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Happy Galentines to @freshbrainss​ who wanted a Tasertricks Hades/Persephone AU and by golly gosh did I enjoy myself. I wanted to make it into a gif with the apple fading to green magic but the universe continues to thwart me. Alas.

Greek myth is a genealogical nightmare - Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, making her Hades’ niece twice as well his wife - so rather than Greek-ifying the MCU, I thought I’d Norse-ify the Greek story… and then turn it into the MCU. 

So Loki doesn’t carry Darcy off but still has to double-cross her: promising Darcy knowledge with a golden apple. He gives the knowledge to be sure, but it certainly doesn’t come from the apple, which serves only to enthral her to him. Jane feels responsible because it’s her research Darcy was looking to help with, and she beseeches Thor to get Darcy back.  Thor makes this demand but a magical contract is a magical contract and Thor cannot undo it. Loki’s end of the bargain - imparting wisdom - was fulfilled good and proper so Darcy must fulfil hers too. She spends spring, summer and autumn by Jane’s side and returns to Loki as his consort for the winter. 

Darcy: I’m so cold
Loki: Yes, I know. You know how I know? *smug face* Because we’re connected. 

The very first year, she dreads it and promises herself that she’ll only respond to Loki with contempt and revulsion. But she gets there and… well, he’s got this sort of lonely nerd vibe, inviting her to play some Asgardian board game that looks a lot like it might be Dungeons and Dragons. Or Skyrim. Or something. Either way, it involved her having to come up with a ‘heroine’ to play as. Loki spends a lot of time on it, even without her, and Darcy decides this whole thing was a set up so that Loki could have some company. So she gives it to him. Loki’s not particularly tactile, so she delights in making him squirm by playing with his hair or putting her feet in his lap. And she learns that if she tickles this one spot on his back he will absolutely lie in bed for an hour with a book while Darcy uses him as a giant bed-warmer. Bed-warmers soon become pillows, which in turn become cuddle-buddies that smell Darcy’s hair and run their fingertips down her side. And cuddle-buddies then become a different kind of buddies. 

Thor comes to collect her around Easter time, surprised to find Darcy is not exactly thrilled to see him and that Loki has quite a few hickeys down his neck. 

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Prompt: Hanging upside down by one leg from the ceiling, she narrowed her eyes and said, "...What's your point?"

Jane folded her arms and looked at Darcy nonplussed.

“I told you we should have gotten Clint to help is get the scanner from the vents. But no, you refused ‘based on principle’.”

“Hey, he compared my music taste to a hipsters’. I’ll have you know I listen to terrible music unironically. Say I have bad taste all you want, but do not compare me to a hipster.”

“And who’s the one now hanging from the ceiling.”

“Hey, I got the scanner in one piece.”

“Yes, but who is going to get you?”

“Ooh, I vote Steve!!”

Jane raised a brow in confusion.

“I figured Tony would be easier, why Steve?”

Darcy shrugged as best as she could upside down.

“I’ve been feeling a bit disenfranchised. The arms of freedom should help.”

WORK TITLE: all of you for all of me ( FFN )
CHAPTERS/WORD COUNT: ¾ posted, completing on 2/14; approximately 10,000. 
GENRE: angst/drama/tragedy
RATING/WARNINGS: T for heavy angst and main character death
MAIN CHARACTERS: Loki, Jane Foster, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Nick Fury (+ cameos and mentions of other Marvel characters)
FIC SUMMARY: What happens when an already mad demigod is locked in a white room for 22 years? What happens when evidence proves he wasn’t as malicious as he’s considered? And what do you do when you see Loki’s heart is just as big as Thor’s, but there’s just too many wounds that time cannot erase?
AO3 Tags: AU-ish, Chaotic Neutral Loki, Solitary Confinement, Mental Disintegration, Extreme Case of Persona Detachment, Heavy ‘Heart of Darkness’ Influence, Heavy Angst, Love in a Different Light, Avengers 2012 Group Retires, References Ragnarok, (Welcome to this Month’s Most Unlikely to Defend Loki Featuring Jane Foster), (Also Introducing Philosophy-Loving Jane), Gen Secret Valentine Exchange
AUTHOR NOTE: For @philosopherking1887. (This is the part where I bite my nails praying you don’t check your Tumblr so soon because I really hope this is up to par at least by a penny with the genius that is your writing. And more importantly hope my try at being philosophical isn’t a slap in your face.) All my love to you dear <3 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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this is not my idea of a date, there aren't even breadsticks!

Darcy could hear Jane’s sigh on the other end of the line.

“Your dubious opinion on romantic dinner locations aside, you need to get off of the phone and leave the bathroom.”

The toilet in the next stall flushed and Darcy winced.

“Whatever. The Olive Garden is totally a classy place to go, I don’t care what you say.”

The bathroom door opened and closed as the other occupant left. Darcy mentally cringed that the other woman hadn’t washed her hands first. Gross much?



There was a pause and she could picture Jane winding up for an argument.

“Whether or not you knew this was a date when you said yes, you need to get out there. Think about the poor guy.”

“Why do you think he’s the poor one in this situation? He could be a spy for all we know! Maybe he only asked me to try and get vital information.”

“I highly doubt Wayne is a mole.”

“Yeah, that’s what you said about Kevin from accounting and look how that turned out.”

Jane let out another sigh.

“Fine. If he turns out to be HYDRA, then you can say ‘I told you so.’ But for now I’m going back to my research and you should get back to your date.”

Darcy let out a whine.

“Can’t you just, like, blow up the lab or something?”

“Sorry. If you wanted explosions, you should’ve taken Tony’s offer for ‘accomplice to bitchin Science! and shit’ when you had the chance.”


Art by Russell Dauterman

More character models!  A lot of these showed up in the new #1, others just on the cover for now.

I got to design a new character, the Queen of Cinders, and her fire demon minions.  Also designed the Congress of Worlds and its members, plus a new look for Jane, a refresh for Hela, and tweaks to Loki.  Also up there are my model sheets for Hercules and Thor, now in color.  Talked more about these and design stuff recently in a Marvel.com interview.

And here’s character models, part one.  Part three coming soon!