jane forest

Once upon a time, I dreamed of my very own happily ever after. And I’ve got it here in the form of fondant, buttercream, and a multitude of sugar and bliss.

Cake: Betty Janes Bakeshoppe


The Farm Hand (Closed for janes-wild-forest)

So many attempts at trying to find a job, only for each an every one to deny him of one. The traveler walked along the path of the forest looking about the place in hopes of calming himself. “How could just about every building in that city not have one spot!” Hunter, who was too oblivious to notice that he had stumbled upon what looked like a farm, calming himself he looked about the place, seeing if anyone was there. He had spotted a woman in the distance, who seemed to be tilling the soil. Hunter approached her seeing that it looked like she was the only one around “Hello? Can you tell me where I am at the moment?”

A "Helping Hand" [NSFW RP w/ janes-wild-forest]

It was a long, slow ride out to the countryside. Kia slowly made her way along the dirt road, afraid to go any faster for fear of swerving off the side. She noticed the farm up ahead and felt her stomach begin to growl. It had been some time since she had any carrots in her system.

The bunny groaned impatiently as she got closer, feeling the anticipation built in her body. She pulled in slowly and got out, looking for the farmer.