Actual Conversation I Had With My Mum
  • My mam: I heard Lauren-what's-her-face from that band you like came out as bisexual.
  • Me: Yeah, I know. It's amazing. Why?
  • My mam: You've always said that if you got famous, you'd ask her out. Make yourself go viral, you dope. Your time has come.
Criminal Minds First Look: Jane Lynch Returns for 'Intense' Reid Storyline
When CBS’ Criminal Minds resumes Season 12 on Wednesday, Feb. 1, a familiar face will at long last resurface — Jane Lynch, playing Spencer Reid’s mother Diana, as seen in this exclusive…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Before making her second on-camera encore, in Episode 20, Lynch’s Diana will play a role in the Reid-centric Episode 13, which was co-written by Messer and cast member Kirsten Vangsness (who recently told us the hour was a “course changer” for the BAU’s resident genius).