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Review: Anne with an ‘E’ (Spoilers)

So I had just finished the Netflix series Anne with an ‘E’ with my Mum (who watched all of it a week prior to me) and I feel as if I need to give a consensus as a child who read all the books and felt that the 1985 adaptation was as close to perfect as anyone could get. I also see my younger self as a little Anne Shirley which is why I am so fiercely protective of this series and any adaptation of said series. So lets get to it:

My Praises

-The Cast: Although I do have an enternal love for Megan Follows, Jonathan Crombie, Colleen Dewhurst, and Richard Farnsworth as their respective characters; I could not imagine another better cast as the one in Anne with an 'E’. Newcomer Amybeth McNulty undeniably shines as the fierce and imaginative Anne Shirley. She captures Anne completely with even the slightest of expressions. Lucas Jade Zumann becomes Gilbert “Heart-Eyes” Blythe with his loving smirk and utter adoration of Anne. I also commend Geraldine James for making such an exquisite Marilla. James nailed Marilla’s sterness and sensitivity. Lastly, Corrine Koslo made Rachel Lynde my absolute fave and I have no problems with that.
-The Soundtrack: That upbeat and vibrant Celtic music.
-The Cinematography: It felt like I was truly experiencing the world through Anne’s eyes. So stunning to watch.
-The Episode Titles: I just loved this little detail they added in making all the episode titles Jane Eyre quotes. Since it is my favourite novel of all time, it did make me squeal a little everytime they mentioned it in the show.
-The Directing: Speechless, honestly. Props to the 5/7 female directors. We honestly do not see enough of them in this day and age.
-The Feminism!: That theme of feminism that underlyed throughout the show was something that made it stick. In a young girl’s coming-of-age story, there always should be a bit of feminism and girl empowerment to make it relatable. It was also Marilla’s coming-of-age in a way as well, becoming a “Mother in a Modern World”.
-Anne & Diana’s Adorable Friendship: Bossom Friends till the end.

My Criticism

-The Anne and Gilbert Love Story: Now before you all throw your hands 'round my throat, hear me out. These two are my precious babies. They are the teenage Lizzie and Darcy. Now Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because “a friend liked him”. No. Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because of her own stupid pride. Just like Anne. I have no idea why the writers thought of that “friend obligation” thingo. Anne was stupidly proud and ignored Gilbert because of that. Gilbert also was a bit of a twat when he pulled her hair and called her “carrots” (fucking iconic) not all soft and gentle. But the rest they got right. Except for the last episode (which a will get to..) where they called “truce”. Anne and Gilbert did not call “truce” until like 3 years later. Apart from that, the kids had amazing chemistry and were extremely adorable. Could have had extra time with spelling bees and stuff though.
-The Theives: I seriously have no clue. I was literally like this at that strange cliffhanger ending “!?!?!?!?!?”. It was really out of place.
-Gilbert working on the Docks: This honestly just made me really fucking mad. How is this going to change Anne and Gil’s relationship!? Is he coming back to school!? Is he going to become a doctor!!??
-The Lack of Anne’s Pride and Vanity: I wanted the Anne who accidentally dyed her hair green and climbed the roof of the school! The one who was so incredibly proud and vain. It made her relatable.

Overall, I think the pluses outweight the minuses. Y'all should give it a watch ASAP. Nothing will ever top the 1985 adaptation (or ya know the books) but this one certainly gives it a run for its money.


I am so on a literary-adaptation webseries kick right now!  I felt I have to share all the ones I’ve seen/have in my “Watch Later”.

Now, before you say anything, I’m all up to date on the Pemberly Digital series.  I’m not going to talk about “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries”, “Welcome to Sanditon”, “Emma, Approved”, or “Frankenstein, MD”.

I will, however, point out that they have started a new one, an adaptation of Little Women called “The March Family Letters”.

And now, one to the plugging!

“Classic Alice” is a webseries about a college student who decides to live her life according to a series of classic novels

“Nothing Much to Do” is Much Ado about Nothing set in high school in New Zealand.  Use this playlist to watch the whole series, since it encompasses 4 different channels.  Seriously, watch this one.  I want to watch it again, and I almost NEVER do that! *complete*

“Elinor and Marianne Take Barton”.  Sense & Sensibility in college, told via Marianne’s vlog.

“A Tell-Tale Vlog”  Edgar Allen Poe and Lenore decide to film a vlog about living together.  You should also check out the other videos by Shipwrecked; they’re all of a classic literary and romance bent.

“In Earnest”  The Importance of Being Earnest set in college, told as a series of vlogs from the viewpoints of Jack, Algie, and Cecily, all on one channel for your convenience!

“The Autobiography of Jane Eyre” is a modern Jane’s vlog.  This is another one I might watch again. *complete*

“Green Gables Fables” Anne Shirley in high school, now, with a vlog.  Her classmates also have vlog channels, so make sure you watch those when they come in.

“From Mansfield with Love” Jane Austen's Mansfield Park set in a hotel that was a great estate, told via the vlog of the put-upon junior housekeeper.

“A Midsemester Night’s Dream” is a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream……….. with a few updates to the dialogue, and modern characterizations.  Like hipster-Lysander and Drama major-Bottom. *complete*

“The Importance of Being Mike” is kinda inspired by The Importance of Being Earnest.  Like, what would Cecily be like if she lived now?  Oh, yeah, it’s not the story you’re used to.


And now for the things I have queued.

“Jules and Monty”  Romeo and Juliet have been given the same assignment for their college Communications class: keep a vlog. *complete*

“The Emma Project” is yet another vlog adaptation of Emma*complete*

“University Ever After” appears to be about the college-age versions of a bunch of fairy tale characters.  Made by the same people as “A Midsemester Night’s Dream”, but made before.  I’m watching them in reverse order.

“A Bit Much”  Another vlog adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play.  Dunno the specifics yet, but I will in a couple days.

“Kate the Cursed”  The Shrew has a video blog.  I have to see this.

“The Nick Carraway Chronicles”  If F. Scott Fitzgerald had lived now, his greatest story would have been told via vlog.

“Much Ado about a Webseries”  Guess what this is YET ANOTHER adaptation of?  Something I wouldn’t miss, that’s what.

anonymous asked:

How many versions of Jane Eyre have you seen

Let’s find out together, shall we?

1. 2011: Cinematic Beauty™
3. 1997: True comedy gold is this horrible adaptation
5. 1983: Mr. Rochester wrestling Jane to the ground when she tries to leave is a bit weird tbh
6. 1973: Word for word from the book. Jane is like, way older than Rochester??
7. 1971: Jane is like 37 and Rochester is practically 60. It is very uncomfortable.
8. 1957: I get uncomfortable thinking about this one.
9. 1943: I swear the only thing it has in common with the book is the character’s names
10. 1934: Rochester tries to divorce Bertha, the lady who lives in the west wing and is confused about what is going on around her (but, like, I would be too?)

In short, I could write a novel about each of these versions because most of them are hysterically horrible. (But nothing beats 1997 when it comes to “WTF?!” moments)

How about you? What’s your favorite adaptation?

the 2011 jane eyre adaption is nice and everything but they cut the scene where rochester puts on a bonnet, pretends 2 be a fortune teller, tells blanche ingram her gold digging isnt worth it bc he isn’t that rich and then tries 2 figure out if jane fancies him so like, rly what was the point of it all 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any books/movies/TV shows with female characters similar to Nesta? It's very rare to find a woman character who is not this sweet, nice, kind and pure sweetheart and is unapologetic about it and doesn't give a fuck lol. I would really like to find more interesting characters like her but I don't know where to start.

You mean like the light of my life Scarlett O’Hara?


Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) — VS — Toby Stephens (Black Sails)

It’s like they’re in a hot, violent-tempered, open-shirted, ginger-bearded, brooding competition.

It’s kind of amazing how much they resemble each other with their similar coloring, bone structure, and intensity. It’s every funnier when you realize they’ve both recently played Rochester in overlapping Jane Eyre adaptations.

I need a period film now, where they play warring brothers who glare at each other from across the room before storming out in a blind rage.

This is basically both of their jams, so why not put them together and create a movie so incendiary that nobody can bear to watch it?


jane eyre + mirrors

bonus of jane being the cutest:

creedoftheseamstress  asked:

Since Jane Eyre is the topic of the moment: when I was 9 and performing in one of my first plays, the same theatre was also running a production of Jane Eyre, which I'd never read, but I got comps to go see it with my mother & it left a substantial impression on me. It definitely influenced my love of Janes in literature--characters and authors (back then I thought Jane Austen had written the book, and speaking of: today I finished my first read of Persuasion and oh man, I've been missing out)

I would be so interested to see how jane eyre would be adapted for stage! that would be fascinating. compared to something like pride & prejudice, where the character arises primarily out of the dialogue and the way people spark against one another, so much of the power of jane eyre is internal/reflective. a miniseries can do some of this with DRAMATIC SETTING SHOTS and SOUNDTRACK and LINGERING CLOSEUPS; I would love to see how one would go about pouring that story into a theatrical space. 

Sherlolly Big Bang Challenge 2015 Masterlist

I wasn’t going to make this list cause they’re all in a collection on AO3 (here), but as the wise and wonderful @just-mindy rightfully pointed out, the 50 Reasons fics are also in an AO3 collection (here) and I have a masterlist for them. So here they are, links to the 2015 SBBC stories for your reading pleasure!


A Bitter, Sweet Life by occasionallycreative (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Chocolat AU, parentlock, historicalock ff.net 2015

A Vicious Motivator by darnedchild (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post HLV AO3 2015

A Work In Progress by miabicicletta (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post HLV AO3 2016

All My Sins Remembered by mizjoely (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) kidnap fic, Pregnancy fic, Post HLV AO3 2015

All We Have by writingwife83 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) parentlock, Post HLV AO3 2015

The Avatar and the Real Girl by Pickwick12 (Rated K, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2015


The Boyfriend Experience by hobbitsdoitbetter (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2016


Detours and Fairy Tales by felinefemme (Rated K, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2015


Empty Souls by flavialikestodraw, potix (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Dead Again AU, Adaptation/Crossover fic AO3 2016


For What It’s Worth by kendrapendragon (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) pregnancy fic, parentlock, secret child  AO3 2015

For You Alone by Alethnya (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post HLV, Molly Leaves fic AO3 2015

Furo by asteraceaeblue & mizjoely (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) zombie!lock  ff.net 2015


Grain Of Sand In An Hourglass by afteriwake (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) MCD, fantasy AO3 2015


In Matters of the Heart by TheSapphireSky (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Regency AO3 2015


Magic Can’t Fix Everything by sir squidfish the first (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) potterlock, pridelolly AO3 2015

Miss Molly Hooper by daisherz365 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Jane Eyre AU, Adaptation/Crossover AO3 2015

Molly Hooper and the Flagon of Nocturnal by Zoa (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) historicalock AO3 2015

my very soul demands you by afteriwake (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) fantasy, soulmates AO3 2015


The One After Sherlock Gets High by keeptheotherone (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2015

One Small Hitch by texadian (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) fake relationship AO3 2016


Queen of Peace by Gwinny (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Victorian, arranged marriage ff.net 2016


Seven Hours In Heaven by Elyf_Sinfonia (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) trapped together AO3 2015

The Signs of the Four by emma_lynch (Rated K, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Victorian, casefic  AO3 2015

So This Is Love by onceinabluemoon13 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) fake relationship, Royalty AU, Cinderella AU AO3 2015

Some things cosmic by consultingpathologist (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) parentlock, retirement!lock AO3 2015


The Tinder Effect by cassbuttandsquirrel, mkhockeygurl (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2016

Turns by Agents of Sherlolly (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) potterlock AO3 2015


Worlds Apart by sherlollymouse (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) AO3 2016

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episodes 8-9

[Spoilers contained herein for both the Kdrama and the Cdrama. There was a lot in these episodes to cover and I also wanted to address the controversy. I couldn’t manage to make this exhaustive, but it’s still so long. Please be patient with me.]

This is going to be a hard one because the end of episode 9 is already gripped in such controversy. There’s a lot to think about, and I want to give a full discussion of episode 8 and not just talk about the elephant in the room.

The time-slip/supernatural plots are coming to a head. The cat’s out of the bag, Soo knows the identity of Gwangjong and she’s terrified.

There was a lot of talk about fate and history, about heaven’s will and man’s ability to sway it. We learned things about the nature of Ji Mong’s future knowledge and potentially the reason he and Soo were sent to Goryeo. We got some answers but we came away with more questions.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these “red flashes” are supernatural in nature. There is no way Soo could be having memories of certain events they show, considering her very limited history knowledge, and flights of imaginative fancy don’t usually cause sudden, involuntary hallucinations that trigger panic attacks. I can’t be anything but sympathetic toward Soo, even if she ends up messing things up in the end, hardly anyone would be able to handle these traumatic visions better than she is. History knowledge or no.

But if they are supernatural…what is their purpose? Why are they happening now? It seems clear at this point that Soo’s tampering can and has changed things. Without her, So would not have been able to take off his mask. Without her, Wook would not now be eyeing So with suspicion. But is the effect she’s having swaying the course of history or is it guaranteeing it?

Keep reading