Humanstuck AU; Caliborn and Calliope centered

Ok, consider this; Humanstuck. Both Calliope and Caliborn are diagnosed with brain cancer in their mid teens ( 15 y/o ). They are given two years of life expectancy. Both of them go bald within an year span or even earlier because of the chemiotherapy. Caliborn’s puberty had just begun so his voice only slightly changed and his face is still quite childish, and the tumor slows his growth down to a point where it nearly stops. Callie, on the other hand, had finished growing from a strictly physical point of view, and since she lacks hair, she doesn’t use makeup and she constantly lays in bed so her body isn’t really visible under the sheets, her and Caliborn are nearly identical if not for the eye color, a red-ish brown/bordeaux for Caliborn, and a bright green for Calliope. Most of the nurses, which constantly switch between hospital lanes, constantly confuse them, profusely apologize right after when they correct them. Caliborn, constantly fueled by anger and short temper because of the pains, reacts badly and screams constantly or ignores people when they ask him things or to do stuff, while Calliope takes the name thing and the whole ordeal in general better, always kind and smiling with everyone, correcting people politely when they misgender or misname her, tending more to hide her feelings and her sadness. Now consider this; Dirk, Jane and Roxy all do volunteering as “animators” for hospitalized kids. Dirk draws for and with them, Janey reads them stories, Roxy tells them jokes and just generally talks to them. They all know that most of the kids they make friends with are terminal more often than not, and it’s not rare that sometimes some of the kids get moved to the emergency patients section, sometimes never seen again without even being able to say bye. They know and they hate it, but they keep doing it because it brings them happiness to see the children smiling while waiting for the eventual worse. It’s sad. Jane cries sometimes. Roxy too. But they go through it with their friend’s help, Dirk before everyone else. This goes for two years until one day in their seventeens, these three meet Calliope and Caliborn. Dirk is intrigued by this weird kid, always pissy, tiny, has no idea what changed in their age span because he’s been confined in the hospital for two years and a half by now and he has a passion for shipping, claiming it to be impure while really, it’s just precious. He makes friends with him, despite Caliborn’s claims of absolutely *hating* him, and spends more time with him than any other kid. On the other hand, Roxy and Jane immediately bond with Callie; they start hanging out a lot, Jane regularly bringing board games over, reading both Roxy and Callie stories, while Roxy sometimes brings her cats for Callie to see and cuddle with. Callie smiles a lot more than she did, which was already quite much, both sides growing quickly attached to each other. Roxy and Jane avoid thinking that Callie might die, and so does Dirk with Caliborn. They know it, but they constantly push the thought back, enjoying the time with their friends while it lasts. Both Callie and Caliborn have down times every once in a while where they feel worse, they cough a lot, their head aches, and other symptoms, but they always manage to get through it, the kids being the for them respectively. Unnoticed, both Calliope and Caliborn start feeling better, the fits becoming less gradual until hey disappear. Roxy, Jane and Dirk don’t get their hopes up; they know it happens. Sickness are rarely to never regular and it could very well be just a phase. One day, Roxy, Jane and Dirk get to the hospital and a few nurses brought the twins a few slices of cake. They reached their eighteens. The three didn’t know, and all of them tear up, because that’s one year more than expected. They spend the whole day with them, celebrating, hugging, talking and having fun in general. Caliborn even smiles. But when dusk approaches and Roxy, Jane and Dirk are about to go home, a doctor enters the twins’ room and drops the bomb; both the twins are given the okay for the operation, which is going to be held in two months from then. Dirk, Jane and Roxy are shocked. They spend all their free time from then at the hospital, neglecting school even sometimes. Caliborn gets particularly angry at Dirk when this happens and then at himself for caring. Callie gets worried and Roxy and Jane regret neglecting anything because instead of making her happy they make her worried and they don’t like it. It’s a tense two months, filled with melancholy and happy times, despite Cali’s attempts at shutting people out because he “doesn’t want to care if he even dies.” He says having no friends will make his death less painful. Dirk hits him. Eventually, the fated day arrives. The operation is held while the kids are at school. Dirk bombs a test and Roxy is sent to the infirmary for nearly throwing up, while Jane skips a few lessons for her first time. After school they run to the hospital. The operation was successful. Some months later, the twins get dismissed, and Callie and Caliborn, that lived in an orphanage before ( their mother died of childbirth, their father blamed it on them. Clichè stuff, I might make a post about it. ), have nowhere to go, and Roxy, that in the meanwhile celebrated her birthday, Jane and Dirk likewise, takes in Callie temporarily, while Dirk offers to take in Caliborn, that claims to be strictly against it, but accepts nonetheless.


You get most of your stuff stashed in your room and then take your cousins over to the Bannered Mare. As much as you’d love to have them all stay over, unless they want to pull up bedrolls around the hearth you just don’t have the space. Besides, you have a plan for tonight. You get their things upstairs and buy everyone some lunch. Within about three minutes Karkat and Jake are comparing notes on dwemer ruins and you can’t tell if they’re agreeing or not because while you understand the words they’re saying individually, when they’re put together like that…

You raise an eyebrow at Jade, hoping she understands what’s going on better than you do.

Sadly, she just mirrors your look.

You shrug.

She sighs with exasperation and rolls her eyes.

Jade taps you on the shoulder. “Hey,” she says, “I think it’s about that time.”

You nod and stand up. “We’ll be right back.”

Jane frowns in a clear “Don’t leave me here with them!”

Karkat and Jake don’t even respond. They’re too distracted by something something resonance stones. Whatever those are. You just let Jade lead you upstairs.

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