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perhaps-mr-collins-has-a-cousin  asked:

Top 10 favorite books and/or book series? (Also hi, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!)

hey friend!! my weekend is fab how is yours!!!!

  1. Lord of the Rings. duh. DUH
  2. anything by my homegirl Jane Austen but Northanger Abbey is my favourite by a hair, followed by Pride and Prejudice
  3. i’ve probably read Watership Down by Richard Adams more than any other book, i just *clenches fist* frickin love those bunnies
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia was such a formative and beloved part of my childhood
  5. more recently i read A Torch Against the Night and An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and i can’t wait for the third in the series!!
  6. Anne of Green Gables (and all the subsequent novels) by L.M. Montgomery, there are literally no words for how important the character is to me
  7. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. no offense but i learned how to be a strong woman from Jo March
  8. The Giver by Lois Lowry is the first book I read in one long gulp and will always have a special place in my heart. tbh i’ve loved almost everything by her!!
  9. the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S. Forester remains a favourite historical fiction series
  10. The Scarlet Pimpernel series by Baroness Orczy has been a family staple for as long as i can remember, it’s one that ALL of us enjoy enormously which is rare!

tbh several of these have been favourites since childhood, but with the exception of #5 i’ve re-read all of them at least twice (most of them many more) as an adult. i’ve also read a ton of memoirs/autobiographies lately which almost ranked!!

synt-hetic  asked:

Hey, "read a real book" guy here. FYI only asked anonymously to avoid seeming attention-seeking. In literature, there is the notion of a canon, which defines "literature" itself to the exclusion of most works of fiction. While the presence of many novels in the literary canon is debatable, a good case can't really be made for a genre which explicitly panders to a population less intelligent than the standard audience for novels. Chaucer is a good start for beginners. Welcome to the world of art!

I know what a canon is. (I graduated college with a degree in English and focused on the canon of children’s literature and young adult literature, though I also studied the classics and took specialized courses on the Brontes and Jane Austen, my homegirls of choice.) My senior seminar focused on the topic of the book as an object, and as all books could be boiled down to some sort of object, what separated what we referred to as literature and what we referred to as a book?

And the answer? You can’t. Because it’s completely about taste. What somebody thinks is better and should stand the test of time. What’s considered literature one year can change ten years, twenty years, thirty years down the line.

Young adult literature doesn’t “pander to a population less intelligent than the standard audience for novels.” It’s a relatively new niche on the market which began in the 1940s, which is shortly after the notion of a teenager even existing began to develop. It focuses on teen issues.

The audience itself isn’t less intelligent because, uh, guess what? Chaucer would have been read by teens. Before the existence of the idea of teenager as a developmental age, adults were considered those to be thirteen and up. (Though that varies, depending on the year.) The fancy schmancy canon that you’re referring to? Was read by teenagers. Developed by teenagers.

Hell, in the case of Frankenstein, it was written by teenagers.

And is still read by teens. Look at any high school curriculum - teens are reading the classics. They’re also reading YA, which are fast-paced novels that focus on issues and themes relating to them.

And, let’s be real, I can’t blame them for that. After all, the canon you are undoubtedly referring to has been carefully crafted by stogey old white straight white men. In a world as diverse and intelligent as ours, of course teenagers won’t be reading Chaucer. It’s not relevant to them, and compared to some modern things, isn’t worth reading. Because - having read Chaucer - while it is educational, it certainly isn’t always fun, and what’s the point of art if you’re miserable all the time?

Hey, you can keep your canon. But there’s no need to dismiss those who enjoy something different than you. So get your head out of your ass and get your face out of my asks.

Clothing trends men hate? Let’s see what my homegirl Jane Austen has to say about this: 

Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.”
-from “Northanger Abbey”, written in fucking 1803


Jane Austen is My Homegirl Rap - Pretty Darn Funny

Almost certainly the most amazing song I have ever heard. In the history of ever. WATCH THIS NOW. I already watched it twelve times. I cannot wait until I can a legit version of the song on iTunes.


I’m Miss Gracie, honey,
and I always bring the funny.
I’m so into Jane Austen,
my kids call me “Mummy.”
I’ll watch BBC
till my hubby gets crabby.
I really know what’s up
in Downton Abbey.

I’ve got flowy lush hair
all over the place.
And these hips were made
for an empire waist.
I look good in velvet, satin, and lace.
Disgrace the Brontës?
You’d better watch yo face.

Hey you, yeah you,
Matthew Crawley,
you blue-eyed blondie,
Manchester hottie:
you’re the new-age,
fair-haired Mister Darcy.
If I were your fair cousin Mary,
I’d be like, “Solicitor, I’d like a kissitor.”
I’ll be your lifetime visitor, prisoner of love.
I’ll give all my suitors a shove, if you give me a buzz, cuz.
Just don’t play hard to get, cuz. 

Rollin’ down the lane,
in my carriage, sippin' on currant juice.
Laid back, with my mind on my suitors
and my suitors on my mind.

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny yo,
that if we lived in a time
that our favorite shows is,
we’d probably have died from tuberculosis.

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny yo,
that if we lived in a time
that our favorite shows is,
we’d probably have died young.
Y'all gotta love the– 

–Dowager Countess!
You can’t count this!
The number of times
she puts her foot in her mouth
is incredible.
Bluntness: unforgettable.
Rudeness: regrettable.
Yes, Maggie Smith is my hero,
and this is my anthem.
You can’t stand it?
Have words with Lord Grantham,
(Grantham, Grantham, Grantham)
Youse about to hafta finda
different mansion.

Once I turned down a date
and stayed up till dawn
to watch the North and South marathon.
My friends say I’m crazy,
but, for what it’s worth,
I’ll just never love a man
as much as Colin Firth. 

My dowry brings
all the boys to the yard,
and they like, start quoting the Bard.
They try to woo me,
but, I have to charge…
In pounds, probably. 

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny, yo,
that our favorite heroines
who have such gumption,
most likely would have died of consumption.

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny, yo,
that us ladies
would rather lose our hair
than miss watchin’ a show
about class warfare.

I just read the proper romance, Edenbrooke.
Nows I gotsa practice my smoldering looks.
My friend loves Phillip but,
I’ll have to show her
no man stills my heart
like Horatio Hornblower.
I doth love the menfolk who talk like Keats,
Yo Gordy, esquire, throw me some beats!

Darcy, Crawley, Willoughby–
Those fools ain’t got nothing, see.
I’ve got the skills that makes the ladies faint in front of me.
I got Sense AND Sensibility.
And what about Northanger Abbey?
I got the whole collection on DVD! 

I’d push my broom back and forth,
I’d push my broom back and forth,
if I could clean that cutie Mr. Bingley’s room, well, of course. 

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny, yo,
that we’d have taken our chances
of gettin’ cholera
to get a date with a British suitor, holler y'all! 

Hey, ho,
It’s pretty darn funny yo,
that if we lived in a time
that our favorite shows is,
we’d probably have died from tuberculosis.

Hey, ho,
it’s pretty darn funny, yo
that we’d have taken our chances
with dysentery
if it meant we could be
properly married.




Downton Abbey Rap (Original HIGH QUALITY) - Pretty Darn Funny

This is my new favorite song.

Watch on zombiecupcake90.tumblr.com

Jane Austen is My Homegirl Rap - Pretty Darn Funny (by prettydrnfunny)