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The season finale of The Mentalist is this Sunday! 

(But you knew that already)

Check out TV Guide’s sneak peek at the finale and get the lowdown on what you can expect from Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and creator Bruno Heller. 

Just saw the sneak peek and I have to say I loved it. I think the issues we were so desperately trying to see addressed for years are finally surfacing for everyone to see. Sure, they’re going through a rough time and it can be painful to watch two characters who love each other fight like that, but we the viewers, know that this is the beginning of the end and that they will sort things out eventually. No more guessing, no more imagining things. Jisbon is happening!

Also, I feel Lisbon is perfectly in character in this scene. I think in the last few episodes, she was aware that Jane was not being entirely truthful on how he really felt about her and Pike. She can smell his deception now, but she still doesn’t know what it really means. I think she believes he’s jealous that she is going out on dates because he wants her to be his sidekick without a personal life for as long as he likes, keeping her life on hold like she has done in the past. I don’t think it’s crossed her mind that he’s actually in love with her. Why should she? It’s been months since he’s got back and he never did anything to indicate he wants to be more than a friend. 

I feel Lisbon doesn’t want to be stuck anymore, she wants to move forward. And Jane interrupting her date just reminds her of all the times he’s acted selfishly and didn’t really think about her, didn’t consider her as a woman with a personal life. She probably thinks he sees her as his precious toy, the one he doesn’t want to let go of yet because he can play her and manipulate her into doing what he wants whenever is necessary. If she feels only a fraction of what I just wrote, she’s bound to be snippy and lash out at the first opportunity. I’d say Jane ruining a perfectly nice date is a good one for her.

Jane, on the other hand, clearly knew she was on a date. At least, he must have found out about it when she answered the call (otherwise he wouldn’t be a mentalist). Saying he didn’t know is an obvious lie (and remember, Lisbon can now detect his bs a mile away) and that must irritate her even more.

Lets face it, Jane could have called Abbot or Fischer or Cho. After all, he’s acted behind Lisbon’s back in the past when it suited him, so why call her now? I think she was his obvious choice for several reasons: he feels safer when he’s with her, she’s his partner and he trusts her to take him seriously, there’s a real emergency AND he gets to interrupt her date. The last one was the cherry on the cake, and so he took it. Good for you, Jane!

Just to clarify, it’s not like I want my OTP to suffer, but the fact that they’re fighting means that they’re at least talking. We had to endure entire episodes where they hardly spoke about personal stuff and now we’ll have all that and in abundance. Think about Lisbon’s face when she finds out Jane was right! Oh, the meaningful looks and the eye sex will be incredible. :D

Oops, getting off track and writing too much again, sorry!