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Swanqueen Shippers

Okay look, I’m not going to lie and say I expect some bullshit fantasy world where Emma and Regina ride of into the sunset, but I want the writers to give me one good and solid reason why the hell NOT. Why is SQ not cannon? I also want to know why Rizzoli and Isles wasn’t cannon when it’s the GOD DAMN title of the show!? Because there are couples I get not happening. I shipped Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson from SVU but I get why that didn’t happen. I also get why Benson didn’t end up with Stabler. I get why Mulan didn’t end up with Aurora and why Merida literally ended up with nobody. Those things make sense (if you’d like an explanation why just either watch the shows or ask me, I might answer) and in all honesty I get why every gay ship isn’t a thing but when most people ship Swanqueen or Rizzles (seriously there was no other ship on that show) and the romance makes sense with the storyline over some bullshit story you concocted in two minutes why the hell wouldn’t you use it? -Sincerely, a very frustrated girl

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Once upon a time, I dreamed of my very own happily ever after. And I’ve got it here in the form of fondant, buttercream, and a multitude of sugar and bliss.

Cake: Betty Janes Bakeshoppe