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For @bloomsoftly , with the generous help and tips from @dresupi (who is now third best person in the universe, thank you so much!).
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Souls were, all in all, a very colorful thing.

Everybody had one, regardless of belief. Everybody needed one, but they pretended they were a big affair.

To Darcy, who had been able to see souls since forever, they were nothing but colored dots floating inside of very cute packages, depending on the person they belonged to.

They were a trinket – if you will – to be observed and admired until otherwise needed, and that usually came after death.

And it was Truth.

So she wasn’t really prepared for the shiny golden aura surrounding Dr Jane Foster, astrophysicist.

It was blinding, overwhelming and beautiful; Darcy kinda wanted it.

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If you're still doing the title thing: Across the Universe

Being targeted by SHIELDRA because of Jane’s beautiful brain and her connection to Thor? Sure. Darcy got that. They had been warned about that much and there had been a couple of tries to abduct one of them, and they had been thwarted by tasers and by Thor’s muscle. Jane did become somewhat famous when she got that Nobel Prize. But this one? This was just a bit too much.

Thor had left earth for Asgard with the Hulk for whatever reason (the guy needed to work on his communication skills, seriously) and thereby missed the Black Widows and Pepper Pott’s visit by a mere week. It turned out he was not-so-great at communicating with other people about his plans either, which placated Jane a bit.

Natasha and Pepper had come to fetch Bruce and Thor because aparently the Avengers had split into Rogue-vengers and Pepper had decided that it was up to help them pull their shit together. They had lingered for a couple of days, unsure how to procede, and that was when it happened.

Fucking ALIENS had come to abduct them because they had heard of Jane. And sure, Darcy was proud of Jane, but… relaly? But becoming intergalactically famous was a bit over the top, don’t you think? Still, this is aparently what happened. And because all humans looked kind of the same to this asshat, they had just taken “all of these creatures who have fatty sacks in the front and find out who of them is the smart one later”.

Too fucking bad for them that he had just so happened to abduct one woman with murder!thights, one woman who was literally burning from the inside with rage, one taser-happy intern and one brilliant scientist who always carried science equipment around and had just been sort-of-dumped by her prince of a boyfriend again. And there was only three of them on this spaceship - it was a piece of cake to take over.

It might just a tiny bit harder to find their way back to earth, though. Where the everloving hell were they?

In which Pepper, Natasha, Jane and Darcy become space pirates, sort off. If i were to write it, it might include a meeting with a certain rag-tag-team of self-proclaimed guardians of the galaxy, and a dash of Electricslide or TaserLord or whatever the shipname for Darcy/Peter Quill is. Or not. I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see if Thor 3 needs fixing.

(PS: Totally would love if someone were to pick this one up, you know. I won’t have time to write this ever, but i would love to read it.)

Charlotte Brontë was tiny

“In came a neat little woman, a very little sprite of a creature nicely dressed & with nice tidy bright hair” - Lucy Martineau

“I thought her the smallest creature I had ever seen (except at a fair) and her eyes blazed, as it seemed to me.” - Harriet Martineau

“She was diminutive in height, and extremely fragile in figure. Her hand was one of the smallest I have ever grasped… but when you saw and felt her eyes, the spirit that created Jane Eyre was revealed at once to you”. - John Stores Smith

Miss Brontë put me so in mind of her own ‘Jane Eyre’. She looked smaller than ever, and moved about so quietly, and noiselessly, just like a little bird.” - Jane Forster

Lokane Fic: What the Cat Dragged In

This is in response to ketsudan’s request for a Kitten!Loki and sympathetic Jane ficlet.

It ballooned into 5000 words of adorable (well, I believe, I will leave you to form your own opinions)

Title: What the Cat Dragged In

Author: Japanese and Chocolate

Rating: K+

Word count: 5,217

Characters/Pairings: Loki/Jane, Darcy, Erik

Summary: A small mishap leaves Loki with four paws and a tail…and in Jane’s care.

What the Cat Dragged In

(Thanks to my Beta, livinginthewing, my cheering squad, livingthewing, and my friend, livinginthewing.)


“So you beat him up, then you kiss him?”  Jane asked.  Darcy through her hands up in frustration.  

“Yes!  I mean the date went wrong and Loki was super sweet to me.”  Darcy replied.  And his kisses,  Godly kisses are to die for. “Besides he apologized for crashing my date with James.”  Darcy quickly added.

“I don’t think he meant it though.”  Jane looked up from her research to talk to Darcy properly.  "You don’t see it, but he watches you Darcy.“

"Ok that’s either charming or fucking creepy.”  Darcy was totally unaware of the staring on Loki’s part.  After this talk finishes she will have to speak with Loki.

“Darcy I think it’s best that you stay away from Loki.”  Jane said seriously.  She even stopped what she was doing to say so.  

Considering what Jane said, was a bit hard for Darcy.  Ever since she became Black Ace guys haven’t been lining up to date her.  Yet Jane’s advise helped her decide.

She took a deep breath and said,“I’ll stay away from Loki.”  Why did she feel so miserable after saying that?