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But that would be the last time because he doesn’t realize he has the ultimate force of nature in front of him. These women are so powerful. Together, they are as powerful as the ocean and the ocean is f—ing angry. - Director Jean-Marc Vallée


“He’s gonna have to fight these five women. He doesn’t realize that he is fighting the ultimate force of nature because they become one and they become as strong as this violent, angry ocean. Don’t fuck with us, motherfucker! That was the idea — that this guy is fighting against these women who represent the ocean, and that’s what they become and he’s gonna lose. There is no way you can fight this.”  Jean-Marc Vallée

Big Little not-so-secret

Alright! Here we go. This is the first chapter of a mini-series that I have started to write.

 I don’t know how many chapters I’m going to write but I’m going to do this ship with justice. The show gave us a little sprinkling of a possible romance and I’m going to give my fandom a full meal.

Here’e chapter 1/?


   Jane sighed softly for the millionth time, trying to hide her anxiety and trying not to wake ziggy, who had fallen asleep in the backseat as soon as they got in the car from another day at the beach. He was playing in the sand, making sandcastles and Jane, well Jane had been thinking of of one thing; a person actually. A person who she had not seen in two weeks.

That person was: Celeste Wright.

     After the funeral, Jane looked at Celeste in a different way, not a bad way…just a different way. Jane watched as Celeste spoke to many people while she kept her emotions in tact. She was such a strong woman and Jane admired her for that. She watched as Celeste always kept the boys a few feet from her as she spoke to other friends, neighbors, her family and Perry’s family. Jane wondered how she could hold up this façade. Perry was a bad man and this funeral made him look like he was a saint.

He was not.

Damn it.

     Jane scoffed as she thought about this. She then looked at Ziggy, the center of her world, her baby boy. He was too busy watching everyone mingle and hug each other. Jane knew he was such an observant little boy. She wondered when he would figure out that Perry was…She started tearing up again and looked up at the sky to keep them at bay.

      ‘You can’t do this now Jane; suck it up!’ she thought. When she looked back down, Celeste was walking to her. The sight of Celeste caused Jane’s legs to feel like jellly. She wanted to melt right there in her 4 inch heels, which by the way, were really uncomfortable and hurting like a bitch. Celeste reached out and palmed both sides of Jane’s face and brought her to herself.

  “Are you okay?” Jane smiled, the tears fell. Damn it. She placed her hands on Celeste’s wrists and nodded.

   “Yeah; just getting choked up,” Celeste grimaced. She slid her hands down her neck and to her shoulders and brought Jane into a hug. Jane sighed and closed her eyes, feeling Celeste’s warmth, her curves as her arms wrapped around her, her everything. Wait….

   “I’m here Jane; You can talk to me,” Jane wiped a tear and nodded.

   “I know! I know Celeste,” She pulled apart and gave her a tiny smile.

   “But I’ll see you soon. The families and the repast and everything,” she shook her hands, making a crazy motion. Jane laughed and she wiped her nose and nodded. Celeste gave her another smile, she looked over at Ziggy. She smiled and bent to his level. She spoke to him for a moment. Jane looked down at them.

She watched Celeste push up her sunglasses so he could see her eyes.

She watched the way her hair fell over her shoulders and she pushed it back.

She watched as she balanced in sky high heels, talking to him, taking his hand.

    She must have asked him a question because he nodded. She smiled at him and kissed his forehead.  She came back up and look at Jane one last time, putting on her glasses before she held out her hands. Automatically, the twins her at them, grasping them for dear life. She looked at Jane one more time before and they moved away from the family of two. Jane went back to holding Ziggy’s hand and they watched the family of three walk to their designated limo and got helped int the vehicle. Jane realized at that moment.

   Celeste was alone; She was now a widow; she now had to take care of twin boys all on her own.

    Jane inhaled and sighed again. She gripped the steering wheel as she thought about him: Perry, that fucker, started all of this shit. Honestly, since seeing him, he had been on her mind a lot lately. He was the father—no—he was just a sperm donor. A very sick, violent and nasty sperm donor. She looked back at Ziggy for a second before looking back on the road in front of her.

     He looked so peaceful. Thank Goodness all of that mess with Amabella was over and it was not his fault. She knew it wasn’t him in the beginning; she believed her child, even though sometimes she may have… reconsidered, but she believed him and that’s all that mattered. Yet, while she knew it was not him, she knew it was Max, Celeste’s son.

Damn it.

     Celeste was connected to everything in Jane’s life now. Permanently, actually.

And it did not help that that was where she was going. She was going to Celeste’s apartment, because she called, because she wanted to talk, because she wanted to see her. Jane couldn’t refuse when she called, that’s why they left the beach so quickly.

      Celeste sent her her location on WhatsApp and Jane followed the road to the red dot. She was almost there. Two minutes actually. She turned right coming off the main road and that road led to the beach then she took a left and saw several houses planted on the beach front. They were beautiful.

They looked expensive.

      Jane came to apartment number #7 and parked her car in a slot right next to Celeste’s. She breathed and looked at the apartment. It basically was a house. It was immaculate outside. It was Celeste. She pulled her keys out of the ignition and clicked her seatbelt from the clasp. She opened the car door and immediately her nose was attacked with the freshest smell of salt water she had ever experienced. She was widening her eyes as she walked around the car and opened Ziggy’s child-lock door. She unlatched his seat belt and she grabbed under his arm pits and brought the dead weight 6 year old into her hands.


      She kissed his forehead though. She closed the door and pressed her lock button on her key and the car beeped. Celeste opened the door when Jane was locking the car, so when she turned and locked eyes Celeste, she wanted to melt right on the spot. Their eyes never left each other’s. Celeste smiled and pulled the pair into her arms as Jane came up to the stairs. She kissed Jane’s face and rubbed Ziggy’s hair.

    “I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” Celeste exclaimed as softly as she could. Jane blushed, “What it’s been exactly two weeks! Come in, come in!” She moved out of the way to let Ziggy and Jane through, her hand ghosting Jane’s back unintentionally.

    “Yeah, um, work has been really on my ass,” She turned towards Celeste, “and my mom was wondering if she could come down during all of the paper work stress and…” she shrugged with a tired smile, “it’s been hectic, but you’re the one who actually living the hectic life,” Celeste rolled her eyes and motioned Jane to come with her.

       “Well the family finally decided that the boys and I were alright and they left yesterday,” She followed Celeste upstairs to a bedroom, that was most likely hers. Jane looked all around the light green room. She had few open wides looking out to the beach. On her right was her bath room and closet which the doors were mirror. Jane was speechless. Wow. The green and white were truly striking together. Celeste noticed Jane’s face and blushed.

       “He can sleep in here; this is my room as you gathered,” she led them in.
      “It’s really beautiful!” Jane came in after her and laid him softly on the bed and breathed out.

      “Yep, he’s really heavy,” she placed her hands on her back, stretching her muscles.

      “Imagine two of them! They’re sleeping too. A day at the beach never gets tiresome for them that is, I’ll tell you that!” Celeste left the room, going back towards the kitchen and Jane followed her, closing the door.

    “Really? That’s where we just were actually,” They shared a looked on the stairs and moved to the kitchen. Jane sat at the counter while she watched Celeste sway towards the refrigerator.

    She actually swayed. What kind of goddess! How could she be real? Jane’s eyes wandered down her physique. Her slender shoulders to her thin waist and beautiful hips. Her hips moving left to right, right to left. She brought them back up just in time when Celeste asked her a question.

     “Do you want any refreshments? Tea, beer, water…wine,” Celeste flirted as she popped her head out from the fridge. Jane blushed slightly.

     “I think some water would be nice, “ Jane fumbled with her fingers looking down and around until she looked back at Celeste’s body and her pouring the two glasses of water. It was silent for a moment except the pouring of the second glass and the opening of the fridge and closing and Celeste picking up the glasses from the granite countertop. Jane watched all of this and smiled when she took the water.

     “God, it was so hot today, but every beach day has got to be hot,” Celeste smiled as she drank hers looking at Jane through her lashes. Jane looked at the water and it looked like she was about to space out. The beach. Running. That blue dress. Perry…

      “Jane, you don’t have to do this,” Jane snapped her head up and looked at Celeste startled and pressed her lips together. She morphed into a stoic face and shrugged her shoulders.

     “Do what? I”m not doing anything; just drinking some water…” she drank some more, “Wow this water tastes better than the one I have at home. What is this? Purified Spring water? Tastes really good,” she inspected the water in the glass; her face though was fighting against her. It was turning red. Celeste sighed and leaned on the counter, looking at her.

     “I’m really—“

     “Celeste, you don’t have to do this,” Jane grumbled, “I remember the apologies since that night, it’s okay,” Celeste grimaced. She regarded Jane for a moment and straighten up from the counter and went to her. She pushed the glasses away and took her face in her hands. They searched each other’s eyes for a moment. Jane’s eyes were telling her ‘not to bring it up, leave it alone, please Celeste, I just want to move past this,’ and Celeste’s eyes were telling her, ‘please don’t hate it, I did not mean for any of this to happen, I’m so sorry, please forgive me Jane,’


       “Celeste…please,” Jane held onto her wrists; her thumbs unconsciously smoothing over Celeste’s inner wrist. Celeste dropped her hands, but still gathered Jane’s own in hers.

    “Okay,” she nodded.


   Jane was running.

She was running in that blue dress. The torn dress from that night and she was following the footsteps of him. She did not know how long she was running; she just knew that she wouldn’t stop. She would not stop until she got to him and killed him. She slowed her run and looking up ahead; he suddenly appeared in her eye sight.

   She started to breath quickly. He turned his face and she saw Celeste’s husband. Her rapist.

Quickly, she raised the gun in her hand and shot.

   Jane opened her eyes.

She sighed and put her hand down in her hands. After three weeks, you would think that she would be getting over this. The fucker was dead and now she could live. What was happening? Jane shook her head and got up from the table in her living room to go tidy up the house before she went to go get Ziggy from school. She dusted her shelves, fixed the pillows and cleaned up the table where she was sitting.

    It was a week after her meeting with Celeste and Jane just wanted to forget it. Celeste wanted to talk but Jane wanted to move on. Since then, Jane saw Celeste on limited occasions; only  brief moments of conversation while talking to her as they waited on their children. The lunches at Tom’s were going strong as ever but Jane’s excuse was always the paper work, the stress, Ziggy. She knew Madeline was getting antsy and she knew she missed her, but she just….

Even Tom was asking for her. He wanted to know how she was doing. He wanted to comfort her. But Jane didn’t need comforting anymore. That one day and night where she was encompassed in his arms was wonderful; she was grateful, but she felt nothing. Nothing more. It felt like they should be brothers and sisters. Plus it was only a few months since they came to town and she didn’t want to shake it up for Ziggy by bringing a man in the ho—

   Jane looked at the time and widened her eyes.

    “SHIT!” she flung the feather duster down ran to her door and picked up the keys and flew out of her house. She was late in picking up Ziggy.


        Jane got in her car and switched on the engine and flew out of her driveway onto the long route to the school. She tapped on her steering wheel wondering how could she have possibly done this again. Last time she checked it was 1:34 p.m. Where had all the time went by?

         When she got there, limited of parents were there. The school was almost empty actually. Shit, shit, shit, shit. Jane jumped out the car after she parked.

      “Excuse me Miss, please return to you—“

      “Not today, seriously! Fuck! Ziggy!” she called out, looking at the steps where he normally waited for her with Chloe. He wasn’t there. Shit. She breathed, looking around for a few moments. She walked around the area for a few seconds, growing in panic. She rounded onto the corner looking towards the play ground and she saw him. He was playing with Josh and Max, on the monkey bars, who were partially paying attention to Celeste as she held up her phone camera, sitting on the bench near them. She had all of their bags at her feet close to her.

     “Come on boys, big smiles, big smiles,” Of course Ziggy was really paying attention. He smiled and then he flipped upside down while still smiling.

     “Oh Ziggy, that’s so cute! See boys, Ziggy is smiling for me,” The boys then started to copy him for her affection. She laughed softly, thinking ‘silly boys’ then she nodded, “Such big smiles,”

     Jane walked to them with her hands in her back pockets and Ziggy saw her, “Mom!” he loosened his legs and held from the bars by his hands and dropped two feet to the floor. Jane exhaled at the height her son just dropped, but he seemed okay. She had her arms wide open for him and he jumped into them.

      “Miss Celeste stayed with me and I got to play with Josh and Max on the swing set, the jungle gym and we were hanging upside down on the monkey bars…like really monkeys,” he said in a rushed and happy voice.

      “Woah! That sounds like so much fun! A real monkey huh? Can I hear a monkey noise then?” Automatically, Ziggy curled his arms like a monkey and gave her the cutest and softest “Ohh ohh ah ah” she had ever heard and that cracked her heart, just a bit. She was late in picking him up, but at least he was having fun. She laughed and looked towards Celeste who was looking at her camera smiling, but Jane also felt she was looking at them a moment ago.

      “I gotta talk to Ms. Celeste alright? Wanna show me more of how a real monkey acts?” Ziggy nodded and jumped out of her hands, rushing back towards Josh and Max. Jane bit her lip and pushed her hands into her pockets. She walked ever so softly and shyly to the bench where Celeste sat in her expensive looking jeans and mauve cashmere sweater. She sat down and there was a moment of silence.


        “Jane—“ They started together. They looked at each other and blushed. Jane pulled one of her hands out of her pocket and raked her hair back. She tapped her feet on the sand below them and Celeste fiddled with her phone.

        “I have to get better at this,” Jane spoke aloud. Celeste turned to her, confused. Jane now felt she was under the older woman’s powerful gaze and when she looked at her she was shy, because she realized she actually was. She dropped her head.

        “I have to get better at not spacing out and forgetting where I am. I have to get better at picking up my son on time. I have to get better at knowing that people want to hear what I have to say. I have to get better at speaking about my problems, because I have people who want to help. I have to get better at allowing people to help. I have…be a better mom, I have to be a better friend…and right now I’m not doing so hot with any of those. But I want to try,” She finished, looking towards the boys. All three of them hung upside down securely and safely, laughing with each other and vying for Celeste’s attention. She nodded and smiled at them. She stopped after a moment and stared forward.

         “I was like that. I kept everything inside…for a very long time. I thought…if I didn’t address the problems, then they weren’t real; they wouldn’t affect me. It was going to better. But, I was wrong. They did affect me. They made bruises on me. They made me have head concussions. They made me worried that one day I wouldn’t see my children anymore, or my friends, anymore. Then, we went to therapy and…yeah.” She turned to Jane and scooted closer. She hung her arm behind her on the post of the bench.

           “I am here for you Jane. And it’s okay that you don’t come lunches anymore, because you don’t want to talk. Although Madeline is missing one-third of herself and she complains about not being able to feel the left side of her body, but don’t worry about her.  I know I shouldn’t have to pressure you in speaking what you’re feeling last week. It was a bad approach I did. I’m sorry. I know I kept saying that you can talk to me all the time, after that night, the beach, at the funeral, but I never really thought that you may not want to talk about it, ever. But when and if you are ready to talk though, I’ll be there for you and the ladies as well,”

           “What if I don’t want it to be all of them?” Jane asked softly. Celeste tilted her head, squinting her eyes and scooted even closer.

           “What if I just want it to be you?” Jane looked up and gasped at the sudden closeness of Celeste in her face. They searched each other’s eyes like many times before in the past. Jane’s breath was soft. Celeste’s eyes roamed all over Jane’s face and she briefly looked at her lips and looked back into her eyes and smiled. She dropped her head to look back at her boys. She then looked back at Jane.

          “You want to come over tonight for drinks? ” she asked and without hesitation, Jane accepted.

          “Yeah I’d like that,”


       Madeline walked in with her nose slightly in the air and her purse in the crook of her arm. She was looking around for her friends. It was their monthly end of month dinner since…that night. It was the first one actually. She breathed remembering that night like it just happened and it was still occurring all the time for her since it happened. She shook her head and saw Renata waved her hand. She immediately perked up and waved back. She walked over to the large table where sat Renata and Bonnie were sitting. The first ones there. She dropped her bag like it was nothing and held out her arms. Bonnie immediately went into her arms and exhaled deeply. They both closed their eyes and stayed like that for a moment.

         “You’re getting better?” Madeline asked softly and Bonnie nodded, coming apart.

         “Just some more needed yoga and…Nathan wants to take me to see a therapist, but I don’t think—“

          “Bonnie, if it is going to make this any better for you, then please do it,” Madeline cupped her face and smiled softly. Bonnie swallowed had and nodded once more. Madeline then went to Renata and sat next to her.

          “How’s my drinking buddy?”

           “Comfortably buzzed. What took you so long?”

          “Chloe was having a crisis with her music playe  and Ed wasn’t there to help her out with it, so I, being the least tech savvy, had to help her combat her world crisis. I got it to work so that’s a plus for me. Yes, hi, can I have a large glass of your driest wine please and don’t be stingy with the volume size. Matter of fact, can I just a buy a bottle please?” The waiter who had just came to their table left in a heartbeat to go and complete the task.

         “When is Celeste coming?” Bonnie asked, eating nuts out the palm of her hand, lounging back on the soft chair behind her. Madeline reclined as well and shrugged her shoulders.

          “I called, but she said she couldn’t talk, but she said, before hanging up, that she would be here in 20 minutes but that was 10 minutes ago and I wasn’t even here yet, so…” she crossed her knees. Renata nodded her head about to go drink her wine, but then she saw Jane and Celeste, walking side by side with no space between them, talking to each other.

          “Speak of the devil and Jane, here they are. Hi ladies, so nice of you to join us,” They all got up and hugged one another. Jane smiled genuinely at all of them and sat down. Celeste sat right next to her and grabbed a menu and began looking.

           “How’s everyone? It’s been a long time?” Jane asked still standing to take off her jacket. Madeline narrowed her eyes as Jane sat right next to Celeste, who was moving the menu to Jane. She looked down for a brief moment

           “Whose fault is that?” She said slyly. Jane shot her head up and froze, face turning red, but then she felt Celeste’s hand on her knee. She looked at Madeline.

            “She had her reasons Madeline, my love. Anyways, we’re all here, so let’s enjoy each other. I, for one, need something that will make me feel warm and comfortable, don’t you think Jane?” Jane smiled and nodded, looking at the menu as well. The three women looked at their other two friends, trying to deduce what was happening. A big glass of wine came Madeline’s way and she sat up sharply and took the wine out of the waiter’s hand.

            “Hmmm…God bless,” she tipped the glass to him and drank. She stopped sipping for a few moments and breathed, “Yep that is dry wine. A taste anyone?” Renata held up hers; Bonnie shook her head. Celeste held out her hand, wanting to taste. She did and nodded.

            “Cabernet Sauvignon, lovely. I feel as if I would want that too, but…” She gave it to Jane who held out her hand and drank from the same spot Celeste placed her lips on the glass. Madeline watched. She drank and immediately started coughing. Celeste smiled and took the wine away to give it back to Madeline, then she patted Jane’s back.

          “You need to ease your way into the degrees of dryness. I knew you wouldn’t like it the first time,”

          “Maybe I’m more of a ‘sweet’ girl,” she muttered, trying to get the taste off her tongue.

         “I bet you are,” Celeste commented, looking away from her and back to the menu. The three ladies widened their eyes and looked at each other discreetly. Renata hid behind her glass. What was going on? Were Jane and Celeste on some kind of joke, a secret, a bigger bond between them perhaps? Jane rolled her eyes and pulled the menu from Celeste who gasped while smiling and knocking her knee with Jane’s. She dropped her smile and looked at Renata through her lashes

        “Renata…how is Amabella?” Celeste asked fiddling with her hands. Renata perked up and smiled.

         “She’s doing fantastic! She really missed the boys Celeste. How about another playdate?” Celeste casted her eyes down and pressed her lips together.

        “We’ll see. I want to make sure that Max knows that—“

       “Celeste, that was not your fault,” Bonnie interrupted her and commented solemnly.

        “Well you know, I just want to make sure that he will not put his hands on anyone without their permission. Big boys don’t hurt…others,” she stared forward at nothing and everyone watched her. They waited for her. She then turned back to Renata and nodded.

         “I just want to drill that in his head and then we can set something up,”

         “Celeste, he’s six! I think once you say something, he’ll—“

         “No.” She spoke curtly, silencing Madeline, “His father didn’t listen and looked what happened!” There was silence. She covered her face with her hands and shook her head. Jane placed a hand on her back.

          “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she got back up. She turned to Madeline and took her hand and kissed it multiple times, “I’m sorry,” Madeline nodded.

           “It’s okay sweetie,” Celeste pulled her hands back and dropped them in her lap.

           “I’m sorry; this is suppose to be our one night of…and I’m ruining it!” She breathed and looked at Jane, who was nodding, “it’s okay Celeste,”

           “May I acquire anything for you all?” They turned towards the waiter. It was going to be a long and fun night.

     Madeline smiled as she was the center of attention in the conversation. They were conversing about the theater production once again and she was taking in all of their compliments. Bonnie smiled wanting to stay out of the conversation. She didn’t want to be a part of that even though everything was sorted out. Negativity energy need not to find her way…again. She huddled in her thick sweater because of the cool night. Jane looked at her and tilted her head. She touched Celeste’s knee with hers and moved from her to go sit next to Bonnie.

      “You know…we haven’t really hung out as much as I’d like to, why don’t we start next week saturday? We’ll go surfing or a painting class? How about it? Unless, you know, you don’t have to go,” Jane shrugged her shoulders, ready for rejection. Bonnie smiled and pulled down her sweater from her mouth.

       “Yeah I’d really like that. We could take a painting class in the city. I have a friend who has a gallery on 73rd street and weekends she has this studio where she invites lots from all over to paint or create whatever they like. We can go there, if you want?” She held up her hands, but Jane bit her lip and smiled.

         “That sounds great! Honestly! So…”

         “Next saturday at 10 a.m.? I can pick you up and we’ll make the hour’s journey?” Jane nodded. They continued on with all of their other interests and similar love for boxing. Celeste raised her glass and looked at the two through her lashes. She was feeling…jealous. A bit. She wanted Jane next to her all night, but…’be fair Celeste’ she scolded herself and tuned back into Madeline’s rant for designers that doesn’t make specific things for women who have had children 16 years later. Renata and Celeste gave each other a look and smiled.
Their friend was hilarious.

            “Alright! This was truly a first good dinner. Next month, same time?” Madeline held on to Celeste’s arm while they were walking out to Valet parking. Jane had her hands in her pockets walking behind Celeste. Bonnie and Renata were side by side. They all nodded and faced each other. Exchanges of hugs and kisses happened and when Celeste got to Jane, she smiled.

           “You’re taking me home; you don’t need a kiss,” Jane blushed and rolled her eyes and held up her hand with the valet ticket in her hands.

           “Ha ha ha,” she said, giving the man the ticket and putting her hands back in her pockets. The other ladies heard the comment, but stayed silent. Hmm. Madeline saw Ed drive up the driveway and he honked.

           “Okay, be safe ladies. I love you,” everyone smiled and said it back. She walked around to the car and looked at Celeste and Jane standing oh-so close together. Ed gave them a wave and smile and then they left the restaurant. Bonnie pointed to her car parked closely by Renata’s and with a soft wave and a blown kiss they why were gone, which just left the other two.

           “How do you think the boys are?”

           “Ziggy is probably asleep while my boys are terrorizing Annie,” Celeste blew her bangs out of her face a bit. Jane laughed as her car came in.

           “Oh he’s probably disregarded sleeping and terrorizing this Annie person too,” Jane The Valet man came out and held the door for her and when she was inside, he went to the other side and opened the door for Celeste. She thanked him with flirty eyes and got in. He closed the door and she applied her seat belt. She nodded to Jane and on they went, that somewhat long drive to Celeste’s apartment.

         They got in the apartment around 11:43 p.m. and Annie greeted them when they came in the kitchen. She had a chemistry book open with a cup of tea near her.

         “How were the boys?” Celeste asked taking off her tan coat. Annie smiled and hummed. Jane watched her and looked to Celeste, who was watching Annie with a playful glare.

          “It was a struggle Celeste, but thanks to their best friend Ziggy, they all went to bed at the same time and at the right time,” she nodded, closing the book. Jane widened her eyes and softened her look.

        “Really! I thought…well now that I think of it, his body does follow his sleeping pattern even if he himself doesn’t want,”
        “Maybe he needs to stay here all the time then,” Celeste suggested, walking out of the kitchen to the boy’s room. Jane smiled and turned to go follow her up the stairs. She opened the door when she reached and saw Ziggy sleeping with Josh on the bottom bunk. His hand as the other boys were sticking out of the bed which caused an inquisitive look from both of the mothers.

        “Perry…” She felt Jane stiffen next to her and Celeste grabbed her forearm, “he used to do the same, Don’t worry. I’m sorry I brought it up. I just…they’re…”

        “Brothers. They are brothers, well, half-brothers, but still,”

        “Brothers,” Celeste reiterated.

        “We should go Celeste. By the time we get home it should be 12:20-something,” Jane wanted to walk in the room by Celeste stopped her. It was a sudden move. Her hand was on Jane’s abdomen and she felt her heart race faster by the touch.

        “Stay here tonight? I wouldn’t want you to be driving on the high way at this time of hour,” Jane smiled in disbelief.

        “What about Annie?” Jane asked.

        “Annie lives 10 minutes from her and she doesn’t have to be on the highway that long. Oh come on! Slumber party?”

        “I…can’t Celeste. I really have lots of work to do tomorrow. I’m swamped in my current client’s books and they’re asking for them in two days,” she said dejectedly. It would be such an honor to have stay with Celeste. Celeste held Jane’s shoulders and smiled.

          “Next time then,” She moved past her back into the kitchen. Jane heard when Celeste was dismissing Annie and she heard Annie say something, but it wasn’t quite clear. Jane moved back in to the kitchen while Annie was just walking out.

         “Good night Jane. Ziggy is seriously the cutest and mannerly child, you must be proud,” she said to her. Jane stunned just gave her a small smirk and a nod of the head.

         “He’s my masterpiece actually,” Celeste heard that part, looked over to Jane and smiled to herself.