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I am so on a literary-adaptation webseries kick right now!  I felt I have to share all the ones I’ve seen/have in my “Watch Later”.

Now, before you say anything, I’m all up to date on the Pemberly Digital series.  I’m not going to talk about “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries”, “Welcome to Sanditon”, “Emma, Approved”, or “Frankenstein, MD”.

I will, however, point out that they have started a new one, an adaptation of Little Women called “The March Family Letters”.

And now, one to the plugging!

“Classic Alice” is a webseries about a college student who decides to live her life according to a series of classic novels

“Nothing Much to Do” is Much Ado about Nothing set in high school in New Zealand.  Use this playlist to watch the whole series, since it encompasses 4 different channels.  Seriously, watch this one.  I want to watch it again, and I almost NEVER do that! *complete*

“Elinor and Marianne Take Barton”.  Sense & Sensibility in college, told via Marianne’s vlog.

“A Tell-Tale Vlog”  Edgar Allen Poe and Lenore decide to film a vlog about living together.  You should also check out the other videos by Shipwrecked; they’re all of a classic literary and romance bent.

“In Earnest”  The Importance of Being Earnest set in college, told as a series of vlogs from the viewpoints of Jack, Algie, and Cecily, all on one channel for your convenience!

“The Autobiography of Jane Eyre” is a modern Jane’s vlog.  This is another one I might watch again. *complete*

“Green Gables Fables” Anne Shirley in high school, now, with a vlog.  Her classmates also have vlog channels, so make sure you watch those when they come in.

“From Mansfield with Love” Jane Austen's Mansfield Park set in a hotel that was a great estate, told via the vlog of the put-upon junior housekeeper.

“A Midsemester Night’s Dream” is a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream……….. with a few updates to the dialogue, and modern characterizations.  Like hipster-Lysander and Drama major-Bottom. *complete*

“The Importance of Being Mike” is kinda inspired by The Importance of Being Earnest.  Like, what would Cecily be like if she lived now?  Oh, yeah, it’s not the story you’re used to.


And now for the things I have queued.

“Jules and Monty”  Romeo and Juliet have been given the same assignment for their college Communications class: keep a vlog. *complete*

“The Emma Project” is yet another vlog adaptation of Emma*complete*

“University Ever After” appears to be about the college-age versions of a bunch of fairy tale characters.  Made by the same people as “A Midsemester Night’s Dream”, but made before.  I’m watching them in reverse order.

“A Bit Much”  Another vlog adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play.  Dunno the specifics yet, but I will in a couple days.

“Kate the Cursed”  The Shrew has a video blog.  I have to see this.

“The Nick Carraway Chronicles”  If F. Scott Fitzgerald had lived now, his greatest story would have been told via vlog.

“Much Ado about a Webseries”  Guess what this is YET ANOTHER adaptation of?  Something I wouldn’t miss, that’s what.

the 2011 jane eyre adaption is nice and everything but they cut the scene where rochester puts on a bonnet, pretends 2 be a fortune teller, tells blanche ingram her gold digging isnt worth it bc he isn’t that rich and then tries 2 figure out if jane fancies him so like, rly what was the point of it all 

musicalheart168  asked:

I love your commentary on the post-transformation beast and belle gifset, but I do have to ask where "she was the first to recognize him and to love what she saw" appeared in Jane Eyre? I have that novel practically memorized and I have NEVER heard that quote. If it isn't from Jane Eyre, I'd love to know where it's actually from. A Google search didn't turn up anything.

Hi thank you so much! 

You know, I’m probably crazy (heh, reference intended?). For some reason, I thought this quote came straight from Charlotte Bronte, but I am likely mistaken, considering it’s been ages since I read the novel myself. What I do recall is this quote being in the 2006 Jane Eyre BBC adaptation. And in that version, Jane is the one speaking in reference to Rochester, that he was the first to recognize her, etc. 

Sorry for the confusion! Thank you for messaging me :D


Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) — VS — Toby Stephens (Black Sails)

It’s like they’re in a hot, violent-tempered, open-shirted, ginger-bearded, brooding competition.

It’s kind of amazing how much they resemble each other with their similar coloring, bone structure, and intensity. It’s every funnier when you realize they’ve both recently played Rochester in overlapping Jane Eyre adaptations.

I need a period film now, where they play warring brothers who glare at each other from across the room before storming out in a blind rage.

This is basically both of their jams, so why not put them together and create a movie so incendiary that nobody can bear to watch it?