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Still keeping with this sketchy ink style that I’m finding really fun to do. I love the textures I can get, so it really suits drawing grass, the woods in the back, hair, etc. This is when they’re looking for Will, and find El instead. Colored version soon 👍

Meet the sweetest girl in the world)

I think that it would be really awesome if Stranger Things was a cartoon, how do you think?) But it needs some refinements, especcially with women’s characters. Yeah, they are very cool, but unfortunately, this film doen’t pass a Bechdel test, and it makes me upset. Women characters have a right for the strong personality, depend on theirselves, not a men’s characters only.


We all know that Steve has amazing hair. So here’s Nancy Wheeler’s hair appreciation post. I really like her haircut this season.

Even though I think Telltale has gotten a little better, I still feel like that Telltale’s mentality is basically that kids have to be like well-discipline adults (and if they aren’t 101% like adults, then their worthless liabilities who deserves to die), but the adults get a free pass to act like spoiled children. Children like Sarah (heck even Clementine) are expected to “toughen up” in seconds without even giving a chance to grieve or even just be sad. It’s like their emotions (sadness, kindness, happiness etc) are treated as some kind of weakness and their not allowed to show it EVER or else people will look down on them. Heck, this even is shown with Nick and he’s not even a child! However, we HAVE to pity and hold the hands of grown ass adults like Kenny and Jane (who is portrayed as these tough badass survivors by the writers) who had fucked up a lot more than Clem and Sarah put together just because they lost family (like their the only ones). Now, I’m not saying that we can’t pity Kenny and Jane, but the fact that it seems like that the writers are putting their feelings and needs before children who been through a lot worse than them (AND the fact that they get to act out and do what they want instead of acting like mature adults) is sickening to me.

Five times.

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Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Eleven

( I put pairing, instead of couple, because putting couple would be…strange.)

Warnings: fluff????

Requested: yes

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AN: This is not a romantic prompt on Mike and Eleven. This is something my friend requested, and he knows that i don’t do the romance between the kids. Thank you for understanding.


The four times Mike asked Eleven to stay, and the one time he didn’t.


1. He was biking home from school, his feet moving with the peddles vigorously. When he made it, he threw his bike down, running into the house, not even saying hi to his parents.

When he got to the basement, he bolted down the stairs and there she was. He didn’t know why his cheeks flushed when she looked over at him, but they did and he smiled.

“Are you staying, again?”

“Home.” She said, wrapping the blanket around herself.

“Yeah, this is your home.”

2. He was furious. Furious that she had lied to them and tried to pull them away from the gate, so he had yelled at her.

What is wrong with you?!” But he instantly regretted it when he looked up, eyes not finding her in the group of his friends.

When he arrived home, there she was. Grabbing her things and stuffing them in a bag with anger in her eyes, and Mike? Mike just watched her before he spoke.

“I’m sorry. Please, stay.”

“Okay.” Whispering, she looked over at him and smiled gently.

3. “She’s a physco!” Lucas yelled at him, making his blood boil.

“No, she isn’t.”

“Yes she is!”

The screaming became louder as Dustin sighed, glancing at Eleven and watching as she played with her hands.

He had pointed to her, arm stretched wide as he said, “We’ve been fine until she came around!”

“No, we weren’t. She’s staying, and that’s that.”

4. He didn’t see it coming, he didn’t know his best friend was dead. Or, at least that’s what they want him to think. He screamed at her, again, this time, it was worse.

And this time, she didn’t come home.

So he searched for her, finding her in Will’s castle in the middle of the woods as he sighed a breath of relief.

Mike sat next to her, squeezing her shoulder as he glanced away.

“I didn’t mean it.”

“You never do.” She said quietly.

He smiled, reaching his hand out to her and chuckled as she grabbed it. “Come on, you’re staying at my place, again. Not out here.”

5. Mike didn’t know what she was doing, but he couldn’t stop her. Words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. He had watched her walk up to the Demogorgon.

When he tried to stop her, she lifted her hand, pushing him back powerfully, making him hit his head on the cabinet with a groan.

He didn’t care about the pain long because a voice had called out to him, a voice he would only hear once more.

“Goodbye, Mike.”

And then she was gone, and he was standing up fast, eyes skimming the entire classroom, but he didn’t see her. He didn’t see the pink dress he stole from his sister, or the shaved head.

Tears filled his eyes, as he started to scream her name, but no one answered back to him.

And he never got to ask her to stay with him.

AN: This is not a romantic prompt on Mike and Eleven, this is just two good friends who are super nice to each other, even if they’re, technically, together in the show.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Legend has it that if you whisper “damn, I want a dad” to a baseball bat three times, Steve Harrington will appear and protect you


The gang and their weapons:

Nancy with a gun. Chief Hopper and a gun. Steve and his bat with the nails. Lucas with a slingshot. 

Mike and a …. a bell? Is that what it is?


Rule #1-Always keep the curtains drawn.

Rule #2-Only open the door if you hear my secret knock.

Rule #3-Never ever go outside alone. Especially not in daylight.


the signs as stranger things characters in season 2

aries: eleven 
taurus: will 
gemini: nancy 
cancer: dustin
leo: steve
virgo: jonathan 
libra: lucas 
scorpio: billy 
sagittarius: hopper 
capricorn: mike 
aquarius: max
pisces: joyce