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Escape - Alec of the Volturi x Reader

Requested by anonymous: So the reader and Alec from the Volturi are mates. Alec’s sister hates the reader because she thinks that the reader is stealing her bro. So she uses her powers on the reader. She keeps using her powers till reader is depressed and scared. Reader escapes to the Cullen’s house. Fast forward to when Alec finds her again but gets jealous because she’s happy and singing with jasper and Emmett while cooking. Everything has a happily ever after though!

This is kinda trash but I hope you like it anyways, anon.

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“Aro, I have someone I’d like you to meet.” Alec pulled you along behind him.

Aro’s crimson eyes looked up from the novel he was reading, focusing on you. You felt naked under his stare, something about him making you uncomfortable.

His lips stretched into a smile that sent shivers down your spine. He stood up and handed his book to a young woman who was standing next to his chair, waving her away.

“Who’s this, Alec?” He came down the stairs and slowly approached you.

“This is (Y/N).” He placed his hand on your back and guided you closer towards Aro.

“(Y/N)…” He repeated, his eyes scanning over you. “And where did you meet her, Alec?”

“I went out a few months ago to go hunting and on the way back I found her bleeding in the street. She doesn’t know who it was that bit her, but they left her for dead.”

“How terrible. We at least have the decency to finish off our victims.” His eyes flashed to yours, and he must have noticed the hurt you felt from his insensitive comment. He noticed because he grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him. “I’m sorry, dear, how rude of me. Would you mind if I read your past?”

You looked over at Alec, not understanding what Aro meant.

“If he touches your skin, he can see all of the thoughts you’ve ever had and things from your memory.”

You looked back to him in uncertainty, but nodded anyways.

That awful grin spread across his face as he removed his gloves, his hands finding yours again. He stared deep into your eyes and it took all you had not to look away. “My, my…” He whispered after a moment. Your hands fell limp by your sides once he released them. “Thank you. You seem to be an interesting girl.” He turned to Alec. “Have you introduced her to Jane?”

He nodded. “Of course. Although I don’t think she’s been very kind to her.”

“Oh?” Aro tilted his head.

“I haven’t been very kind to whom?” A feminine voice seemed to echo in the large room. The beautiful blonde walked to the center where you were standing with the two men, her heels clicking against the marble floor.

“I’m just telling him the truth, Jane.” Her eyes burned in jealousy as he spoke.

“We want you to accept this sweet girl.” Aro told her, and she seemed to fume even more at his comment.

Her deep red eyes met yours and fear flashed through you. Her threatening gaze held yours and you soon felt a dull ache course through your body. Your breathing escalated and the ache grew into the worst pain you had ever felt. You collapsed onto the floor and your screams filled the air. Alec held you in his arms as he yelled at Jane to stop. You still focused on her eyes as you heard Aro commanding her to stop and Alec continued to yell.

Finally her stare became aloof instead of intense, and the pain stopped. She simply looked at Aro and turned around, heading back through the heavy wooden doors.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Alec held your cheek and you looked up at him.

You were sitting in one of the chambers as Alec had to tend to some business with other members of the Volturi. As you sat alone, all you could think about was how terrifying your mate’s twin sister was. Even though you cared greatly for Alec, you knew you could not live a life in fear of his jealous sister. She was a more experienced vampire than you and you could end your life easily.

You took a deep breath and quickly slipped out into the night.

You sat and watched Jasper and Emmett with a smile on your face. They were joking around and Emmett sang at the top of his lungs as he flipped a couple of steaks on the grill. You were so lucky to have found them after you escaped from Italy. Their mother figure, Esme, took you into their home in a heartbeat and you would forever be grateful for them. Of course you missed Alec, but this was a better life. A life that didn’t involve you being abused and fearing for your life.

“So why are we cooking again?”

“Edward’s father-in-law, a human by the way, is coming to visit. Gotta play the part.” Jasper smirked at you.


Your body suddenly went rigid upon hearing the voice. Jasper and Emmett looked shocked as they stared at the boy standing behind you.

You slowly turned around and met the familiar eyes of Alec. He looked surprised when he saw that your eyes were no longer red like his, they were gold.

“Oh my god.” You hopped off of the bar stool and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

“Uhh (Y/N)? Please explain why one of them are here.” Emmett rolled up his sleeves to show that he would be ready to fight if anything happened.

“I never told you why I came here. I was living with Alec’s coven but…I ran away…” You trailed off.

“Why? What did they do to you?” Jasper growled and stepped around the counter but you held up your hand.

“My sister hurt her. Which is something I never intend on doing.” He looked down at you and you melted from his words.

“Alec…I can’t go back with you.” You looked down, feeling ashamed.

“Why? Are you with one of them?” He looked at the two vampires in jealousy.

Emmett smirked and Jasper’s face softened as he laughed at his accusation.

“No, no. They already have mates. I meant I can’t go back because of her. I’m afraid she’ll kill me.”

He looked at you sadly. “I figured that’s why you disappeared. So I told her if she didn’t want you there then I would leave too.”

This surprised you because you knew the two of them were very close. You didn’t quite know how to respond so you waited for him to go on.

“If you don’t want to go back, then I’ll go with you…anywhere.”

“I’m not sure, Alec. The Cullens have taken great care of me. I’d feel guilty just leaving them behind.” You frowned.

“Then we’ll stay in the area.” He grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. “(Y/N)…I will do whatever it takes to be with you. If you want to stay here, I’ll stay and just go visit my family when I feel like it. Just please don’t tell me to leave.”

You smiled and hugged him again, pulling back to kiss him sweetly. After a moment, Emmett cleared his throat and you backed away, blushing.

“We’ll be watching you, kid.” Jasper looked at Alec seriously but winked at you.

I hope there weren’t any mistakes because I didn’t have time to proofread because I have class. Oops


The actors but closer to their character’s age. There’s just something about not having extreme vampire makeup that makes them slightly more appealing, more… approachable.

In contrast to the horrific shit storm that was the #APMAs of 2017, I'd like to point out some of the positives of the night:

•All of the bands could have easily won “Best Dressed” if it were a category

•The “screenshot” moment between Ash and All Time Low

•GWAR on the red carpet

•Cassie Wilson was just so pure and adorable❤

•Lynn Gunn winning best vocalist

•Lizzy and Ash’s collab

•Set It Off’s inspiring (acoustic?) song

•Laura Jane Grace winning the Icon Award, and then rocking out with Mina Caputo

•GWAR kicking ass and taking names backstage

•Pierce The Veil’s tribute for the late Chris Cornell

•"Fieldy" from Korn winning Best Bassist

•Machine Gun Kelly’s performance

•Frank from Sum 41 winning “Best Drummer”

•The fuckjng Plain White T’s preformed and we all got nostalgic AF? ??

•Bone Thugz performance and the look on all the emos faces during it


Happy international women’s day 2016!

Cullen Family Imagine #2: Protection of the Dark

anonymous asked:

Can I get a whole Cullen family imagine with 357 and 349 and it’s set in the time where the Voltori meet Renesmee and the Cullen family see the reader on the Voltoris side and they worry about her because she used to be a Cullen, but what they don’t know is that she left to protect Renesmee and Bella she made a deal with Aro sorry if this is confusing and P.S. I love your blog❤️❤️

349. “You can’t protect me.”

357. “You don’t need to protect me.”

It’s funny actually, how we all ended up here. Me on the side against my family. It started when the human my “brother” fell in love with decided to throw herself off a freaking cliff to see a hallucination of him. Even if I don’t like her, my brother meant more than her life. My family means more to me than her, but she became a part of it, so I have to force myself to care for her. 

It really started when the four of us: Alice, Edward, Bella, and I were being seen by the Volturi. Aro took an interest to Alice but when he held my hand, I knew the gig was up for me. Alice, Edward, and even Bella left Italy without me in confusion. Even with mind-reading, Edward didn’t know what had transpired. I became a part of the Volturi guard and I never got to say goodbye to my real family. My power was far more valuable to Aro than Alice’s.

I have an ancient power that goes from vampire to human to vampire. It’s not inherited, it possesses you and becomes your until you are killed. My power captures the souls of people by the masses and disintegrates their bodies. Ever heard of mysterious disappearances of colonies or civilizations….yeah……..that’s my ancient power. I don’t know who had it before me or how I got it, but I’ve kept it secret for over a century till Edward got his mate. 

Now, here we are. Me, standing beside Jane and Alec. My family across from me, gazing upon me with worry in their faces. It was difficult to keep my emotionless expression. I missed them horribly. As Edward, Bella, a shapshifter named Jacob I learned, and the hybrid child that is my niece approached, I felt a stir within me. While Aro inquired the child, Edward sent me a look to which I responded,

You don’t need to protect me.

He looked unfazed, his big brother nature was unbending. Bella refused to make eye contact with me. I looked at the child. She did resemble them both. But you did not feel much for the girl but pity. I found her name to be already cringeworthy, no offense to Esme. But when the final decision was being made, my family tried to reach out to me. There pleading looks were too hard to bare. My heart was aching and my power was just below the surface from my anxiety. No matter what they did, I knew what the decision would be. 

That’s when I saw Alice and Jasper break the treeline and make their way towards Aro. But I was on verge of snapping, I coudn’t withold my plan any longer, my power would take my mind if I did. I sent a blast of air to my brother and sister, sennding them to our family as a misty black cloud with silver lightning covered the field where I stood. Aro thought it was me preparing to kill my family’s side of the field, he was wrong. With a scream of agony as my power transfigured my body into a black shadowy figure, all the vampires around me were killed. There souls taken through bolts of glittery lightning. Their bodies dissolved and becoming part of the mass force above me. Thunder could be heard and my power was still raging. I didn’t know how to stop it. I never had to use it to this mass before. 

That’s when I heard the voice of Carlisle and Jasper. They were calling my name. I realized that I was still screaming. They were trying to find a way to get to me. But if they came too close, I didn’t think that I could stop my power from consuming them. 

“Don’t come any closer. You can’t protect me. I have to figure this out on my own. Just go, before it gets worse! ALL OF YOU!!!”

I was screaming again. It felt like my brain was being ripped apart. The storm seemed to grow louder. My eyes were closed and I was no longer on the ground. I felt suspended. But something kept me from going further. I felt it then, a hand in mine. My eyes peaked open and I saw Bella was holding my hand. A fierce determination in her eyes. I saw strength in her I had never thought could come for her.

“You did this for us…you had a plan the moment they took you. You could hide your thought’s from Aro and Edward. You planned this so you could come home. You are home, just let go of your power. It’s destroying you. We all miss you, even me though you never liked me. You’re Edward’s baby sister. You’re the baby sibling that everyone loves and wish they really had, even me. You did what you planned, come back to us.”

My breathing hitched unexpectedly, and I felt my power reach my heart. I felt it beat for the first time in decades and I screamed as I felt every liquid in my body move. My voice came out in a whisper,

You can’t protect me. Not from this. I still blame you for all of it Bella, but I’m starting to think that you just may deserve my brother after all.”

Then I left go of her hand and she tried to grab me again, but it was too late. The darkness had me and souls came to take me in it.

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The Cobalt Empire is the largest, known for their regal poise, intellectual prowess, and fierce commitment to one another. Each Cobalt is prideful and passionately unique, but when push comes to shove, they’ll band together like an army of one.

The Hales “Geek Squad”

The Cobalts “Empire”

The Meadows “Adventurers”