modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet

Oh For Cute! Productions
Oh For Cute! Productions is creating multimedia stories for the internet like Northbound Web Series (a take on Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey) and Merry Maid...

Hey friends! ICYMI: what was formerly Northbound Web Series on YouTube is now Oh For Cute! Productions, AND we’re got a new lady Robin Hood web series happening there! :D 

look, if you’re looking for a perfect (or near-perfect) adaptation of “pride and prejudice,” definitely go for the 1995 miniseries. it’s a wonderful miniseries with colin firth, and book purists love it for a reason. but, as a movie, as an experience, as a thing that generally turns me into a squeeing, mushy pile of goo that believes in true love… the 2005 movie OWNS. MY. ASS.