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MJ is no different from all the others IMO(they all seem to make Pete weak in the knees and overly protective), to me she was a younger version of autn may who who coddled him from learning real life conundrums like all the death he sees, instead of learning from the pain and being wiser, instead he cries into her when the slightest little offset occurs. Peter as a man looked submissive to compared to MJ, even though he can exchange barbs and quips with Wolverine and the Hulk.

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Where do I start?

Yep MJ is just a mother hen, that takes away all of Peter’s development and pain. Which is not true at all. Mary Jane is Peter’s rock, that’s true. Which is why she’s so important to the franchise. She’s not expendable like Gwen, who’s often thought of on the same level of “love”. Gwen is her death. She’s nothing more than lost first love. Mary Jane Watson has become “it” for Peter Parker. Pairing him up with someone else is pointless now that we know who his best partner is. She’s helped him through pain. She’s inspired him to be a better a hero. And she’s his partner/best friend. Like no one else is. Yes even Aunt May…I guess? So give her some damn respect, mofo. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Just take a look at Marc Webb, he went around dissing her. Where’s he now? Who cares? (P.S. This is the guy who compared MJ to Jar-Jar Binks one time. LMFAO.)

But I think these images speak for themselves, my dear. MY DEAR!

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My week thus far

So let’s recap shall we!

1. Arrow: The whole episode broke my heart in 100 different ways.

2. GA: They killed Derek Shepard and me in the process and I lost my OTP (RIP McDreamy)

3. TVD: Well Caroline/Steroline broke my heart and I was already dead.

4. JTV: Jane and Rafael broke up and I lost another OTP.

It has been a fantastic week for me!

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About asset Darcy, her social media could be a way for her to be in touch with her handlers. Post pic of Thor as potential threat/new development. Save dog because in his collar she is smuggling the data she hid from Coulson and good SHIELD. Hire Ian to pick up Jane's slack as she has lost interest in her research. Everything she does could have a second reason

I did actually consider that with the Thor-picture and all that second-reason stuff is true, but is it as heartless and heartbreaking as her personality being pre-programmed? :Ta Is it? 

Also, breaking up Jane’s date and calling the cops when she disappeared in London both still stick out as anomolies in that scenario. I could probably justify them if I poked hard enough at it, but again, I really just like the heartbreaking option because that means everything she did was actually sincere, until it turned out she wasn’t actually that person after all, so what does that mean for the kind of person she actually is?