jane :')

  • Wickham: are you a big spoon or a little spoon? ;)
  • Lizzie: I'm a knife and I'm going to stab you in the goddamn eye.
March 21

Editor’s note: For Fifth Harmony’s Asia Tour, we will be updating the content of each day according to the time zone where most of the girls will be in.

Normani basically spent the entire day travelling to Japan with Val! Before she left, she had some very nice words for her partner:

(a/n: she landed early in the morning of the 22nd, Japan time)

She thanked the girls for all their support:

Ally was knocked out the entire day… we didn’t hear from her today. Jet lag is real!

Dinah’s very excited for tour!

Dinah and Lauren spent the day exploring Okinawa!

They got some sushi:

Japanese food af:

Dinah was goofing around her hotel room and trying out local food:

ICYMI, here are some Normani interviews from DWTS: