Austen characters as John Mulaney quotes

Elizabeth Bennet:

Mr. Darcy:

Mr. Bingley:

Jane Bennet:

Mrs. Bennet:

Mr. Bennet:

Mr. Collins:

Lydia Bennet:

Lady Catherine:


Anne Elliot

Captain Wentworth:

Fanny Price:

Edmund Bertram:

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Mr. Knightley:

Emma Woodhouse:

Harriet Smith:

Frank Churchill:

Jane Fairfax:

Catherine Morland:

Mr. Tilney:

Elinor Dashwood:

Marianne Dashwood:

Edward Ferrars:

Colonel Brandon:

Do you ever read a novel that’s over 100 years old and get hella into it and as you’re getting into it, you can feel the ghost of the long-dead author getting excited as you get into their work, like the ghost of Jane Austen or Alexander Dumas or Mary Shelley has sat over me like “Yes child! My purpose in this universe is fulfilled, I may be gone, but my work echoes through the halls of time long after my flesh and blood death… Now cry”.