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Now I really want a poc version of Pride and Prejudice. I saw @lasocialista dream cast edit of p&p and got so inspired that I had to draw this

Check it out here


Favorite Period Drama Leading Men: George Knightley, Emma (4/10)

I cannot make speeches, Emma. If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. But you know what I am. You hear nothing but truth from me. I have blamed you and lectured you, and you have borne it as no other woman in England would have borne it. Bear with the truths I would tell you now, dearest Emma, as well as you you have borne the..But you understand me. Yes, you see, you understand my feelings…

I get that Mr. Darcy is supposed to be the ~ideal man~ or whatever

….but come on, y'all. Henry Tilney. What a babe.

He’s already pretty dreamy in the book, dropping truth bombs like, “Man has the advantage of choice, woman only the power of refusal.” But JJ Feild brings him to a whoooole new level in the 2007 version.

But also Frederick Wentworth. Dreamy in both the book AND the movie adaptation with Ciaran Hinds. For proof, please turn your attentions to his letter. (i.e.“You pierce my soul.”)

So yeah, Darcy’s cool and stuff, but I’m all about that Henry Tilney and Frederick Wentworth.