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He had found her agitated and low.—Frank Churchill was a villain.— He heard her declare that she had never loved him. Frank Churchill’s character was not desperate.—She was his own Emma, by hand and word, when they returned into the house; and if he could have thought of Frank Churchill then, he might have deemed him a very good sort of fellow.
—  Emma, Jane Austen

In the 24 hours since he learned that his former wife Diana had been killed, he had wept a lot, especially when he went to the Pitie Salpetriere hospital in eastern Paris to collect her body.It was at the hospital, when he saw the remains of the elegant woman who bore his children and was his wife for 15 years, that he cracked.He had consoled Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes on the plane that brought them over, but now, as they wept, so did he. As he emerged from the hospital mortuary, his eyes were red from weeping, despite his stiff upper-lip upbringing in which he’d learned to hide his feelings in public.

Sebastian Stan Request

Could you do an imagine Sebastian Stan/reader, where the reader is a nurse and they meet for the first time at emergency room? And they have an instant crush… Please I like you imagines so much ! (Fluffy cute but realistic..)

You stood by the desk on the floor you were working looking over papers for the hundredth time, tapping your pencil, and humming to yourself. “Bored,” you friend, and fellow nurse, Jane asked.

“It’s like no one’s getting hurt tonight! What’s up with that,” you joked. “It’s good but it’s also bad since that leaves us with nothing to do.” As if on cue the elevator dinged and two men stepped onto your floor; one was holding his hand and looked to be in pain.

“Looks like this one’s all you, Y/N,” Jane grinned and walked away to do rounds.

You got up and walked towards the men. “What can I help you two with?”

“I messed up my hand at work today,” you looked up and saw Sebastian Stan. You were familiar with his work, especially since most girls you grew up watching Gossip Girl at every chance.

“I’ve got an empty room this way,” you led him and his friend, who you saw was Anthony Mackie. “Go ahead and take a seat on the bed. I have to grab some paper work which you can fill out or he can,” you motioned to Anthony, “if you can’t write. Or, you can tell me what to fill in if that makes you more comfortable. I’ll grab that and I’ll be right back, ok? I’m Y/N, if you need anything just holler.” You ran back to the desk to grab the paperwork and got back to the room as quickly as you could. When you stepped in the room the two men stopped talking immediately. “Ok, Mr. Stan, can I see your hand?”

He extended it and watched you exam it. “You know who I am?”

You spoke as you worked. “Like most girls who lived in the early 2000s I watched Gossip Girl,” you saw him smile. “And, I’m a little bit of a nerd so I’ve seen you in the Marvel movies,” you admitted. “How’d this happen?”

Anthony beat him to it. “Rehearsing a fight scene for the new movie. I’m Anthony, by the way.”

“I saw you in The Winter Soldier,” you told him. “As for the hand, it looks like you just fractured your trapezium which is putting pressure on your scaphoid,” you pointed on your hand the areas you were talking about. “Nothing too serious though. I’ll have to wrap your hand, I’ll show you how to do it, but mainly you just need to rest it. Avoid putting pressure on it for a week so no hard core fight scenes, ok?”

“Anthony, I think my wallets in your car. Can you go grab that for me,” Anthony got up and left right away.

You got out some wrap and pins and started wrapping up Sebastian’s hand. “So,” he spoke up as he watched you wrap his hand, “what do I do if it still hurts after a week?”

“You can see your family doctor or come back here to get it checked.”

“Could I request you if I come back?”

“You could as long as I’m working,” you stifled a smile at his flirting attempt.

“Or, maybe, I could just get your number so I could call you…you know…if it still hurts in a week.”

You looked up and met his gleaming eyes. “You’re my patient and I can’t give my patients my number,” his face dropped as you said that. “But, once we take care of this paperwork and you’re no longer my patient I think I can write my number down for you,” you grinned.

Sebastian put his good hand and pulled out his wallet, “Good thing my wallet is in my pocket and not in Anthony’s car then. Let’s get this paperwork finished.”

Catherine began to feel something of disappointment — she was tired of being continually pressed against by people, the generality of whose faces possessed nothing to interest, and with all of whom she was so wholly unacquainted that she could not relieve the irksomeness of imprisonment by the exchange of a syllable with any of her fellow captives;
—  Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Princess Charlotte’s godparents:

  • The Hon Laura Fellowes is the Duke’s first cousin, as she is the daughter of Princess Diana’s sister Lady Jane Fellowes. Her father, Lord Fellowes, was the Queen’s Private Secretary and his father was the Queen’s land agent at Sandringham. Ms Fellowes, who writes novels under the pen-name Mave Fellowes, lives with her husband and two sons in west Norfolk, not far from the Duke and Duchess’s home at Anmer Hall.
  • Sophie Carter is a long-term friend of the Duchess of Cambridge, has been rewarded for her loyalty and discretion over the years. An unfamiliar name to all but the most die-hard royal watchers, she is a virtual ever-present at parties and social gatherings organised by the Duchess, including her birthday parties. An ex-girlfriend of Thomas van Straubenzee, she is a tennis partner of the Duchess, having met her through mutual friends.
  • James Meade was at Eton with the Duke and has been one of his closest friends ever since. He and Thomas van Straubenzee were the only two friends invited to make speeches at the Duke and Duchess’s wedding reception in 2011.
  • Adam Middleton is the son of Michael Middleton’s brother Richard, and works for the Mayfair-based firm Manchester Square Partners, which advises business leaders on how to “navigate ambiguity and make good decisions.”
  • Thomas van Straubenzee has known the Duke since they attended Ludgrove prep school together and is also a close friend of Prince Harry. The Duke’s connection to the van Straubenzee family pre-dates his school days; his mother Diana, Princess of Wales was a close friend of the family and nannied Thomas’s cousin before she married the Prince of Wales. When the Duke of Cambridge visited New Zealand during his gap year, it was with Mr van Straubenzee that he travelled. And when the Duke married the Duchess, Mr van Straubenzee was one of two friends invited to make a speech after the best man, Prince Harry.