robin Williams as a cheerleader

Behind the scene of Star Wars


Actors Vs. Historic People They Played

  1. Eddie Redmayne And Felicity Jones As Stephen Hawking And His Wife Jane Wilde In The Theory Of Everything (2014) 
  2. Jamie Foxx As Ray Charles In Ray (2004) 
  3. Salma Hayek As Frida Kahlo In Frida (2002) 
  4. Hellen Mirren As HM Queen Elizabeth II In The Queen (2007) 
  5. Gary Oldman As Ludwig Van Beethoven In Immortal Beloved (1994) 
  6. Cate Blanchett As Bob Dylan In I’m Not There (2007) 
  7. Halle Berry As Dorothy Dandridge In Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (2000) 
  8. Jason Segel As David Foster Wallace In The End Of The Tour (2015) 
  9. Denzel Washington As Malcolm X In Malcolm X (1992) 
  10. Sean Penn As Harvey Milk In Milk (2008) 

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Wenner and his wife, Jane, wanted to show Ono and Lennon around the city. Let It Be, which chronicles the band’s contentious studio sessions in 1969, was playing at a theater. Somehow, none of the four had seen it. “The ticket taker did a double take,” says Jane. “When Paul sang ‘Let It Be,’ John began to cry, and then Yoko started to cry. Pretty soon we were all crying. They were just so raw from the primal-scream therapy.”
Shelter from Your Storm (Part 24)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10| Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23)

So no, I’m not dead, and this fic has not been abandoned. Life has been a little crazy lately. And to be totally honest, married-but-separated canon Jeller was kind of messing with my married-but-oblivious fanfic Jeller, and it took me longer than I expected to get back into the headspace of this story.

Thanks for still being here!

Also, here you go, @kate-dammit-run and @zumbagirl8302. Please include chocolate with future nagging for faster response. ::blows kisses at you both::

Jane shifted in the chair beside Roman’s bed. It was more comfortable than the one she’d spent three hours on in the waiting room, but she still couldn’t manage to relax.

“You gonna talk about it, or just sit there and sigh all night?” Roman cracked one eye open.

“I can go. You should rest.” She put her hands on the arms of the chair, preparing to stand.

“I’m kidding.” He opened both eyes to peer at her. “How’s your head? Sure you don’t want to check in? They’ll give you the good stuff.”

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In an unmoored life like mine, sleep and hunger and work arrange themselves to suit themselves, without consulting me. I’m just as glad they haven’t consulted me about the tiresome details. What they have worked out is this: I awake at 5:30, work until 8:00, eat breakfast at home, work until 10:00, walk a few blocks into town, do errands, go to the nearby municipal swimming pool, which I have all to myself, and swim for half an hour, return home at 11:45, read the mail, eat lunch at noon. In the afternoon I do schoolwork, either teach of prepare. When I get home from school at about 5:30, I numb my twanging intellect with several belts of Scotch and water ($5.00/fifth at the State Liquor store, the only liquor store in town. There are loads of bars, though.), cook supper, read and listen to jazz (lots of good music on the radio here), slip off to sleep at ten. I do pushups and sit-ups all the time, and feel as though I am getting lean and sinewy, but maybe not. Last night, time and my body decided to take me to the movies. I saw The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which I took very hard. To an unmoored, middle-aged man like myself, it was heart-breaking. That’s all right. I like to have my heart broken
—  Kurt Vonnegut, from a letter to his wife Jane

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Also (I'm aware I was here minutes ago) what are your opinions on president Franklin pierce?

Despite all the tragic things that befell Franklin Pierce, he is seen as one of the worst American Presidents in history and it seems to be for good reason. 

Franklin Pierce’s presidency began in tragedy. Weeks after his election, on January 6th, 1853, the President and his family had been traveling from Boston by train when their car derailed and rolled down an embankment near Andover, Massachusetts. Pierce and his wife Jane survived, but in the wreck found their only remaining son, eleven year old Benjamin was crushed to death and his body was nearly decapitated. Unable to hide the gruesome sight from either him or his wife, they both suffered severe depression afterward, which likely affected contributed to Pierce’s poor performance as president “You have summoned me in my weakness, you must sustain me by your strength.” he said in his Inaugural Address. Jane avoided social functions for much of her first two years as First Lady. 

When he took office, the country was experiencing a great era of economic prosperity and relative tranquility. For the time being, the Compromise of 1850 seemed to have resolved the various sectional conflicts–primarily over slavery–that had been dividing the country. At this point, the fourteen president of the United States was the youngest president to ever be inaugurated. Unlike all presidents before him he was the first to memorize his Oath of Office and the second not to affirm it on a Bible (John Quincy Adams was the first) he did it on a Law Book. He avoided the word “slavery” but alluded to his wish to bring that “important subject” to rest and maintain a peaceful union as threat of Civil War had been looming in the horizon back even in seventh president Andrew Jackson’s two term presidency. 

In his cabinet he attempted to bring figures from all stretches of American humanity. Much like fifth president James Monroe he tried to gather people who represented all parts of America. He decided to allow each of the parties factions some appointments, even those whom had not supported the Compromise of 1850 which was lowering fears. Pierce sought to represent all factions in government and federal positions yet could fully satisfy none of them. Party members found themselves unable to secure positions for their friends, which put the Democratic Party on edge and fueled bitterness between separate factions. Northern newspapers began accusing Pierce of filling his government with pro-slavery secessionists, while southern newspapers accused him of abolitionism. No matter what he did, he seemed to be struck. 

Pierce made mistakes by not communicating with his Vice-President, William R. King, which was not entirely his doing. By the start of their term, King was severely ill with tuberculosis and went out of the country to Cuba to attempt to recuperate. He died at his home a few days after returning one month into the presidency–the office of vice president would stay vacant for the rest of the term and Pierce was left without a second in command. With the death of the president’s only child and the death of his vice president hovering above the splintering partisan, it was not looking very positive. 

It was not that Pierce didn’t care or was unfit for the job. Pierce was up and at-em hoping to create a more efficient government than his recent predecessors. One of Pierce’s reforms was to expand the role of the United State Attorney General in appointing federal judges and attorneys, which was an important step in the eventual development of the Justice Department. On economic policy, Pierce charged his Treasury of Secretary with reforming the treasury department which was being managed unwell and Guthrie increased sight of Treasury employees and tariff collectors, many were withholding money from the government. Despite laws requiring funds to be held in the Treasury, large deposits remained in private banks with the Whig administrations. Guthrie reclaimed these funds and wished to prosecute corrupt officials, but with only mixed success. It was attempting to rid of brooding corruption. 

Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, at Pierce’s request led surveying missions for possibly transcontinental railroad routes, increasing train tracks. Davis employed the Army Corps of Engineers to supervise construction projects in the nation’s capital which included expanded the United States Capitol and the construction of the Washington Monument. 

The Pierce administration fell in line with the expansionist movement, and William L. Marcy lead the charge as Secretary of State. They re-negotiating provisions from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which required the US to prevent Native American raids into Mexico from New Mexico Territory. It was negotiated and a treaty with Mexican President was re-created in December of 1853. It included now southern Arizona and pieces of southern New Mexico. The treaty brought more land. 

Pierce’s presidency brought a new trade agreement with Britain after American fisherman began to feel assaulted by the increasing supervision by the U.K’s navy. The treaty was ratified in August 1854, which was seen as a first step towards the American annexation of Canada. Gaining control of Central America was another goal and the treaty of Clayton–Bulwer from 1850 was failing to keep Great Britain from expanding change. Minister to England Buchanan was not successful in getting the British to renounce their Central American possessions. Three U.S. diplomats in Europe drafted a proposal to the president to purchase Cuba from Spain but the publication of the Ostend Manifesto, drawn up by the Secretary of State, awoke scorn of northerners who saw it as an attempt to annex a slave-holding possession and bolster Southern interests.

Pierce favored reorganization of the military as well. The Secretary of War and the Navy Secretary found the Army and Navy in poor condition, with low forces, and a reluctance to gather new technology, and terrible management. Commodore Matthew C. Perry visited Japan  in an effort to expand trade. Perry signed a trade treaty with the Japanese which was successfully ratified. The 1856 launch of the USS Merrimac, one of six newly commissioned steam ships, was one of Pierce’s “most personally satisfying” days in office.

What Pierce is best known for ans associated with is Kansas–Nebraska Act and it was ultimately his downfall. The bill formally organized Kansas and Nebraska into territories, opening them to settlement and railroad building; it also repealed the ban on slavery in Kansas mandated by the Missouri Compromise in 1820, declaring that the citizens of each territory–not Congress–had the right to choose whether the territory would allow slavery. Pierce was hesitant of the bill, knowing it would result in bitter opposition from the North. He was convinced to support the bill regardless. It was greatly opposed and rallied public disagreement. Northerners remained mainly suspicious of the Pierce administration and what he was accomplishing. The Whigs split and the conflict destroyed them as a national party. The Kansas–Nebraska Act was passed in May 1854. The political turmoil that followed saw the short-term rise of two political parties and the founding of the Republican Party.

The passage of the act startled so much violence between groups that the territory became known as Bleeding Kansas. Free-Staters set up a government, and drafted the Topeka Constitution, which Pierce called an act of rebellion and sent federal troops to break up a meeting of the Topeka government. After the passage of the act coincided with the seizure of escaped slave Anthony Burns in Boston, Northeners were in his support which Pierce was determined to follow the Fugitive Slave Act to the letter, and dispatched federal troops to enforce Burns return.

At the end of his term, Pierce expected to be renominated by the Democrat party. In reality his chances of winning the nomination were slim, let alone re-election. The administration was widely disliked in the North for its position on the Kansas–Nebraska Act, and Democratic leaders were aware of Pierce’s electoral vulnerability. This loss marked the only time in U.S. history that an elected president who was an active candidate for reelection was not nominated for a second term. Pierce endorsed Buchanan, though the two remained distant; he hoped to resolve the Kansas situation by November to improve the Democrats’ chances in the general election. He installed John W. Geary as territorial governor, who got the pro-slavery legislators. Geary was able to restore order in Kansas, though the electoral damage had already been done—Republicans used “Bleeding Kansas”.

In his final message to Congress, delivered in December 1856, he attacked Republicans and abolitionists. He took the opportunity to defend himself on policy, and on achieving peaceful relations with other nations. The final days, Congress passed bills to increase pay of army officers and to build new naval vessels, also expanding the number of those enlisted. It also passed a tariff reduction bill he had long wanted. Pierce and his cabinet left office on March 4th, 1857, the only time in U.S. history that the original cabinet members all remained for a full four-year term

Franklin Pierce’s administration only furthered the process of the oncoming Civil War and led to far more bad than good. 

Napoleon Solo Request

Napoleon solo x reader in which they have to act like a married couple and hate each other at first but slowly admit they like each other a lot?

“No,” you said at the same time as Napoleon said “ Absolutely not.”

“Yes,” Waverly said firmly, “Illya and Gabby are busy with other parts of the assignment. You two have to do this.” Waverly had just given you and Solo possibly the most impossible mission: to act like a married couple in the suburbs to do surveillance of a woman that also lived in the neighborhood.

It was no secret that you and Solo didn’t get along which is why you both shot Waverly daggers.

“Y/N, you will be Amy Collins. Solo, you will be Will Collins. Married for one year, first house, hoping to adopt a dog soon, maybe have some kids soon too. The target, Amelia Ross will live across the street and two houses to the right. The movers will be there at 9 am to start moving you two love birds in. Pack your bags, you fly out tonight.

Bright and early the next day you and Solo, or you and Will, were dressed up for the part of average husband and wife and pulling up, alongside the movers, to your new house.

You saw the neighbors peeking from the windows and staring in their yards at the sight in front of them. As soon as the moving van left there was a knock on your front door. “I’ll get it, Darling,” Napoleon said with a sarcastic pinch. “Hello,” you heard him say to whoever was on the other side of the door. “Will Collins, nice to meet you. Please, come in.”

“What brings you to this neck of the woods,” you heard a man’s voice ask.

“My wife and I decided we needed a change of scenery.” Solo came into view with three people trailing behind him. “This is my lovely Amy,” he gestured to you. You stopped unpacking the box you were working on and walked towards the group. “Honey,” Solo smiled, “these are our neighbors. Sam and his wife Jane, they live next door, and this is Molly, she lives two house to the left.”

“Very nice to meet you,” you shook their hands. You walked into Solo’s side and leaned into him, he got the cue and wrapped an arm around your back.

“How long have you two been together,” Jane asked.

“High school sweethearts,” you smiled up at Napoleon playing your role. “Been married just over a year and thought it was time to get a bigger home. One that would be better suited for a dog and a couple kids.”

“Well, we see you’ve got lots to unpack. We can get out of your hair unless you’d like our help with anything,” Molly offered.

“Oh thank you so much but it’s ok, really,” your ‘husband’ said and you two walked the group to the front door.

“Oh, we’re having a neighborhood barbeque in two days if you’d both like to come. Looks like you two came just in time,” Jane added.

“Looks like we did. We’ll be there,” you smiled and waved them off. As soon as the front door shut you knocked Solo’s arm off of you and went back to unpacking.

*Day One*

You woke up to the sound of the shower running. You tiredly turned over and looked at the time. “Good morning, honey,” Napoleon came into your room in nothing but a towel. You hated yourself a little because you realized you didn’t mind the view.

“What are you doing in here?”

“You got the master room and the master bathroom all to yourself, that’s no fair. The shower was too good to pass up. Plus we’re married, we should be sharing a room,” he pretended to be seductive.

“Whatever. What’s on the agenda for today husband?”

“I set up surveillance in the bedroom to the left of the stairs so we have a clear visual on Amelia’s house. So, since that’s done, we just have to unpack the rest of the house, get some groceries, and water the flowers like a good married couple. So get dressed honey.”

Even though you couldn’t stand Solo at the beginning of the day as you spent more and more time with him that day you didn’t seem to mind him that much as you went to bed.

*Day Two*

“Is this sundress to…goodie to shoes,” you spun and asked Napoleon. Your look for the neighborhood barbeque had to be perfect.

“It’s definitely not something I’ve ever seen you in before, but, you look very nice,” the tone in his voice was actually sweet. You swung by the kitchen and grabbed the two large pitchers of pink lemonade you made for the BBQ. “Better let me carry one of those,” you raised an eyebrow at Solo. “You’re an average housewife remember. Most average housewives can’t carry a ten pound jug in each hand with no effort.”

“Good call.” You faked a struggle and carried on pitcher with both hands.

“Amy and Will,” Sam said happily, “so glad you two could come. Here, Y/N, let me help you with that.” You thanked him as he took the pitcher from your hands. Jane came over and quickly snagged you away from Napoleon and Sam. “Come with me. I’ll introduce you to all the neighborhood girls,” she said. As Jane helped you meet the ladies of the neighborhood Sam took Napoleon to do the same thing.

Napoleon hung out with the guys, drinking a beer as all the men grilled the food and talked about their jobs and laws while you were with the girls trading recipes, listening to kid stories, and gossipping about whatever came to mind. The hours passed quickly. Molly came out of her house with a small child in her hands and took the seat next to you.

The baby looked at you and smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi little guy. How old is he?

“4 months. This is Thomas,” she smiled down at her son. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh,” you stuttered, “we just met; I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Oh, nonsense. You’re a good person, I can tell. Plus, my husband has been gone all week and I haven’t got a break from holding him. You’d be doing me a favor,” she joked and passed the four month old into you arms.

Solo glanced your way to make sure you were still ok and was shocked to see you holding and looking lovingly at a baby. You talked with it and played with it’s little hands and you cradled it in your arms. “You and Amy thinking about having kids,” one of the new men Napoleon had met asked.

“Ugh, yes. We are.”

“She looks like she’d be a great mother.”

“I know she will be,” Napoleon was shocked at the caring tone that escaped in his voice. Being in such secluded and close proximity with you the last two days had made him see you in a different light.

*Two Weeks Later*

“Napoleon,” you walked into the kitchen as he drank his morning cup of coffee. “Waverly just called. He said it’s time we head back. All the surveillance we did payed off; he got what he needed.” He could hear the hint of sadness in your voice. You left to pack your bags and met Solo at the car.

As you and Solo got in the car you looked at all the houses as they passed by. “I think I might actually miss this place a little bit,” you quietly admitted. “I had never thought about the future before but, for once, I did. And, I don’t think I’d mind settling down in the burbs eventually…”

“I feel the same way,” Napoleon struggled to keep his eyes on the road instead of you. “Y/N. I hope this isn’t too forward but, when we get back, could I take you out for dinner?”

You let out a chuckle. “We’ll you are my husband,” you held up the fake ring on your finger, “so I guess I can’t say no.” You grabbed his right hand in your and held it as he drove to the airport.

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I have been told it is @incredifishface​‘s birthday today, so in honor of that, I’m posting this link to her AO3 page and telling everyone that all of her Thorki fic is fantastic. Yes, all of it. Happy birthday!! (I think I missed it where you are, so happy timezone-extended birthday…)

Cocky boys – “In which Thor and Loki are the top stars in a studio of online porn, famously hate each other, but by popular vote they get paired to perform together in the Christmas Eve Live Event, and are not happy about it.”

A classic of the enemies-to-lovers genre, by turns hilarious, poignant, and scorchingly hot. The Tony Stark narration is especially wonderful.

Dog inside the heart – “Thor and Loki are the children of a dynasty of great actors. Their mother Frigga is a grande dame of the stage and muse of the finest European movie directors, their father Odin is going down in history as the Lawrence Olivier of his time. Thor and Loki are following on their steps, with everything to prove, to themselves and to the world. But as they become dragged under the public eye, so does their past, full of secrets and lies.”

Tragic, epic, and wrenching; sometimes emotionally difficult to read so READ THE BLOODY TAGS. Loki is such a fucking hero in this one, oh my God.

Unfaithful – “Thor has a good life with his wife Jane and a job in a law firm on the rise, until international superstar lawyer Loki Laufeyson is recruited to work in the firm’s most ambitious case. Loki brings with him not only his encyclopaedic knowledge of law, his silver tongue, his lack of morals, and a playful, mercurial, chaotic approach to the work, but also his outrageous playboy lifestyle… and his long, complicated past history with Thor.”

Did I mention that everything Fishie/Bookie writes is incredibly hot? Just look at the tags: “Angry Sex, Hate Sex, sad sex, making up sex, breaking up sex, Goodbye Sex, i can’t live without you sex, we can’t keep doing this sex, oh god the pain sex.” Hot and emotionally powerful! This one also brought my part-time Frostiron shipper to the fore (to be clear: Thor/Loki is always the endgame ship; but Loki/Tony is a completely fitting, emotionally appropriate, and also kind of hot stop along the way).

Musketeers Assemble – “Poor gullible Steve, freshly arrived in Paris from the provinces, has been ensnared by the Trickster, Cardinal Richelieu’s Spy or Spies, and now the Queen’s good name and the fates of France and England rest on the ability of his Musketeer friends, gloomy Thor, merry Tony, and steady Bruce, to help him retrieve what the Trickster has stolen.”

No, this is not crack, but it is similarly addictive. My knowledge of Dumas’s The Three Musketeers is limited, but from what I know, the character correspondences – Steve as D’Artagnan, Thor as Athos, Bruce as Porthos, Tony as Aramis, Loki as Milady – are spot-on. And Thor and Loki’s tragic backstory… oh, my heart.

Night of Kings (series) – “Loki’s hold on the throne of Jotunheim is finally strong and secure. There is but one thing left to do: renew Jotunheim’s alliance with Asgard. But when the King of Asgard asks him to cement their alliance by spending a night in his bed, Loki realizes you can’t learn everything just from books…”

Sort of Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired, with Thor as virile horse-lord Khal Drogo and Loki as strong-willed but sexually inexperienced Daenerys Targaryen, but without the sexism and consent issues. Once again, by turns hilarious, poignant, and scorchingly hot… oh wait, that’s all of her stuff.

Serpent – “It’s been years, but Thor’s still not over Loki. He has put some sort of life back together, but now Serpent are back in town, and whatever semblance of peace and balance he’s managed to create is about to be turned on its head.”

A Rockstar!Loki AU – and in a reversal of the most frequent pattern, Loki is trying to win back a surly, reluctant Thor. And also being the most adorable high-off-his-ass spoiled diva imaginable.

A for Asshole – “Thor is a Class A Asshole. What a fucking shame. He is also the most beautiful thing Loki has seen in his entire life. He’d be willing to make many allowances for that face, that body, that blinding smile, but the truth is, the man is an Asshole of the highest order, an irredeemable, unbearable jerk.”

Yes, even the one-shots dashed off to try to shake writer’s block are delicious nuggets of salivary-gland-stimulating smutty goodness. Thor is an asshole, but Loki will fuck him anyway, under pretty much any conditions…

The Legend of Tarzan REVIEW

-1880 setting, which is nice to know when Tarzan was actually taking place. The clothes from the Disney movie clues us in and how they talked.
-Tarzan now known as John Clayton III, the fifth Earl of Greystoke, has been living for eight years in London, along with his Wife Jane Clayton.
-Alexander Skarsgård is jaw dropping amazing when acting and I melt everytime he talks. I’m a puddle of goo.
- The flashbacks are more realistic to a kid growing up in the jungle. He wore no clothes until Jane and her tribe that she grew up in found him, after Tarzan saved her from being beat to unconsciousness from the leader gorilla
-Lion cuddles!
-“Tarzan you look funny”
-The chemistry between Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie was beautiful. I could watch them all day. I totally am on ship with them being together.
- Jane actually has a backbone and isn’t scared about being around the jungle unlike the Disney movie
- The Piggyback ride of Samuel L. Jackson character and Alexander Skarsgård was hysterically funny.
- Jane’s orgin story I like very much especially when meeting Tarzan.
- “Should I lick his balls?”
-Apparently ants tastes like bacon, according to Tarzan
- Gorillas to the rescue!
-Chief Mbongas son kills Tarzans surrogate gorilla mother and I will not lie I cried, I was deeply moved by the entire dynamics of their mother and son relationship.
-George Washington Williams: “You look like you’re about to give me a hug.”
John Clayton: “I wasn’t.”
-“What was that?” “Mating call”
-The story concludes when Jane has a child, John is now living in Africa again as Tarzan, and they live in Janes fathers old house.

Overall, I really don’t agree with Rotten Tomato’s rating of thirty-five percent of a rating, it deserves a solid ninety percent. I adore this film, it’s beautiful, raw and powerful. You see the gorilla family group dynamics, the past of Tarzan and how he grew up, a more realistic life of growing up in the jungle. Janes life before Tarzan and the present life of being with him, what I loved more than anything was their relationship she excepted him full heartily she didn’t try to change him unlike the Disney version Jane Porter, she grew up in Africa with her father, even if she was from England,

Other things to conclude this review; The soundtrack was stunning, I’m actually listening to it, and I never really like listening to music without some type of lyrics in it. CGI was done perfectly, I couldn’t tell if the animals were real or not, which was nice unlike the tiger in Life as Pi. The movie wasn’t all that serious all the time, there was some action, it wasn’t violent but it did mention some topics such as slavery, loss of a child, and it did show them killing the gorillas. There are some sexual parts, but it’s not explicit. As far as I’m concerned this could be a movie for older kids to teens if a parent were to judge if they could or not but that’s just my opinion. The romance isn’t off the top but it was a romance movie none the less, I enjoyed this immensely, like I said before this movie is on the list of my favorite movies of twenty-sixteen.

Rating: Solid 4.5 Stars

July 9th, 2017 - Legendary political cartoonist & illustrator Gearld Scarfe with his wife Jane Asher at his opening at The San Francisco Art Exchange. The show, running through the end of July, showcases Gearld’s works for the sets of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, done in collaboration with Roger Waters. 

Michael Zagaris instagram.

A New Year || Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone gets to kicks this year’s ass!! Woo!✊

You put your phone to your ear as you tried to call Peter for the millionth time. You turned away from the crowd in hopes of blocking out the noise. Being an Avenger meant that you had immediately scored the invitation to the New Year’s party at the Avengers Tower. It was ten minutes to midnight and everyone had gathered at the center of the room in anticipation for the countdown.

You could see Tony’s arm around Pepper, Natasha with Bucky, Steve with Sharon, Thor with Jane, Clint with his wife and even Vision was standing a bit too close to Wanda. Everyone had their significant other with them, ready to be kissed when the clock struck twelve. Except you. Peter had promised to be here but apparently the city could not be peaceful.

“Hello?” Peter’s voice jolted you out of your thoughts.

“Where the hell are you?” you hissed, putting your hand over your other ear as everyone behind you cheered.

“A few blocks away! Don’t worry, I’m almost there!” Peter huffed.

“You damn well better be,” you grimaced.

“Hey I made you a promise!”

“Peter Benjamin Parker, if I don’t get kissed at midnight I swear to god-“ you started.

“Babe don’t worry. I’ll see you real soon.”

You stuffed your phone back into your pocket as you turned around to see Natasha gesturing you to come. “Hey come on! The countdown is about to start!”

Damn those ten minutes went by real fast. You walked over to them and stood at the back with a smile paste red to your face. The smile of murder.

“It’s starting!!” Clint yelled excitedly.


Well no way in hell was Peter gonna make it.


You sighed as you looked at the happy faces of the couples around you. Disgusting.


That tiny ray of hope was slowly ebbing away.


He’d still be late even if he could run as fast as Pietro.


You narrowed your eyes at the giant windows as you saw something in the distance.


Was that a red and blue blob of something?? What the hell?


The ‘blob’ came into contact with the window, crashing into it and spraying glass everywhere.


The person in the spandex slid across the floor to you.


He lifted up his mask and you could see the smirk on his face.


And so Peter pulled you towards him and crashed his lips to yours. You gasped before kissing him back and grabbing his face firmly in your hands. The sound of everyone cheering “Happy New Year!!!!” was so dull to your ear now.

Peter pulled back from the kiss and grinned at you. “I keep my promises.”

“I so would have kicked your ass if you didn’t make it in time,” you smiled.

“I’ll always be on time. Happy new year, babe.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Happy new year,” you sighed.


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Well in his latest tweet, Tony says "the day we arrived in England..." so he is with someone. Hmmm. 🤔Certainly, hope it's not JM. But even if she is there, there is no way they are doing any sight seeing together.

I certainly hope he is not traveling alone. Though it is very therapeutical to travel alone, I’ve done more than a few times. 

Did he say he is traveling there with Jane? Or with his “wife”? ;)


AU: Jane Foster dies as she gives birth leaving Loki and her child behind. Because Jane died in Asgard, her body and soul leaves to Fólkvangr Paradise. Frigga asks All-father to make a compromise with the the goddess Freyja, ruler of the paradise and allow Jane to return to Asgard. Frigga confronts her son, telling Loki that Jane will return but he must be patient. Three years pass, and Loki travels to Fólkvangr Paradise with his brother Thor and friend Sif to be reunited with his wife: Jane. They return to Asgard safe, though Jane is still moral. Loki gives her the Idunn apple and Æsir life is given to her. Her golden brown eyes glow in happiness when Loki brings their child, she carries Lokison for the first time.


“The Colonel and His Wife” - Digital Oil Painting

Rumbelle in Sense and Sensibility, partially inspired by @worryinglyinnocent.

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anonymous asked:

"I certainly hope he is not traveling alone. Though it is very therapeutical to travel alone, I’ve done more than a few times. Did he say he is traveling there with Jane? Or with his “wife”? ;)" Jane Musky is Tony Goldwyn's wife. And Tony is Jane's husband. Tony does not have to qualify "wife" to the world because he is married to one woman and that woman is Jane Musky and not Kerry Washington.

So why don’t you stay off my blog and pontificate somewhere else. You are certainly not welcome here 🙄