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Lmao it still boggles my mind that in all the popular and progressive Media™ ive seen recently Jake Peralta is the only dude who confesses his romantic feelings with zero attitude of expectation or entitlement and completely puts the person he’s confessing to’s emotional agency as the priority over his own disappointment

Y'all it’s not that hard to write baseline respect of autonomy into your male character’s interactions with the women they love


“I have great pleasure in thinking you will be so happily settled. I have not a doubt of your doing very well together. Your tempers are by no means unlike. You are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on; so easy, that every servant will cheat you; and so generous, that you will always exceed your income.” - Mr. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen)

World Book Day Fun

So because it’s the World Book Day today, I thought we could just do this little exercise!


Turn to page 33 of any book , in your vicinity, and read and write down the third sentence. Then reblog this post with your contribution.


“He immediately offered to fetch her others - all that his library afforded.”
- Pride And Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

celiaequus  asked:

What kind of books do you read about Jane Austen and the Georgian/Regency era? I just borrowed out 'Jane Austen, the Secret Radical' today, and it looks really interesting. (I finished 'Jane Austen & Crime', by the way, and I think you'd enjoy it.)

I wish I could give you some exact titles and authors right now but for personal reasons pretty much everything I own barring my toothbrush is in a bunch of stacked up boxes at the moment, and that includes my reference books. :( Most are pretty life-and-times-y sorts of things, though some do make reference specifically to Austen and try to draw out wider historical context for things that occur in her novels. I have Maggie Lane’s Jane Austen’s World, which is a bit light on the in-depth history, but is beautifully-presented, has some nice illustrations and photos which not a lot of the thicker text-heavy books have, and a great brief oversight on a number of areas and a good jumping-off point for deeper research. I’ve mentioned Mullan’s What Matters in Jane Austen before, I think. And I’ve recently acquired Gretchen Gerzina’s Black London, which examines the history of black people in 18th century Britain, which I am very excited to read!

Those are a couple of my go-to books I can recall off the top of my head and one recent acquisition, but the rest are haphazardly scattered right now, alas! I’ll do a wider book-round-up one day, perhaps, detailing everything on my Austen shelves. (Works to the left, Georgian-Regency history to the right.)

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This is a really lame post! Apologies

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My grandma gave me this as a gift a couple of months ago and I absolutely adore it. Although it’s a monster of a book size wise the detail on the cover and inside makes me melt…📚

I just finished Emma by Jane Austen and now I want to reread all of her books but it happens that I don’t have any of her books in certain editions and no money to order anything. I have so many books that I haven’t yet read waiting for me in piles but at the moment I just want to escape everything into Jane Austen’s world and just giggle and be annoyed with all of her brilliant characters. Emma was brilliant as usual. I think I will order Mansfield Park in the near future because it has been years since I read it and remember nothing about it.