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max & jane headcanons

yep, tiny girlfriends!! some of these are aged up to high school, obviously :)

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- max is really curious about the extent of janes powers and even though she knows its a sensitive topic she’ll ask to see janes “magic”, and jane will do something as simple as shut the door from across the room and max still thinks its the coolest thing ever

- jane loves cuddling so much,, max isnt very touchy with anyone EXCEPT jane and will wrap her arms around her lil gf and let jane put her head on her chest and they sit on the bed and watch the rain

- Dad Hopper isnt homophobic hes just skeptical of max cos he knows shes kind of a troublemaker and doesnt trust billy at all but he grows to love her and be just as protective of her as all the other kids

- max loves playing with janes hair so much like its so soft and bouncy and max cant get over it whenever she sees that mop of curls bouncing everywhere she smiles and blushes like a Fool

- in high school max joins the football team and is the only girl on the team but no one cares (lucas is also on the team) ((dustin cant believe his best friend and his boyfriend are both on the team))

- jane is so proud of her girlfriend she smiles really big whenever she sees max in her jersey and loves painting her face for the games

- also loves wearing max’s letterman jacket its kinda big and smells nice and it makes max blush really hard so ofc she wears it a lot

- anyone who looks at jane too long in a nasty way gets max’s Death Glare

- jane likes holding hands (learned the concept from will and his bf mike) and max thinks its corny but holding hands makes jane really smiley and her eyes shine so she does it

- max doest really Go to school things she just smokes under the bleachers with jane and they talk and kiss and talk about the boys

- steve, certified father, is so supportive and protective of his babies….. hes always teasing them and making sure theyre “good” and ask if anyones been giving them any trouble. sometimes he’ll make a bad joke and max says “steeeeve” in the same tone of voice a kid might say daaaaaad

- jane calls max “her zoomer” because mike told her about it and jane thought it was just adorable

- the one school event max does attend is prom and she wears a tux and jane almost dies because wow her girlfriend is so handsome…. holy sjit

- meanwhile max is also screaming because jane is just so beautiful its kind of ridiculous max feels attacked (dustin and lucas tease her for being so obviously flustered)

- dustin and lucas are maxs bffs while mike and will are janes, so jot that down

- whenever things get bad at max’s house she always sneaks out and uses a walkie to tell jane and goes to spend the night at the hoppers’

- jane is one of the few people max isnt afraid to cry in front of, and jane trusts max enough to talk about the awful experiments they did on her so overall theyre very understanding of each other and know all each others Tells for when they need to exit a situation for one reason or another

- im pretty sure i saw this on @softhanlon but max sometimes lets jane paint her nails even though its “girly”

- jane likes to count max’s freckles

- whenever billy is out, max will swipe some of his music tapes and they bike out to janes house and listen to music together

- hopper is such an embarrassing dad if he hears their music they just hear him bellow from the other room “HEY I LOVE THIS SONG” and he starts singing (dancing too) and jane gets so embarrassed but max thinks its adorable

- Stealing Each Others Shirts

- whenever max gets her own car they drive around a lot out of town just to get away from baggage and maxs family and theyll spend the day hiking/sight seeing other close towns

- max tries teaching jane to skateboard multiple times and even though she just cant get good enough at it to not hold max’s hand the whole time (neither of them are complaining about that), she really likes watching max skate

- jane gives a lot of surprise kisses shes very frank about how she expresses her feelings so if she thinks her gf is being cute Shes Gonna Kiss her

- max meanwhile likes forehead kisses cos she can kinda smell janes hair and nose kisses because jane has the cutest nose??

- theyre just really REALLY in love


You: [dancing around with Holly] “Sing with me, Holls. Jane and Michael, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I–”
Mike: “SHUT UP!”
Jane: “–N.G. Kissing!” [smiles proudly]
Stranger Things
Mike Wheeler | Jane Hopper [Eleven]

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He rattles up the driveway, the rattling a function of his automobile rather than the O'Keefes’ smooth asphalt. He parks under the basketball hoop, blocking the garage.

Fallen branches litter the yard. A shutter is down from one of the dormer windows, and the landscaping looks threadbare in places. A Japanese maple is split down the center.

Henry is gathering this debris from the storm, hauling it into a large pile in front of the house. He wears a Princeton sweatshirt and jeans, a Nationals cap pulled over his hair. He pauses in his work to greet Mulder. There are wet leaves on his hands.

“Didn’t expect to see you,” Mulder says, stepping over a rake to shake hands. “I was planning a drop-and-dash.” He holds out Scully’s wooden umbrella, her jumper cables.

“Well, you can just, um, set that stuff on the bench I suppose. Dana’s in surgery all day, but I can put it in her car when she gets home.” Henry jams his hands in his pockets, rocks back on his heels.

“Okay,” Mulder says. He lays the items on the bench, then surveys the yard with a kind of awe at the destruction. “Hell of a mess.”

Henry sighs. “I know they were calling for it, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for what we got. You know Dana has a big crack in her windshield.”

Mulder’s eyebrows go up, as this is news to him. “She okay?”

“Oh, she’s fine, but she was pretty shaken when she got home last night.” He studies Mulder carefully. “Must have been a rough drive home, huh?”

“Must have been.”

They are silent for a time.

“You need any help cleaning up?” Mulder asks. “It’s the least I could do after you were nice enough to buy me birthday champagne.”

Henry shakes his head. “No, thank you for the offer though. Glad you had a good night despite the weather. You’re hard to shop for, though Dana said you wouldn’t want a gift.”

Mulder looks away. “I don’t need much.“

Henry picks the rake up, leans on the handle as he presses the tines into the soft earth. “I love my wife,” he says. “And so do you. Some people might say that puts us at odds, Mulder.”

Mulder meets Henry’s gaze. “It would be an understandable, if incorrect assumption.”

Henry shifts. “I don’t want to be at odds with you. You….you’re her friend. You represent a part of her life I can never fully understand. When I lost Joan I thought I’d…well. I know we all have our ghosts.”

“Nothing happened last night, Henry.”

Henry stiffens. “Pardon?”

Mulder holds his hands out, open. “I feel like I need to just say it, okay? Nothing inappropriate happened. My battery was dead and we realized we both had too much too drink, so we waited the storm out in my car. Her phone got wet and ruined so she couldn’t call. She adores you and your kids and that Ewok of a dog.”

Henry closes his eyes for a long moment, then opens them. “Thanks for bringing her things back. I’ll tell her you came by.”

Mulder nods. He gets into his car and backs down the driveway, navigating fallen limbs as he does. On the radio, Tom Petty’s singing about his last dance with Mary Jane. Mulder turns the volume up and sings along.


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You weren’t sure if you were comfortable or not. Sure you were in a lavish bedroom with a fully furnished mini fridge, but you were still on edge. Why? Because you were in this lavish bedroom against your goddamn will.

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Don’t Tell Mama - Cabaret 

Lucille Petty as Sally Bowles 


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