jane and maura baby = nope

Can I just say what an absolute bitch Angela was to Maura in 5x15? 

What gave her the right to go through Maura’s things? What gave her the right to pass judgment on a woman who at no time did such a thing? (She offered advice, not judgment.) 

Here’s a woman who took Angela into her home (guest house), not because she was asked by Jane, but because she wanted to. She saw what the divorce did to Angela and was the first to step forward. Did Frankie offer? Did Jane offer? She welcomed that entire fucking family into her home (often literally as well as figuratively). She’s had family dinners at her house, because where the hell else will the Rizzolis have them? She’s had a fucking Rizzoli baby dropped on her doorstep, and what did she do? She took TJ in. Didn’t expect Tommy to double up at Jane’s apartment. Didn’t ask Frankie why he didn’t pitch in at all. Nope. When Frankie wanted to fix up his bike, where did he do it? Oh, right, Maura let him park it at her place. Without question or expectation, Maura has done all these things.

And this is the thanks she gets? Angela not only rummaging through Maura’s things, but pulling them out and putting them all on display to mock her? Why? To show Angela’s not the only one who splurges? I was surprised Jane had the sense to point out the difference-

Maura’s loaded. 

She has money. She has never been shown to make life decisions based on a fucking fortune cookie. She’s never had to live off the good graces of her daughter’s best friend.

Notice at the end, in the “keep/donate” scene, Angela takes a scarf and says something like “the Angela pile”. So… mock and judge, but feel free to take advantage of her? Bitch, it’s not yours to take. Nothing in that house is. It’s all Maura’s. You know, the one person who has been kind, gentle, and non-judgmental towards you all this time.